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Top New Bike Trends Expected in 2022

Updated On: April 11, 2022

The world continues to change, evolving and evaluating the current conditions. Paradigms are shifting, and it's time to embrace a green point of view, especially with modes of transport. For many, the reliance on automobiles for everyday travel continues to diminish, focusing on finding more ways to integrate the bicycle into their daily lives.

In 2022, more consumers are looking for a bike shop, trading out their gas guzzlers for something that permits pleasure, flexibility and fitness. They desire to go places at a reasonable cost, away from crowds and with the added benefit of some exercise too! As January rolls around, expect to see a rise in the following three areas.

Electric Bikes

People are ready to get back to a version of the old normal with a few new twists. The past couple of years, the confines of the house and fewer crowded gatherings taught families and individuals the fun of getting outdoors. Electric bikes increased in popularity because they offer convenience, comfort and pleasure.

Models continue to seek improved ease and user-friendliness, alleviating exhaustion and discomfort concerns. Adults can get back to childhood days without worrying about pain, aches or strain. For instance, riders enjoy extra balance, durability, and physical support by purchasing a comfort electric bike. They gain extra padding, lower mounts and pedal alignment, all created to ease back, hip and neck pain.

Hybrids continue to emerge strong, allowing people to cruise through urban and suburban streets. Pedal with the motor for increased speed. When someone needs a break, let the motor take over. Expect people to use the bike to complete more errands, head to the office and get outside.

Travel took a turn the past couple of years, with people learning to venture to remote locations with fewer crowds and a chance to see the land. This trend should continue. The mountains, for instance, offer beauty and remoteness with an opportunity to explore new territory. Riders with specialized mountain bikes can spend days tackling the rougher terrain.

Sustainable Biking

Many consumers continue to grow frustrated over recent economic and health policies, leaning toward more independence and less reliance on fuel sources. Experts, for instance, expect inflation to continue into the following year, leaving drivers facing increases in gas prices. In some areas, public transportation isn't possible, and, for many others, the pandemic shifted the comfort of cramming onto buses and trains.

Instead, look for a greener perspective, with many people choosing sustainable bicycle transportation to get around town with ease. Cities are expanding bike lines and hoping to reduce commuter times and congestion. Employers are encouraging bike programs rather than leasing cars.

In addition, expect factories themselves to find a way to reinvent products and manufacturing guidelines, adding sustainability to their own companies and lines. 

Leasing a Bike

You've heard of leasing a car, but what about a bike? It's becoming a popular new addition to the market. This option allows people to try out a product for an agreed-upon period before making a significant long-term investment. Pay annually, monthly or seasonally, depending on your lifestyle and financial needs. 

Are you interested in using something just for the fall? Give it a whirl, and see if it's for you! Search for a bike shop near me to work with professionals on selecting something that fits your needs. If you decide you want something for longer than a year or more, the purchase may reduce the price. But a lease works well for someone not quite ready to commit without a trial run.

Cycling continues to thrive, with adults finding added pleasure and perks in getting back up on that saddle. No longer is riding a bike a hobby or an occasional event. Instead, expect this practice to develop and grow more in 2022, with people embracing the opportunity to do something good for themselves and their environment. Whether they buy or lease a bike, people are adopting a riding mentality.


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