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What Are the 5 Safest Electric Bicycles for Teenagers?

An electric bike might offer the perfect transportation solution for teens. They cost less to own and run than gas-powered vehicles, and maybe best of all, e-bikes can't travel as quickly as scooters, motorcycles, and cars. Also, power-assisted cycles give young people a chance to get outside and exercise while still improving on the range and speed of a regular bike.

Electric cycles also provide a green form of transportation, with 0 emissions and low energy consumption. In addition, teenagers lack the experience of adults with powered vehicles and may take more risks. Yet most teens possess familiarity with operating a bicycle and should experience a shorter learning curve with an e-bike.

Many parents decide that electric bicycles offer an excellent alternative form of transport for their teenagers, but they still want to choose models that support overall safety.

Can Teenagers Ride Electric Bikes Safely?

On the positive side, the National Conference of State Legislators says that modestly powered electric bikes can operate as safely and durably as traditional bicycles.

The NCSL also says that electric bikes look and work more like traditional cycles than scooters or motorcycles. Many teenagers already have plenty of experience riding bicycles, so they should not need to experience so much of a learning curve to transition to an electric bike.

E-bike riders tend to ride a little faster than traditional cyclists. At the same time, this study found little difference in the riding habits or number of accidents for riders of each of these kinds of bikes. The study found one exception, with more problems dealing with intersections, probably because of faster speeds and less experience on the electric cycle. Thus, e-cyclists should take time to familiarize themselves with their new bike before riding in traffic.

Can Teens Operate E-Bikes Legally?

Can teenagers legally operate e-bikes? State governments set most laws that govern who can ride e-bikes and what sorts of safety equipment they need. Some states classify e-bikes into three categories:

  • Class 1: The motors can only function when assisted by pedaling. The motor cannot assist the cyclists when the speed exceeds 20MPH.
  • Class 2: Like Class 1, the motor cannot provide assistance to propel the bicycle faster than 20MPH. In contrast, the cyclist can engage the motor even without pedaling.
  • Class 3: With Class 3, the motor will not assist pedaling at speeds over 28MPH.

The NCSL reported that only six U.S. states require a license for operating e-bikes, including North Dakota, New Mexico, Missouri, Massachusetts, Alaska, and Alabama. Some states may impose age requirements, require helmets, or restrict the areas for riding electric bikes. For any individual state, the Department of Public Safety should provide information about the rules for using different kinds of e-bikes, but typically, they do not require licenses.

Even in states that don't require helmets, it's a good idea anyway. They offer protection, plus some may help keep cyclists cool or warm in various climate conditions.

What's the Minimum Age for Electric Bikes?

As much as age, parents should make sure they find an electric bike that fits their teen's body well. Even though various providers offer various e-bike sizes, most manufacturers design them for a range of adult body sizes. Naturally, teens vary by size, ability, and maturity level, so parents should start by offering supervision to make sure their kids can ride safely. Some states or local jurisdictions may impose age limits, commonly 14 to 16.

Recommended Safety Gear for Teens With Electric Bicycles

Cyclists should wear helmets. Since e-bikes can travel faster than traditional bicycles, e-bike riders need to take particular care to buy and use appropriate protection for their heads. A certificate of NTA-8776-A means a third party has approved the helmet for power-assisted bicycles. A helmet developed for skating or skateboarding will not provide enough protection. Other safety gear to consider include rear-view mirrors, water bottles, gloves, headlights, and rear lights.

Five Safe Electric Bikes from SixThreeZero

SixThreeZero has delighted customers all around the country with its bikes for several years. This company grew by focusing on producing reliable, durable, and comfortable products for its customers. They strive to maintain reasonable prices and hope to promote a positive cycling culture for everybody.

With that said, comparison shoppers can indeed find cheaper electric bikers online or at discount stores. When these cheap e-bikes fail to perform well or last, they will not offer a bargain. Just recently, Vice published a report on the cheap bikes that discount retailers sell. They found that many were practically designed to fail. Many professional bike mechanics refer to these discount-store bikes as bike-shaped objects because of shoddy workmanship, substandard materials, or errors in assembly.

Of course, people can also pay much more for an electric bicycle, but that higher price won't guarantee a better value. For instance, Consumer Reports compared various e-bikes to determine which ones offer the most safety. This organization provided the highest ratings for models in a medium price range, like SixThreeZero electric cycles.

Also, since high-quality electric bikes require some investment, look for e-cycles that can handle well in various conditions and terrains. The reviewers also preferred cycles with multiple gears and throttle settings because those features gave them the most control, either with or without the motor.

SixThreeZero includes these features on their electric bikes. For instance, some bicycles might perform better on sand or snow than others, but generally, even these bikes will handle just fine on city streets and bike paths. With the commitment of SixThreeZero to the comfort, safety, and enjoyment of cyclists in mind, consider five good choices for teen e-bikes.

EVRYjourney FATTIRE 500W

Cyclists generally associate fat-tired bikes with riding on challenging terrains, like snow, sand, or loose dirt. The EVRYjourney FATTIRE 500W handles these surface conditions well and also runs well on streets and bike paths.

The wider tires and frame design can make riding safer for various reasons.

For instance:

  • The tire's extra surface area makes them more stable and easier to balance.
  • Fatter tires offer more cushioning, like shock absorbers, so they feel like gliding on air.
  • Thick, durable tires resist punctures and flats better.
  • Frames generally sit lower to the ground to make it easier to stop and dismount.

Paven' Trail 500W

Hybrid bikes make an excellent option for cyclists who want features of an all-terrain bicycle and a road bike. The Paven' Trail 500W offers wider tires than racing or street bikes, but it's slimmer than fat-tired models, offering more maneuverability on the streets. The step-through frame makes it easy to stop, mount, and dismount. An upright sitting position keeps riders comfortable and helps ensure good visibility. While the designers did not intend this cycle for heavy off-road use, it can handle well on different terrain.

BodyEase 500W

SixThreeZero developed this comfort bike, the BodyEase 500W, for pleasant rides at a leisurely pace. The company specifically engineered the frame and wheels for comfort, stability, and ease of riding. This model features seat post suspension to reduce strain and minimize the chance of injuries and aches. This bike can easily navigate city streets and rougher trails, though it's not intended for heavy off-road cycling.

AroundtheBlock 500W

Beach cruisers once reigned as the most popular type of bike in the United States for decades. The AroundtheBlock 500W celebrates this legacy with classic styling, optimal comfort, and riding ease. An innovative frame design ensures proper body alignment to relieve strain and enhance control. It's excellent for cruising around the beach or street or commuting to an after-school job. The 2.125-inch tires make balancing effortless, and front and rear disc brakes allow for smooth, fast stops.

EVRYjourney 250W Adult Tricycle

The EVRYjourney 250W Adult Tricycle has three wheels, but it's styled like the sort of grownup bike that teens will appreciate. The space between the two rear wheels offers a safe place to store cargo, like a backpack, computer, or even the family dog. The 250W battery provides a whisper-quiet ride at a calm pace. A three-wheeled cycle offers an exceptionally safe choice for people who have never become adept on two-wheelers or may suffer from balance problems.

Are Electric Bikes Safe for Teenagers?

SixTheeZero probed the question of the safety of e-bikes in some depth in a previous article on their website. Primarily, the safety of any mode of transportation rests on the user. They work more similarly to a traditional bike than anything else, and various cyclists may engage in very safe or in reckless practices.

A primary difference between an electric bicycle and a scooter or motorcycle lies in the regulator on the motor. As described above, various classes of e-bike motors have regulators that prevent them from engaging when the speed tops 20MPH to 28MPH. Almost anybody can exceed the speed limit on challenging paths on a motorcycle, but nobody will pedal an e-bike that fast. High-quality manufacturers have no incentive to increase the power of e-bikes because they want to keep them classified as such.

Just as teens probably took some time to familiarize themselves with a traditional bicycle when they were children, teens need to find some clear space to get used to how an e-bike works. That way, they won't accidentally turn the throttle up too high and will understand how to use the brakes.

Similarly, even people with experience on motorcycles, scooters, or cars should make sure they understand the different controls and handling on an e-bike. Look for a parking lot or quiet street for teens to practice on, just as they do when they first learn to ride a bike or operate a car.

Why SixThreeZero Offers the Safest Way to Buy E-Bikes for Teenagers

SixThreeZero thrives by pleasing customers. Their customer service begins before a prospective customer makes a purchase. To get started, consider some features of the SixThreeZero website:

The Body Fit Quiz

An important safety consideration includes buying a bike that fits the rider's body. These e-bikes adjust considerably, so even growing teens should be able to keep their bikes into adulthood. SixThreeZero offers an online questionnaire that will help ensure a good fit. Customers can also call upon customer service with any questions the online service does not answer.

Generous Return Policy

SixThreeZero understands that no amount of information can always replace an in-person trial. Most customers feel like their e-bike exceeds their expectations, but some budding e-cyclists may have legitimate issues. For instance, people of the same height may have different arm or leg proportions. Adjustable seats and handlebars can accommodate a lot of differences.

Since many customers order from distant cities or states, they offer a generous return or exchange policy if the specific bike fails to satisfy the buyer when they try it out. Enjoy a risk-free experience when shopping for bikes from SixThreeZero.

Free Shipping

Some customers worry that shipping prices will add to the cost of their e-bike. This company also ships anywhere in the United States for free.

Use Safety Gear

Prudent cyclists know the importance of appropriate helmets, other safety gear, and good visibility. Look for helmets rated for electric bicycles. SixThreeZero offers a variety of electric bike accessories, and plenty of other retailers also sell such equipment as safety-rated helmets.

Give Teens the Lifetime Gift of E-Cycling

Cycling provides people with an eco-friendly, enjoyable mode of transportation. These days, all sorts of people rely on their electric bikes for commuting, running errands, socializing, fitness, and fun. SixTreeZero electric bicycles are popular with teenagers, young adults, parents, and senior citizens. Once families buy an e-bike, they often buy more of them to make electric cycling a family activity.

Contact SixThreeZero with questions or browse the website and buy online.


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