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Top 5 Step Through Bikes for Adults of 2023 | Step Through Bikes for Adults

2023 promises to be the year of the step-through bike. In a time when nearly everyone is looking for a way to get more exercise, burn less fossil fuel, save the planet, save money, and get outside more, a reliable bike is high on the list of solutions. People are looking for the ease of a cruiser bike with a low-slung frame, which makes it possible for everyone from growing teenagers, busy Millenials, and harried Gen-x-ers to active grandmas and grandpas (and everyone in between) to discover or rediscover the freedom and sheer joy of bike riding. Of course, there are a lot of different step through bikes on the market these days, and more are coming to market in the future as demand climbs for simpler ways to get around. But buyers are looking for more than just simplicity. They want cool styling, practical functionality, safe stability, and day-to-day reliability in their bike choices. Every person has different riding needs and desires, so it's important to look for a bike that fits those needs. We've gone through many lists of bikes, tested them and landed on a set of bikes that can fit people with a variety of needs. 

The Top Step Thru Bikes for Adults

But because there are so many new bikes for adults coming to market, the busy adult is going to have a hard time choosing the right one for their needs. That’s why we judged the bikes on our list based on several criteria, including durability, materials, features, and style to name a few. 

First of all, we are only looking at bikes with step-thru frames. A low step-thru frame will make it easy to ride for the vast majority of riders at all experience levels. Frames also needed to be built of durable, rust-resistant materials that would run through a daily gauntlet of riding. So, the bikes on this list are built to be used on a daily basis, not just on the weekends or holidays. A good step-thru bike will take you on a long ride in the country on the weekend just as well as it will get you to and from work or shopping in town Monday through Friday. 

For this level of flexibility, we also needed to look at the gears. Typical one-gear bikes aren’t the answer for someone who wants to significantly ramp up their daily bike usage over varied terrain and hills. Having three to seven gears to choose from makes it easier to switch speeds and traction levels. 

Braking is also important, of course. If you’re an adult who remembers the old pedal-backward-to-stop braking system of their old bikes from the 70s and 80s, welcome to the world of flipping the brakes on with your thumbs from the handlebars. It’s easier, more reliable, and more responsive to quick braking situations. At the same time, the bikes that made the list also have a low center of gravity so that quick braking is safer and there is less chance of flipping over when you need to stop quickly. 

Of course, step thru bikes are not really “performance” or “mountain” style bikes built for specific activities like racing and jumping with hard landings. These are every day, get-the-job-done-and-look-fabulous-while-doing-it bikes. These are the bikes we need more of, and these are the bikes we love: 

1. Best All-Around Step-Through Bike for Adults: EVRYjourney 500W

There is so much to love about the EVRYjourney step-through electric bike for adults that it’s hard to know where to begin. That said, let’s talk about ergonomics first. As a step-through bike, it’s hard to beat the EVRYjourney’s sturdily-constructed, low-slung frame that is built specifically to step into without any climbing. It’s got 7 speeds you control at the touch of your thumb, so you can adjust gears as needed. But that’s just the beginning. 

From the moment you step through and sit on the bike’s amply cushioned seat, everything about the bike is built for effortless comfort. Because of the wide, swing-back handlebars, you never have to hunch over to reach them. You can sit in a neutral, upright position the entire time while easily flipping through the gears on the handlebars or braking with your thumb controls. 

The pedals are positioned at the ideal angle forward, making pedaling super easy. This gives you just the right amount of leg extension, so you have just the right amount of torque to reach a good cruising speed without breaking a sweat. The bike is fully adjustable for riders between 5 feet tall and 6 feet, 4 inches tall. With the correct adjustments, the bike gives you a ride that’s super easy on your back, knees, shoulders, arms, and hips. And the wide, shock-absorbing tires also give your posterior a break when going over the inevitable bumps in the road. Because of this bike’s low center of gravity, it’s also extra safe and not as prone to tipping if you need to break quickly. 

Speaking of getting sweaty, you really don’t have to with the EVRYjourney. That’s because it comes with power options. You can go at full pedal power when you want to get some exercise, but you can engage “pedal-assist” mode with the 500-watt rear hub drive motor if you want to go easy. You can even let the motor do all the work if you’ve had a long day at work and just want to cruise and let the bike take you home. 

Still more, the EVRYjourney step-thru bike comes with a host of bike accessory options that amp up your gear or grocery-carrying capacity including baskets, cup and phone holders, etc. There is even a “FATTIRE” variant that gives you some easy beach cruising ability. It’s truly the best all-around adult bike for 2023. 

2. Best Less-Expensive Step-Thru Bike for Cruising the Neighborhood: Around the Block 500W

The Around the Block 500W is also an excellent step-thru bike for adults, though the frame is just a little higher than the EVRYjourney. It’s also a bit less expensive than the EVRYjourney, but still has the motor and seven gears to work with. The two bikes are very close cousins, and it still qualifies as a great step thru because the durable frame is still built lower so that getting into position for your daily ride is barely a quick hop. It’s definitely a bike you’ll want to consider if style and looks are on your list as it comes in breezy light teal and mint color options with retro styling that looks on point for 2023. 

Aside from that, it has a lot of the same benefits as the EVRYjourney, starting with ergonomics. The Around the Block e-bike also has swing-back handlebars and nudged-forward pedal positioning that enables the rider to sit up straight and pedal in supreme comfort while not putting any strain on their back, knees, shoulders, hips, etc. The cushioned seat keeps your tush comfy and the wide tires again shield you from the bumps. And speaking of bumps, this bike can handle everything from asphalt and concrete to hard-packed park trails and boardwalks, so you’ve got plenty of options there.

Again, the Around the Block comes with three pedal power options that suit your daily needs. If you’re feeling spunky, go ahead and pedal all on your own and check “workout” off of your list for the day. If you’ve had a long day, but still want to do a little bit of pedaling, flip the pedal-assist switch on your handlebars, and the whisper-quiet 500-watt rear hub drive motor will give you a little push for those last hills through the neighborhood. If you really want to freak out the neighbors by reaching a good speed without breaking a sweat at all, let the bike do all the work and make them wonder what sort of wizardry you’re up to. 

The motor’s battery, when used at full power, can go for about 20 miles before you need to recharge it. It’s about double that when using pedal-assist mode. So you’ve got options, which is exactly what you want in an adult step-thru bike. 

3. The Best Urban Step-Through Bike for Adults: Ride in the Park 500W

The Ride in the Park step-through e-bike really does have an excellently low-slung frame that feels as easy as a ride in the park should be. It also has adorable color-matching accessories to go with your choice of cream, teal, or navy bikes so your Instagram posts are going to be all that and a slice of cake. 

At the same time, this bike isn’t really the one for trail riding like the other two. If you plan on getting an adult e-bike dedicated to getting around town on a daily basis, the Ride in the Park is your bike. It’s classic, retro-elegant and you can snap on extra cargo options, a tablet to tell you how fast and how far you’ve gone, as well as how much battery you have left before your next charge. All these options make it just the right adult e-bike for getting around in paved, urban settings. 

It’s still got excellent ergonomics going for it, with the super low frame that creates absolutely no obstacles to getting on and just going. It’s very easy for riders of all experience levels, so if you consider yourself a city biking novice, don’t worry. With some attention to city bike safety rules, a matching helmet, and a good bike lock (all available as accessories with this bike), you’ll be off on your gas-free day-to-day in no time.

The Ride in the Park also comes with the super-hushed 500-watt rear hub drive motor that gives you 3 power options (all pedal, pedal assist, or 100% motorized) and 7 gears. So you can squeeze a workout in on your way to pick up groceries, stay fresh and fabulous for your work presentation or just cruise around town to meet friends. Either way, it’s your choice. 

4. Best Step Thru Bike for Drizzly Coast Weather: Priority Coast

For those of you who really plan on riding a bike regardless of weather conditions, a fully-pedal-powered, yet great step-thru option is the Priority Coast from Priority Bicycles. It’s not electric, so you’ll have to be comfortable with 100% pedal power, yet it’s also a very easy bike to get on and off of with its low-slung frame and ultra-light aluminum frame. They designed this bike with sealed bearings that keep out the dampness. In fact, it was especially built with coastal cruising in mind. So, from Seaside, Oregon to Nantucket, Massachusetts, this easy-to-maintain adult cruiser bike will get you around your rainy, damp, coastal environment without a hitch. Instead of a bike chain, which can be particularly tricky in coastal environments, they have a belt that requires very little maintenance. In fact, a lot of coastal inns like to have these on hand for guests to ride around on. 

5. The Lowest-Slung Step Through Bike: Simple Step-Thru 500W

The Simple Step-Thru bike may be “simple”, but simplicity is divine in this e-bike with the lowest step-thru frame of all the bikes. Again, it’s built for sturdy, day-to-day riding with super ergonomic geometry, starting with the incredibly safe, low-to-the-ground step thru frame that prevents trips and awkward leg lifts. It’s as easy is stepping in and taking off. The seat is lower to the ground as well, making the center of gravity very stable, which makes it great for riders of any experience level. The pedals sit about 4 inches ahead of typical bikes, making that you can get a lot of power from a straight up-and-down sitting position while not straining your back, wrists, shoulders, knees, or anything else. No tipping, falling over or looking awkward getting on or off of this bike. Ever. 

But the Simple Step-Thru doesn’t sacrifice style for added safety. With this bike, you get a generous helping of both. It has a nice mix of both retro and modern elements that give it a timeless vibe that spans generations of riders and looks great no matter where your journey takes you. 

The motor continues to give you options that enable you to choose the level of exertion you’re up for on any given day, and you can take packed trails or paved streets any day of the week. With full motor use, you get about 20 miles of distance, while you get about double that (20-40) on pedal assist, depending on the hills you’re taking. The bike also has 7 gears and hand disc brakes in the front and the back. The study frame is built for daily use.

Honorable Mentions in Step Thru Bikes 

There are a lot of great low-slung step-through bikes out there, some of them are electric, and many of them are peal-power only. Generally speaking, the motorized bikes will cost more, but also provide you more options if you plan to use your step-through bike as a daily ride. If you’re an experienced rider who doesn’t mind a daily pedal, there are some other options you can consider too: 

Best Reminder of Your Childhood Bike: Tuesday: June 1 LS

The Tuesday: June 1 LS (LS = Low Step) has a single gear speed option, but can also come in a 7-speed model. It’s a totally simple, yet also sturdily-built, rust-resistant low-slung bike that has great springs that cushion a bumpy ride. It’s considered a “beach cruiser” bike, so it’s been built with that in mind, so you can just hop on and get pedaling. While it has no motor, it is incredibly simple, so if you don’t want to be bothered by remembering when to plug in for a recharge, this is a great step-thru option you can consider. Also, if you feel more comfortable using the traditional kick-back brakes of your childhood, this bike has you covered there as well. Just pedal backward and the bike stops. 

Most Color Options: Chatham Beach Cruiser Bike - Step Through Single Speed

If you’re looking for simplicity in function, but really want to choose from a host of fabulous colors, this is the bike to look at. It’s another simple, non-motorized step-through bike that is very popular and also customizable. You can accessorize with your choice of colors, baskets, seating options and more. It’s best on flat pavement, so it’s not the bike for trail riding, but it’s great for cruising around town looking awesome. It’s got one speed, back-pedal coaster brakes (classic) and wide tires that cushion any bumps in the pavement. 

Which Step-Thru Bike is Best for Beginners? 

For people who haven’t ridden in a long while, or for people who have never ridden and are just learning, the EVRYjourney and Around the Block options are probably best. Not only do they have excellent ergonomics so that you can maintain a comfortable riding position, but their low center of gravity makes it easy to stop and start without tipping over while you’re learning to balance. They have a host of features you can customize and once you get comfortable with balancing and confident riding, you can practice using the motor to go for longer rides. They both have great options for adding carrying capacity and are built for daily utility riding while looking fantastic at the same time. 

How Do I Choose the Best Step-Through Bike for Me? 

Fit is everything in choosing any bike. But fit isn’t just about your size, it’s also about choosing the right bike for your riding style, your needs and where you live. You’ll also want to pick a bike that gives you some carrying capacity if you’re going to ride every day and pick up groceries, tote school supplies, etc. Consider the terrain you’ll be riding in and how often you’ll be riding. Choosing the right bike to fit your body is also very important, and the bike must be adjustable so that you can get a comfortable, ergonomic, yet powerful pedal when you want to without a lot of extra effort. If you’re considering a bike, click on the “FIT” panel to the right on this page and punch in your information. This will bring up some great options that fit your body type and riding needs. 

Trusting Sixthreezero for Your Bike Needs

Sixthreezero is passionate about getting people on bikes on a regular basis. We want to reduce carbon emissions and keep people healthy, but we also want people to have a lot of fun! Our ergonomic and utility bike designs that make getting on and off easy and fun give you options that fit you and your lifestyle and riding needs. Reach out to us by emailing theteam@sixthreezero with any questions you have and we can help you find the right step through bike for the road ahead. 


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