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Top Rated Electric bikes for short adults of 2023 | Best Ebikes for short riders

Musician Randy Newman once famously sang that "short people got no reason to live." We couldn't disagree more with Mr. Newman - especially when it comes to cycling. And as you'll learn by reading this post, there are bikes for all different types of people, short people included.

We firmly believe that cycling is for everyone and that there's a bike out there for everyone - no matter if you're short or tall, big or small, plus-sized or petite, old or young... you get the picture. And yes, short people are certainly no exception. In this post, we'll focus on some of the best electric bikes for short people and cover what features to look for, the top e-bikes on the market today for smaller riders and more. Here's a closer look at everything you need to know about bike shopping for a shorter person and some of the value of owning an electric bike in general:

What to Look for in a Bike for a Short Adult

Many people incorrectly assume that bikes are one-size-fits-all types of rides. In other words, they think that all you need to do is adjust the seat to accommodate either a tall person or a short person. This isn't accurate, and while you should absolutely be professionally fitted for a bike before you make any sort of purchase, there are various features that you'll want to be on the lookout for when it comes to purchasing a bike for an individual that is shorter in stature. For instance:

  • Shop around: Don't just settle on one manufacturer and one style of bike. Make sure you're doing your homework and checking bike specs so you know the range in size particular bikes are designed and built for.
  • Don't worry about men's and women's bikes so much: Some shorter men might find that a "women's bike" is the better overall fit for them - and some women may prefer a "men's bike." The bottom line is that you shouldn't get too hung up on what's designed for a woman versus what's designed for a man when it comes to selecting a bike for a shorter person.
  • Look for a low step-through frame: Most bikes have bars that connect from around the seating area to the handlebar area. Often, these bars are located high on the frame, meaning that riders have to "step over" it to position themselves on the bike seat. Then there are bikes that come with low step-through frames, which tend to be easier to mount and dismount. We suggest looking for a bike with a low step-through frame for a shorter person, as the design will make it easier to mount and dismount it. Low step-through frames also make it easier to maneuver when a rider isn't pedaling.
  • Look for overall design features such as narrow handlebars and bikes that have less overall distance between the seat and the handlebars. You should be able to find this information by viewing the manufacturer's bike specifications. A bike with a wider seat may also come in handy.

Just because it's worth mentioning again, any rider - regardless of their shape or size - should get professionally fit tested before making any sort of new bike purchase. This can typically be done either in person by visiting a local bike shop and speaking with a professional or even online. Many bike shops and vendors have online sizing tools that can identify the best type of bike purchase options just by knowing some basic body information for an individual, such as height, weight and more.

E-Bikes are the New 'it' Bike

There are conventional bicycles that are powered by manual pedaling and then there are e-bikes - and e-bikes are largely taking the country, and the world, by storm. According to some industry forecasts, the e-bike market is expected to increase to a value of about $53.5 billion by the year 2027, representing a 12.27 compound annual growth rate.

Primarily driven by environmental concerns (more people could be ditching gas-guzzling cars for more convenient and eco-friendly electric bicycles) and an increased focus on the importance of healthy living and physical fitness, the global e-bike market is expected to continue to climb higher and higher over the next several years.

Let's focus on the fitness benefits of e-bikes. We noted in the opening how cycling is for everyone, and that couldn't be more true when it comes to electric bikes. There are two main riding modes for electrically powered bikes. These are pedal assist and full throttle. We'll get into more of each in the next two sub-sections.

Pedal Assist Mode

Pedal assist mode is where riders manually pedal to power the bike while the electric motor also provides some power to complement conventional pedaling. This mode is particularly helpful for handicapped or older riders with mobility issues, as pedal assist is much more manageable than pedaling under your own power 100 percent of the time.

The other mode is full electric throttle mode, which is where the electric motor does all of the work and pedaling by the rider is not required. While this mode tends to drain the lithium-ion battery faster than pedal assist mode, it's ideal if riders need a break from pedaling or if there's an uphill part of the ride that might be difficult for some riders to pedal completely on.

Some other benefits of e-bikes include:

  • The aforementioned sustainability benefit. E-bikes generate about 22 grams of CO2 per every kilometer ridden versus 271 grams of CO2 generated per kilometer for a conventional gas-powered vehicle.
  • If more e-bikes were adopted, it could also save Americans nearly $2 trillion in cumulative fuel costs by 2025, not to mention cut down on traffic and commute times. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions that we mentioned in the point above, a four-mile e-bike trip is estimated to keep up to 15 pounds of pollutants from entering the environment. Wider adoption and e-bike replacement of internal combustion vehicles can help lead to better air quality and healthier environments.
  • E-bikes are becoming increasingly affordable, with many quality models available for under $2,000 today.
  • E-bike motors can be turned off so the bike is pedaled like a conventional bike.
  • Worried about range anxiety? Many e-bike models come with extra batteries that can be easily swapped out for fully charged ones on longer rides.
  • E-bikes are a lot of fun to ride and they're good for riders too. What's really nice about riding an e-bike is that riders get to choose their workout intensity. The general benefits of cycling include improved heart health and lower blood pressure, reduced stress, enhanced mobility and weight control. In fact, it's estimated that the average body mass index of an e-bike rider is 24.8, which is considered a healthy and normal weight per CDC guidelines.

As you can see, it's no fluke as to why e-bikes are becoming the new 'it' bike.

E-Bike Range Considerations

No matter what type of person you're shopping for, when it comes to e-bikes one other major consideration you want to weigh is the range of the lithium-ion battery. Just like electric vehicles, e-bikes will need to have their battery recharged after they're depleted. The good news is that, as we mentioned above, you can shut off the electric motor and pedal an e-bike in a conventional manner if the battery is depleted or if you just want to get some extra oomph in your workout. However, it's still important to get a feel for the e-bike range before making any purchase.

So what's the typical range of today's electric bike? Most have different ranges for the different e-bike modes. For instance, riding in pedal assist mode tends to have a range of anywhere from 20 to 40 miles before a recharge is necessary. Riding in full electric throttle mode is going to deplete the battery faster, usually in about 20 to 25 miles. As we mentioned above, if you're concerned about the e-bike range, many offer the option to purchase additional batteries that can be easily swapped onto the bike when one is depleted. However, it's also worth mentioning that the average commute to work is less than 30 miles, which falls within an average e-bike's pedal assist mode riding range. The range you get from your electric bike battery will really depend on how much the pedal assist and throttle are used on rides. The more the throttle is used, the faster the battery will drain. Also, the weight of the rider will greatly impact the range you will get from the e bike.

On a final note, we suggest that you consider battery recharge times when making your bike selection. Most e-bike batteries are able to be recharged within a few hours. But if you're an avid rider, you'll want to consider a model that might have faster recharge times compared to if you're just a recreational rider.

Top E-Bikes for Short Adults

Now that we've gone over some of the key features to look for in a bike for a shorter person and some details about why electric bikes are gaining so much popularity among riders, let's spend some time discussing the top e-bikes for short adults. Finding an ebike for a short adult is no easy task especially because find the right electric bike size isn't just about your height but also your inseam. Also, each rider is unique in terms sizing and what would feel comfortable for you. Short adults need something that will fit them but also be comfortable. It's about finding the right electric bike that will each rider will feel comfortable on. You might be surprised to learn how many quality options are out there. These options include the likes of:

4. Richmond Electric Folding Bike

The Richmond Electric Folding Bike from Byocycles is nice in that it can be folded to save on storage space in the garage, apartment unit or shed. But what's also nice about the low step-through frame bike is that it has a minimum rider height of just 5 feet, making it applicable for shorter riders. In fact, if you really want to get an idea of how applicable this bike can be for shorter riders, consider that the height from the ground to the seat at the lowest seat position is only about 30 centimeters.

5. E-Summit Electric Mountain Bike

For riders that want a little more adventure in a bike, the E-Summit Electric Mountain Bike from Yoikoto combines power with range. And being that it has a minimum height requirement of 5-foot-3 inches, it's also an ideal choice for shorter riders as well. Ideal for all types of terrain and with a 350-watt motor powering its drivetrain, it's a versatile option that's bound to please.

Contact SixThreeZero Today

For more information on the types of features and design specifications to look for when shopping for a bike for shorter people, contact SixThreeZero today. We firmly believe that cycling is for everyone and that there's a bike out there for everyone - no matter their size, weight or shape. For more information on SixThreeZero's range of electric bikes and for assistance picking out the right e-bike model for you or for someone in your life, contact us today. We're standing by and ready to help you find that next electric bike.


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