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Top 8 Hybrid Bikes for Women

Some women are looking for a bike that can get them around town, help run errands, and to get to work. Other times, you may also want a bike that can go off-road along the bumpy trail while still being comfortable to ride. Hybrid bikes combine the best of both worlds. They are capable of going over asphalt, dirt trails, and gravel to provide stability and maneuverability over unpredictable terrain. When placing a battery and motor on the bike, you can have a hybrid e-bike that can assist you when you are pedaling up steep hills, traveling for long distances, or even when towing a heavy load.

An e-bike designed for women will have narrower handlebars for a sure grip and a narrower saddle to provide comfort when seated. They also have a wide variety of sizes to accommodate women of all statures. A hybrid e-bike can be a cruiser, trail-riding, commuter, fitness, and recreational all in one design. Let's take a look at 8 hybrid bikes for women.

Liv Thrive E+1 Pro

If you are the type of woman that loves long bike rides, the Liv Thrive E+1 Pro can take you places. This e-bike features a smart 375 battery that allows you to go for 70 miles without needing a charge. If you plan to go on an all-day riding trip, you'll have the battery power you need to get everywhere.

This hybrid e-bike features a more rigid saddle seat to handle the bumps and shocks common on gravel paths. It has 700c gravel tires and hydraulic disc brakes that are ideal for all terrains when you need the best traction and fast braking. It features pedal-assist technology that uses sensors to adjust the amount of assistance provided for the ride along with walk-assist tech when you are moving the bike up ramps as the RideControl One Switch is located at the center of the handlebars.

The Live Thrive E+1 Pro is a bit heavier to carry at 40 pounds. So keep this in mind when you need to carry it for a time and utilize the walking assist feature when you can.

Cube Kathmandu Hybrid 45 625 Trapeze

Running out of power on your e-bike is one of the top things to worry about when you are using your bike constantly to get to places or when you are far out on the mountain trails. The top feature on the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid 45 is the large battery capacity. This e-bike has a 625w battery and a frame design to allow for more space for extra batteries. So you can keep traveling without looking for a place to recharge.

This hybrid e-bike has a 100mm suspension fork for a very smooth ride and MT5e disc brakes for stopping ease on varied terrain. It also has a tapered head tube for better steering. The motor offers 20 mph and a 12-speed SLX and ZT drivetrain to provide a seamless power/pedal integration for better responsiveness and handling. When it comes to wanting accessories at the moment of purchase, the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid 45 has plenty with a bottle cage, mudguards, built-in lights, and kickstand mounts.

Schwinn Marshall Electric Hybrid

Many people go with bikes from brands that they have known for generations. When it comes to hybrid bikes for women, Schwinn has the perfect e-bike. The Schwinn Marshall Electric Hybrid is an on-road/off-road option. The e-bike has the feel of a cruiser that provides the right amount of comfort for women while giving the look and performance of a mountain bike. 

This bike comes in two sizes with different weights: small/medium (5'2"-5'7") at 52.8 pounds and large/extra large (5'8"-6'4") at 55 pounds. It features a smaller 250w motor and 5 pedal assist levels offering 35 miles per charge when you are just looking for a little bit of assistance at certain times. It also comes with a 7-speed twist shift that can move through the gears quickly to make it easier when you are going over changing terrains from flats, cruising, or hills.

Overall, the Schwinn Marshall Electric Hybrid is an overall cruiser bike that can handle rough terrain such as light trails and dirt roads but only for a short time on the electric power. One thing that you will notice is that the bike is top heavy. So it takes some time to get used to the turning.

Trek Dual Sport +

Some people looking for hybrid bikes for women want a bike that can handle really tough terrain yet still offers commuter and recreational bike features. The Trek Dual Sport + is for women who want to hit the hard trails and mountain paths. The hybrid bike has a 10-speed Shimano drivetrain along with puncture-resistant hard case tires that can handle all types of terrain.

The removable 500w battery has a quick recharge and is able to get you up the hills and over the difficult ground. Yet due to the smaller wattage, it only gives 15.5 mph so keep that in mind if you plan on going on the long bike rides over off-road travel. The top advantage to this bike is its durability, making it both a great trail/mountain bike that can easily be a commuter when going to work every day.

Canyon Grail ON CF 7

If you are the type of person looking for hybrid bikes for women because you always want to see what is beyond the next hill or trail on an off-road adventure, the Canyon Grail ON CF 7 was designed with a woman's geometry in mind. The e-bike has a frame designed for a woman's body with a vibration absorbing seat post and optimized suspended cockpit. The carbon steel frame has a low bar that is stiffer than traditional off-road bikes to provide greater levels of stability when tackling steep hills, descents, and sprints.

The e-bike has Bosch Gen4 CX performance motor with a removable 500w battery. So it gives good power assistance when you need it without being overly heavy. With dual deck bars and disc brakes, the bike provides excellent handling on unstable terrain, as it literally floats on gravel. Yet the one drawback is that when going over tarmac, you'll experience an increase in rolling resistance. This hybrid bike is perfect for riders who will experience varied rough terrain over short and long distances, people who want to go bike-packing, and recreational cycling.

Ribble Endurance SL

Another mountain bike that can handle tougher terrain, the Ribble Endurance SL is the hybrid that you want when you have to deal with gravel, rocks, and other bumpy surfaces. This e-bike was designed to conquer hills, as it features 36v/250w hub drive motor system with a carbon frame and fork. This carbon frame design offers a lightness to the bike while the motor system still gives the rider 60 miles per charge for power assistance, as the battery can recharge at an ultra-fast 3 hours to reach maximum capacity.

Keep in mind that the smaller watts for the battery is going to offer lower speeds, as it tops at 15 mph. Yet when you want to push those steep hills and inclines, you'll be able to do it with ease on this hybrid bike for women. The Ribble Endurance SL was built for durability. It also makes the handlebars clutter-free when gripping as it has the mounted control button to select the settings you want while riding.One thing to take note is that the frame isn't really designed for a woman's geometry straight out the store. So you'll want to get the extras to customize it to offer a more comfortable ride, such as a woman's saddle. Yet when it comes to women who love the trails when biking on their own, with friends, or with family, the Ribble Endurance SL is up to the task.

What to Look For When Selecting Hybrid E-Bikes?

One of the top things to do is to consider what you plan to do on the bike. Are you looking for a commuter bike that can also trail riding, or do you want a bike that can handle varying rough terrain and steep hills? This aspect can help you figure out all the things that you want in a bike when it comes to weight, size, and motor speed as well as those extras that will make it perfect for you. Also, consider how many miles you want to travel on average under your own speed and how power assist will be used on the e-bike. Here are some key aspects to keep in mind when looking for hybrid bikes for women:

  • Step through style frame for smaller women or women with mobility issues
  • Mechanical brakes for stopping power or hydraulic brakes best performance
  • Most hybrid bikes come with 700c wheels although a few brands offer 26-inch
  • Select tires with less tread for pavement riding and higher volume tires for gravel roads or dirt trails

When it comes to hybrid e-bikes, you get an exceptional bike that can help you move over smooth city streets, bumpy trails, steep hills, and mountain passes. Every woman is different and has differing riding requirements. Hybrid bikes takes all the best things about bike riding and combines them to give you an e-bike that offers comfort and performance.


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