Where To Ride Bikes In Miami

December 13, 2018
Where To Ride Bikes In Miami
Where To Ride Bikes In Miami

Miami is more than just neon drinks and small swimsuits. The incredible weather means it’s the perfect place to rent a bike and stretch your legs even during winter. From rough off-road paths to paved pedestrian lanes, The Magic City is teeming with trails. Here are some of the best places to go bike riding in Miami:

  1. Snake Creek Trail

Distance: 3 miles

After your Cuban coffee, you’ll need a quick jaunt to work out your jitters. The Snake Creek Trail is a short trail that delivers. Not only does it take you through the lush Miami Gardens area, but you’ll go past multiple parks and you can take a quick detour to visit the Spanish Monastery Gardens.

  1. Oleta River State Park

Distance: 15 miles

The Oleta River State Park is just about the gold standard for biking, in part because the network of trails includes something for cyclists of every skill level. If you tackle the entire network, you’ll have traveled 15 miles. Bring bug spray for this ride – you’ll be going near wetlands and Biscayne Bay. Along the way, you can stop for a picnic or to lounge in a tree hammock.

  1. Old Cutler Trail

Distance: 11 miles

Leisure biking in Miami will never be more relaxing than a trip along the Old Cutler Trail. This paved trail traverses through Coral Gables, weaving through residential areas and beneath Banyan trees. There is no shortage of pit stops where you can stop for a sip of water or to enjoy the local scenery. Pinecrest Gardens, Fairchild Tropical Garden, and The Deering Estate are all along the route.

  1. Amelia Earhart Park

Distance: 8 miles

This trail is free to enter by bike and $7 to enter by car, and it’s ideal for mountain bikes. You’ll be riding off-trail, immersed in vegetation surrounded by pine trees. There are sections for novice and advanced riders alike. Be sure to bring a lot of water and consider traveling with a blanket so you can stretch out in the park afterward. The park also has a lake where you can recline and eat some snacks once you tackle your trails.

Are you ready to explore bike rides Miami? It doesn’t matter if you’re just a casual rider or someone in search of a new mountain trail, this city has a journey that will allow you to make some memories and have the Instagram posts to prove it.

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