What Are The Best Women’s Cruiser Bikes?

Choosing a Bike
February 13, 2017
What Are The Best Women’s Cruiser Bikes?
What Are The Best Women’s Cruiser Bikes?

As with anyone looking for the right bicycle, women must approach this purchase keeping in mind primarily what their personal needs are, and how they envision using the bike. If you are in the market for the best women’s cruiser bike, you have already decided to put a premium on comfort. Still, there are some important ways you can more specifically tailor your new bike to your ambition, physical strength, and comfort.

So Just What is a Cruiser Bike?

First off, it is important to understand the terminology and practical details of what a women’s cruiser bike is. Generally, beach cruisers are upright, very sturdy bicycles, with thick tires and a plush seat. The goal, as you can imagine, is to make biking as comfortable as possible. These bikes are perfect for those who do not plan to train or care about speed while biking. They are also best for use in areas with primarily or completely flat topography, as climbing hills with these heavy bikes can be challenging. Take a tour of all of sixthreezero’s womens cruiser bikes.

How Strong are Your Legs?

So you are convinced that you have found the right general type of bicycle for your needs. Now you should think more specifically as you peruse the best beach cruisers for women. Do you want to be able to get a bit of a workout while biking, and will you need a two-wheeler that can make some hill climbing easier? If that’s the case, consider opting for a bike with multiple gears. Many beach cruisers feature just one gear, whereby pedaling forward propels the bike forward, and pedaling backward stops it. Instead, consider choosing a beach cruiser with three gears. This will make pedaling uphill and downhill infinitely easier. In addition, using three gears is much easier to learn than seven gears if you are a biking novice. Check out sixthreezero’s superb lineup of three-gear women’s cruisers.

Customize, Customize

What makes shopping at sixthreezero even better? Its state-of-the-art customizer. This brilliant tool lets you build your bike from scratch to create the best women’s cruiser bike for you. Let the customization begin.

Ultimately, choose or create only the bike that makes the most sense for your needs. Luckily, sixthreezero makes it easy as one, two, three.

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