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Top 7 Ebikes for Big Guys

Bike riding is a great way to commute, get exercise, and relieve stress while also spending time with family and friends. With the introduction of electric bikes, people can travel farther along while having a way to keep moving when tired or when they need an extra boost of pedal power when going along steep inclines and bumpy roads. If you are a big guy who is heavy set, have long legs, or just bigboned, it can be difficult to find a bike that can accommodate your body type and provide the power you need while giving a comfortable ride. We checked out the current bicycles on the market and found the top 7 bikes for big guys.

What to Consider for Ebikes for Big Guys?

Weight capacity is the top factor when it comes to purchasing an ebike for a big guy. All bikes have a weight limit whether they are traditional bicycles or electric bikes. This weight limit can impact the stability and durability of the frame. The heavy weight can also impact the starting power of the bike, how long the battery power lasts during pedal assist, and how the bike stops on different types of ground surfaces. When you are looking for an bike, keep the following aspects in mind.

Frame Build

Many ebike frames are made of aluminum alloys to provide strength while being lightweight so that the battery pack can push both the bike and the rider. Yet other frame materials such as steel and titanium are available. Keep in mind that steel and titanium are heavier materials. So you want to factor in the weight of these materials with the weight of the rider to ensure that the weight capacity does not go over the limits for the frame.

Another thing to consider is how the bike frame accommodates fat tires. You want an ebike that allows for a good clearance for fat tires as these tires will provide higher levels of stability over terrain and varying weather conditions such as snow and ice.

Battery Pack & Motor

The battery pack has to provide you with enough torque to get you going and a long enough capacity to provide a great range for long rides. Most ebike batteries are lithium-ion and have a stated voltage and amp hours. So you may see a battery that says 48V/15AH. Battery manufacturers you may find include Panasonic, Samsung, LG, and many others. Whichever battery you select, ensure that it comes with a good weight capacity and that it comes with an IP54 waterproof rating to handle any surprise rainstorms.

As for the motor, you need a motor that can get you over any terrain or hills that you may encounter. Ebike motor ranges usually go from 350W up to 750W. While a 350W would be good over even terrain and will be cheaper on the wallet while also handling weights of around 300-330lbs, this motor may struggle for heavier riders who need a boost to go up hills or have starting power. Based on your weight, go with heavier motor capacity.


Having braking power is essential when you need to control your descent along inclines, when you need to make an emergency stop, or when you want to have better control over your bike when going over rough or slippery terrain. Also, many ebikes market that they have excellent max speeds of anywhere from 25mph up to 50mph. At these speeds, a bike with good braking power becomes necessary when you want to have a safe trip. Ebikes feature two types of braking systems, hydraulic disc and mechanical disc.

A mechanical disc brake uses a cable to connect the brake caliper to the brake lever. A hydraulic disc brake uses a fluid system to transfer power from the caliper to the lever. Mechanical discs are cheaper and easier to use while hydraulic disc offers better efficiency and performance but require more involved servicing.

Rims & Tires

Like the bike frame, the rims also come in a variety of materials such as aluminum and steel. The material does play a factor in the overall weight of the bike, which will also impact how hard the battery and motor will work for heavier riders. Select the right materials that will not break or bend based on how often and rigorous you use it and can handle the ebike's weight.

Fat bike tires are great for riders who are big. These tires offer better stability, traction, and control. They will also provide a more comfortable ride that can handle shocks from bumpy and rough terrain to give you a smooth ride.

Best Overall EBike for Big Guys

Best Aesthetic Cargo Bike

Rad Power RadWagon 4 - 350lb max weight/750w motor/20 mph

If you need a bike that fits your aesthetic style, the Rad Power RadWagon 4 can accommodate any theme. It comes in 3 different paint jobs and features a high-powered motor to reach speeds of up to 20 mph. So if you are looking for something that doesn't look like the standard black bike then this one may come in the color that will please your color palette. This is a commuter cargo bike has lots of space on the back when you are looking to run errands around town with a large pack or when you have to carry groceries home.

One thing to keep in mind is that the company made their own custom tires for this ebike. While they are durable for light off-road riding and road riding, they are smaller tires than what you would normally find on an ebike. So they don't handle rough terrain as well as some others. Otherwise, this bike does have the power to handle climbing the steep hills. You'll also the nice speeds as it can go up to 20mph on just the battery or up to 45 mph with pedal assist.

Best Mountain Bike for Heavy Riders

Ancheer Mountain Ebike - 265lb max weight/350w motor/20mph

Mountain riding can be a wonderful experience when you are looking at nature while going off-roading to get a great workout. The Ancheer Mountain ebike is for big guys who want to get away from the city for a while and just hit the trails. The bike comes with mechanical brakes for greater control on the trails and a 21-speed transmission for a smooth ride even when going over bumpy terrain. Like other types of ebikes, it also has fat 26" tires, as the tires have anti-slip coating. But if you don't want fat tires, you can easily switch out for something else with the Ancheer mountain bike. It is also foldable, which is a major plus when it comes to storage. You can easily fit it into a car or place the bike up on the wall or ceiling.

With the smaller motor, the bike has a max weight capacity of 265lb. Keep this in mind if you plan on carrying heavy backpacks and other gear for camping trips up into the mountains. You can also roughly get about 20 mph, but this speed will decrease due to weight.

Best Commuter Ebike for Big Guys

Ride1UP 500XR - 275lb max weight/500W motor/25mph

When it comes to commuter bikes, a lightweight design is essential to be able to occasionally carry the bike when you have to go up a flight of stairs or down ramps in the city. Yet you still want a bike that is durable and strong for heavyset riders. The Ride1UP 500XR makes the list as being a top electric bike for big guys that who want to get around town with ease. The bike comes with two types of frames to select from: XR standard and ST step through. The XR frame is ideal for tall guys of heavier stature, while the ST version allows for low clearance for smaller guys who may need help mounting and dismounting due to an injury or mobility issue.

It comes with mechanical disc brakes, making it more affordable while still giving the stopping power you want when going through traffic and passing around pedestrians. While it comes with a 500w motor, it has a maximum weight capacity of 275lbs. This capacity can come into play if you plan on carrying around groceries or other items that have extra weight.

Best Urban Hill Climber

Co-Op Cycles CTY e2.1 - 300lb max weight/250w motor/20mph

You don't always have to go to the mountains to find some hills. Some urban environments have steep inclines that are a pain to navigate while on a bike. The Co-op Cycles CTY e2.1 ebike for big guys can give you the power and control to get you up and down those hills while on your commute around the city. It has a multi-mode pedal assist and 9 gears. It also has a mid-drive motor. This bike is really effective at climbing at low rpms as you won't struggle at the experience.

The electric bike features a low stand-over frame design for better balance and large 27.5-inch tires to handle bumps. The motor is lower than others on the list while still accommodating heavy riders of up to 300lbs. Keep this in mind if you are traveling long distances and plan to push the battery to its limits.

Best Foldable Bike

Heybike Mars - 330lb maximum weight/500W motor/24 mph

For a fun and comfortable ride that doesn't have a lot of frills, the Heybike Mars ebike can be a good option. This foldable bike allows you to store it in a car or up on a storage rack along the ceiling or wall of your garage. Yet keep in mind that it does weigh a good 66lbs on its own. So it's not a good commuter bike if you plan to carry it periodically around town.

Otherwise, the bike can easily accommodate heavy riders of 330lbs and has smaller wheels to offer more stability on surfaces. The company claims that it can give you about 45-mile range on its 500w motor. Yet this will vary based on the weight of the person. It does come with hydraulic disc brakes, which is a plus when you are a heavy guy looking for good performance. Basically, it is a simple bike that works well with beginners and big guys who want to get back into bike riding but aren't looking for any extras.

Best Offroad Cruiser for Heavy Riders

Himiway Cruiser - 350lb maximum weight/750W motor/25 mph

A lot of ebikes for big guys top out at about 330lbs when it comes to going offroad. The Himiway Cruiser can handle both pavement and offload travel just by adjusting the tire pressure. It can handle riders weighing 350lbs and provides a large capacity motor to provide plenty of power on demand. This bike comes with extra wide wheels for better balance while giving you the right amounts of acceleration.

Due to the higher motor and battery, this bike does weigh a lot. It comes in at about 72lbs. It is a durable and strong bike for big guys but can be a bit heavy when trying to carry it about. Otherwise, it is a comfortable bike that's easy to use.


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