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Top 5 Tricycles for Seniors over 60

Most people over 60 have fond memories of cycling from their childhoods. After all, many bicycle historians call the 1960s and 70s the Bike Boom of the 20th Century. Recently, many older adults have turned to electric bikes for transportation, fitness, and fun. An e-bike's battery-powered motor makes pedaling easier, making cycling easier for people who aren't as strong or as limber as they used to be. The eco-friendly, quiet e-bike motors help cyclists ride further, faster, and more comfortably than they can without a motor. 

Still, many seniors have hesitated to purchase an e-bike because they no longer feel comfortable balancing on two wheels, even with a motor to assist pedaling. Other people who could benefit from biking never learned to ride a two-wheeled bicycle. Electric tricycles can offer a perfect solution for older cyclists because they don't require balancing. Even so, choosing a suitable, high-quality model provides an essential key to benefiting from an electric cycle. Take a few minutes to compare the top electric tricycles for adults over 60. 

The Top Five E-Tricycles for People Over 60

Are three wheels better than two? Two-wheeled bikes can typically travel faster and are more maneuverable at high speeds. At the same time, a third wheel provides stability and extra room for cargo. Many people who can't comfortably navigate on two wheels enjoy cycling with three. 

DWMEIGI 350W Adult Electric Tricycle: A Good Beginner's Model 

This adult tricycle should appeal to many older folks who want to enjoy an effortless ride on a stable e-tricycle. Like the EVRYJourney described above, the DWMEIGI comes with an oversized rear basket for toting supplies. The DWMEGI offers an outstanding choice for seniors who want a simple mode of transportation for neighborhood trips. 

See the DWMEIGI 350W Electric Tricycle on Amazon for $1,399. 

Review: So far, I've taken 5 and 10 mile rides, and all is well with plenty of battery left. I use peddle-assist mode mainly for going up hills, and the lowest setting so far has been good.

Forza Electric Trike: Excellent for Heavier Cyclists 

E-Trike shoppers need to pay attention to the weight and height suggestions when they're considering an e-bike. In particular, the weight limits include the rider and any extra cargo the cyclists might stash in their basket. The Forza offers a 750W motor and a weight capacity of 400 pounds, so it can carry heavier loads than most electric tricycles. The powerful battery can also help smaller riders enjoy a more extended range between charges. 

View the Forza Electric Trike on Amazon for $3,149. 

Review: The fat tires keep your ride almost bump-free! 

Addmotor Motan M-360 Semi-Recumbent Electric Tricycle: Semi-Recumbent With Fat Tires 

When some folks sit upright, they feel too much pressure on their joints and back, even with an ergonomic frame. In contrast, recumbent bike frames can relieve pressure but may sacrifice visibility. The semi-recumbent frame of the Addmotor M-360 offers a good compromise because it lets cyclists lean back but still sit high enough to see and be seen. Fat tires and a powerful 750W motor offer a carrying capacity of up to 450 pounds, comfort, all-terrain handling, and plenty of power. 

See the Addmotor M-360 Motan on Amazon for $3,090. 

Review: My husband bought the trike and loves driving it. The company makes a solid product. 

EWheels EW-29 Electric Trike: An E-Trike/Scooter Hybrid 

Some older folks could benefit from help with mobility, but they aren't yet ready to become part of the mobility scooter crowd. The manufacturer designed this electric trike as a compromise between a mobility scooter and an e-bike. This e-trike looks more like an electric tricycle than a scooter, and it's bound to attract more praise than pity. 

Anybody who needs to recover from an injury or surgery but still wants to enjoy fresh air and sunshine should consider the EW-29 from EWheels. The e-trike features an extra-wide seat with a backrest, a low, step-through frame, and a carrying capacity of 400 pounds. This model also has an extra-large basket in the rear, a smaller basket on the handlebars, and a large headlamp. 

See the EWheels WE-29 Electric Trike/Scooter at Walmart for $1,999. 

Review: I had a blast charging it up and taking it out on our first ride. This is a well-built cycle and terrific value for the price. I have already been getting tons of compliments on it. 

Are Electric Tricycles Safe for Older Adults?

Cyclists find two-wheeled bikes easier to balance when they travel faster. A two-wheeler standing still will fall unless the rider props it up. E-trikes can stand up by themselves, even if they're completely still. 

The motor adds extra power to pedaling, meaning people generally ride faster on e-trikes than on non-powered cycles. Still, experienced e-cyclists will caution people to practice turning corners because turning too quickly under some conditions can make three-wheeled cycles unstable. This video about e-tricycle stability offers an excellent introduction to the topic. 

Once the cyclist has learned to turn with caution, they should find riding an e-trike as safe and fun as riding a bike! Because life is uncertain, don't forget to pair an electric trike or any cycle with a proper helmet.


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