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Top 5 Beach Cruisers of 2023

No, you don't have to live near the beach to purchase or ride a beach cruiser.

Despite belonging to a bike category that might be synonymous with sunshine and rolling waves, beach cruisers aren't actually known for their ability to ride on the sand. In fact, they're not designed for that at all. Beach cruisers are a type of cruiser bike that is designed for providing an upright riding position to cut down on joint strain and maximize ergonomics and comfortability while pedaling. In other words, riding a cruiser is designed to be both comfortable and stress-free. Don't buy a cruiser if you want to break any speed records - that's not what they're intended for. They're designed for the rider who likes to ride casually and take in the surrounding environment.

Known for their wider tires, large bike seats, coaster brakes and a frame that keeps the body upright and aligned, riders have more options than ever when selecting a beach cruiser today - and one of the leading types of beach cruisers are those with an electric drivetrain. Powered commonly by either 250 or 500-watt electric motors, electric beach cruisers aren't just high on comfort, but performance as well. Electric bikes come with various drive modes, such as conventional pedaling where the electric motor is not engaged. There's also pedal assist mode, where the electric motor complements conventional pedaling. And then there's full electric throttle mode. Ideal for when riders need a break for pedaling or when going up steep hills, this mode consists of the electric motor completely taking over.

Beach cruisers are one of the most popular segments of bikes and the rise of the e-bike is only making them more desirable. In this post, we'll take a closer look at some of the top beach cruisers to have on your list in 2023. Read on for a look at some of the best models to keep your eye on if you or someone you know is in the market for a new electric cruiser:

What Features Make for a Great Beach Cruiser?

Before we get into some of the best beach cruiser models on the market today, let's first take a look at some of the characteristics that help define the beach cruiser bicycle. Here are some of the key differences between beach cruisers and other types of bicycles:

  • A frame design that promotes an upright riding position and forward pedaling motion to offer a more relaxed ride
  • A seat that maximizes riding comfort
  • Soft grips and raised handlebars
  • Wider tires
  • A classic, simple bicycle style
  • Strong frames, many of them step-through to make for easier mounting and dismounting
  • Some models may include brake levers and gear systems

The Top 5 Beach Cruisers of 2023

3. Aventon Pace 500

A classic cruiser that throws things back to the look of a motorcycle frame, this bike is both high on aesthetics as well as comfort and performance. Powered by a 500-watt motor, it offers stable speed and could also serve well as a commuter bike. What's really neat about the Pace 500 is its adjustable stem to help really dial in a customized fit for any rider.

4. Electric Bike Company Model S

Like the Pace 500, the Electric Bike Company's Model S is high in style and aesthetic. It's also highly customizable. For example, the Model S offers two different wheel sizes for riders as well as the opportunity to select between four different types of batteries, the option to add on an extra motor and more. It's even available in a wide range of colors, allowing riders to select the option that best suits their personality and personal preference. It has a top speed of nearly 30 miles per hour to boot.

5. iZip Simi

We'll close things with a look at the iZip Simi, a simple yet highly practical beach cruiser. It permits riders to pedal in an upright riding position while the pedals are directly in front of them, making for an ergonomic ride. But what's most notable about the Simi is how unremarkable it is. It's not going to blow anyone out of the water with its design or its maximum speed. It's just a sneaky good bike that's going to get the job done and maximize rider comfort as they do it.

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