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What Teenagers Must Know About Riding an Ebike

The pandemic sparked an increased interest in e-bikes that shows few signs of abating. Besides adults, teenagers have started to graduate from traditional bikes to motorized models.

Many of these young people began pedaling soon after they started walking and learned to balance on two wheels a few years later. Thus, e-bikes feel familiar to most teenagers. They also offer additional benefits, like enhanced range and faster speeds. At the same time, many parents wonder if their teen can operate an electric bicycle safely.

What Do Teenagers Need to Learn About Electric Bikes?

E-bikes usually look and work like non-motorized models, except for an electric motor that provides extra power to boost pedaling. Young or old, competent cyclists generally adjust to electric bikes reasonably quickly. Still, teenagers should learn a few things about e-bikes that will help them ride safely and comfortably.

Wear a Proper Helmet

Children's Health of Orange County (CHOP) examined emergency room statistics for serious e-bike injuries. They based their first safety recommendation on their experience of seeing many concussions and skull or facial fractures, similar to typical severe injuries they see from traditional bikes. The health experts concluded that riders should wear a proper helmet for many activities, including riding e-bikes, non-powered bicycles, scooters, or skates.

To ensure the helmet can provide protection:

  • Buy a helmet certified for electric bicycles. Some places require helmets. Even if a jurisdiction doesn't require one, wearing a helmet is always a good idea.
  • Ensure the helmet fits properly. Some companies offer multiple sizes. Also, always fasten the chin strap securely to keep it from falling off during an accident.

Helmets can do more than simply protect a teen's valuable skull. Some offer visors or windshields to protect eyes from debris and reduce glare. They may also have vents that open and close for climate control. A few manufacturers even offer Bluetooth devices inside the helmet for communication. Cycling helmets can provide many benefits, but they only work if teenagers wear them.

Learn the Rules of the Road and Practice Safe Cycling

Any cyclist should understand traffic regulations and norms before venturing onto city streets. Since e-bikes can travel faster than traditional bikes, good riding habits have become even more critical. CHOP also found that most serious e-bicycle accidents stemmed from riders falling from their electric bicycles after hitting an obstruction or getting hit by another vehicle.

Parents should remind their teenage cyclists about the importance of visibility and following traffic regulations.


As with driving a car, visibility includes ensuring the rider looks where they're going and watches for other vehicles. In addition, cyclists should make themselves as easy to spot as possible. Reflective materials on the bike and helmet or wearing bright colors can help. Cyclists should never assume every driver sees them and should practice defensive riding.

Also, as with all motorized vehicles, ensure teenagers know they must handle their e-bikes without distractions. Young cyclists should understand that they shouldn't use smartphones and other devices until they've parked and locked up their bicycles. Special mounts can attach mobile devices to handlebars to use them as hands-free devices for navigation.

Knowledge and Judgement

Unlike driving a motor vehicle, riding an electric bicycle doesn't require passing a test or getting a license. In addition, younger teens can generally ride electric bikes, so they might be years away from driver's education classes. At the same time, safely maneuvering through the streets takes a solid grasp of traffic regulations, situational awareness, and good judgment.

Prudent parents may choose to test their teen's knowledge and ride along with them at first to ensure the young person knows how to exercise sound judgment. As with teens learning to drive cars, practicing in empty parking lots and quiet streets is a good idea. E-bikes feel similar to cycles, but cyclists need time to get used to the different controls, brakes, and access to more power.

Choose the Right E-Bike

Pay attention to the e-cycle's suggested height and weight ranges. Most models come with adjustable handlebars and seats to accommodate riders of various sizes, but many won't adjust enough to fit the shortest or tallest riders.

Similarly, manufacturers design their cycles and motors to function well for cyclists under the weight limit. Heavier people may need to seek out an electric bike with a more durable frame and powerful motor than the ones offered on e-cycles made for average-sized people. Also, note that the weight limit includes the rider and any cargo they might carry.

Stylish and Safe Electric Bikes for Teens

Choose a high-quality, comfortable e-bike to ensure teenagers have the best experience with their electric bike. A hybrid bike combines the maneuverability of a street bike with the comfort of a beach cruiser. In particular, the design and features of SixThreeZero's EVRYJourney 500 make it an excellent choice for a reliable, durable, and stylish e-cycle.

Some common reasons to consider this model include:

  • The quiet 500W motor can travel up to 40 miles in pedal-assist mode between charges.
  • Suggested motorized or pedal-assist speeds range from 15 to 28MPH. Teens should typically keep their pace under 20MPH.
  • Easy-to-access handlebar controls make it easy to switch between seven gears and control the motor.
  • A relatively low top bar makes this e-bike accessible for mounting, dismounting, and stopping.
  • The e-bike's wide cushioned seat, padded handlebars, upright seated position, and an ergonomic design provide visibility and comfort.
  • A standard electric outlet can charge the efficient, powerful battery.

The EVRYJourney 500 can accommodate loads of up to 300 pounds. That leaves plenty of room for average teenagers to carry schoolbooks, snacks, and other cargo. The seat post and handlebars adjust to provide a comfortable experience for riders between five feet and six feet four inches tall.

Why Buy a SixThreeZero EVRYJourney 500W e-bike for Teenagers?

EVRYJourney comes in both men's and women's models. A choice of colors and a stylish design will generate plenty of compliments. Still, the subtle design and discrete, quiet motor mean that many people won't even realize it's an e-bike.

Teenagers will feel proud to rely on this stylish, eco-friendly transport. E-biking encourages exercise, travels further and faster than a traditional bike, and only costs a few pennies worth of electricity to charge. Most cyclists easily adjust from a non-powered bicycle to a motorized one. SixThreeZero offers free shipping in the US, a generous warranty, and a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy, so make the risk-free choice to try them out.

E-bikes may travel faster than traditional bikes but don't go as fast as cars. With such sensible precautions as riding without distractions, wearing a properly fitted bike helmet, and learning traffic regulations, electric bikes can offer a practical, safe mode of transportation for teenagers and adults.


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