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Top 3 Electric Tricycles for Adults of 2023 | Top E Tricycles for Adults of 2023

An electric tricycle for adults might offer a fantastic way to improve your quality of life next year. Is it already time to begin thinking about 2023? Most people say 2022 provided plenty of surprises and believe it seemed to pass quickly. Of course, only some of this tumultuous year's news sounded good. 

Even after a global pandemic, economic upheaval, and news of foreign wars, we hope you're still looking forward to a fresh start in 2023. Taking good care of yourself will provide you with the best defense against whatever 2023 has in store. It's time to rediscover the joys and benefits of cycling with a couple of updated twists for the 21st century. You can purchase electric tricycles for adults that offer the benefits of cycling and more.

For example: 

  • Cycling allows you to enjoy outdoor exercise, take advantage of cleaner and more sustainable transportation, and have fun alone or with riding partners. 
  • An electric bike can take you further and faster than a traditional bike. You can pedal, pedal with help from the electric motor, or rely entirely on the motor. 
  • If you're not as confident on two wheels as you used to be, you can find plenty of high-quality, comfortable e-tricycles for adults on the market in 2023. 

An e-trike also offers more cargo space than a two-wheeled bike, so some avid cyclists have switched to three wheels for their versatility. Various kinds of adult e-tricycles can appeal to everybody, from casual riders to adventurous off-roaders. There are also different types of e tricycles. There are fat tire, 20" tire, 7 speed and also off road trikes. Learn about the top electric tricycles for adults and who should consider switching from two wheels to three. 

The Top Three E-Tricycles for Adults in 2023

Electric tricycles for adults have come a long way since you rode a trike as a child or purchased one for your kids. They're stylish, versatile, and perfect for people who want to haul cargo or don't care to balance on two wheels. The market for e-trikes for adults has grown considerably over the past decade. Thus, many top manufacturers have introduced dozens of e-tricycle models to offer customers plenty of choices. 

As with bicycles, models and brands of e-trikes for adults vary considerably in features, appearance, and price. You should consider shopping around to ensure you purchase a cycle you'll feel happy to ride and proud to own. To get started, view these top three e-tricycles for adults for sale in 2023.

#2: Addmotor M-360 Semi-Recumbent: A Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike for Adults

Some cyclists enjoy recumbent bikes because the seating position can relieve certain types of joint or body pain. On the other hand, sitting that low to the ground makes it harder to see and for drivers to see you. A semi-recumbent bike offers many pressure-relieving benefits of a true recumbent bike while letting the cyclist sit high enough to ensure good visibility. This model even comes with a backrest, so riders can lean back and enjoy their ride.

The frame looks sporty and comes in green, white, blue, purple, and orange. The e-trike comes with a powerful 750W motor and 20x4" fat tires, making it an excellent ride for all types of terrain. Even though the manufacturer built this bike for comfort, it's probably a better choice for an experienced cyclist because of its power. Somebody who just wants to enjoy casual rides around the neighborhood or through a park would probably enjoy the EVRYJourney 250W electric tricycle for adults more. 

The manufacturers estimate the battery can last up to 80 miles on a charge, and the 5-inch display even includes a USB port. That USB will come in handy for charging a mounted phone or tablet for navigation, playing music, or communicating with others. 

The bike can carry a maximum load of 450 pounds, with a top rider weight of 350, so it's also a good choice for larger people. This trike has one of the largest weight capacities of any electric tricycle for adults. The seat and handlebars adjust to fit cyclists from five feet six to six feet six. Thus, shorter adults may want to choose another model. 

See the M-360 at Addmotor on sale for $3,099.

Review: I enjoyed my wife's e-trike so much that I bought another one.

#3: EWheels EW-29: Good for Heavier People and Beginners 

Some people shop for an adult e-trike to maintain their fitness, and others hope to get back in shape. Heavier people who want to pedal the pounds away might consider an e-trike/scooter hybrid like the EW-29 from EWheels. This e-bike also makes a good choice for beginners who might feel uncomfortable with a faster and sportier model. 

This e-tricycle for adults can carry up to 400 pounds, and the manufacturer incorporated features intended to provide comfort. Some examples of comfort and safety features include a backrest, a step-through frame, and an oversized saddle. The frame's easy to mount and positions the rider comfortably. 

This model looks like a cross between an e-trike for adults and a mobility scooter. It can make a better choice than a mobility scooter because it also has pedals for exercise. It also looks a little sportier. The e-trike can also offer more versatility for riding on city streets and bike paths than a mobility scooter. 

This powered trike provides a good choice for casual cyclists who want to glide around the neighborhood or travel to the grocery store. The 500W motor can travel up to 15MPH and run up to 20 miles on a charge. Front and rear baskets offer plenty of room for cargo. 

See the EW-29 on sale at Walmart for $1,999. 

Review: I charged the trike up and had a blast on my first ride. 

Types of Electric Tricycles for Adults 

This guide can help shoppers look for features that will satisfy them the best and make narrowing down choices easier. As with regular bicycles, shoppers can compare various types of adult e-trikes. The best type depends upon the rider's fitness, preferences, and intended uses. Consider your cycling experience and the ways you plan to ride when comparing various models.

Street Bikes, Hybrids, and Cruisers

The EVRYJourney 250W falls into the category of a hybrid cruiser, meaning it combines the beneficial features of street bikes and beach bikes. For instance, this e-trike handles well on city streets and can navigate along bike paths or sandy beaches. 

Wider tires and other comfort features provide comfort on cracked pavement, sand, or dirt paths, though it's not intended as a genuine off-road bicycle. At the same time, an e-trike like this will travel slower than a true street bike, but most people who want a three-wheel bike don't prioritize speed over comfort and versatility. 

Fat Tire, Off-Road Electric Trikes 

Fatter tires and a more robust frame lend themselves to off-road adventures. At the same time, these vehicles can navigate paved roads and other surfaces. The wider tires also help absorb shocks to provide the smoothest experience possible. A fat-tired bike can travel across dirt, sand, and snow, making it versatile. 

E-trikes designed for off-road use often offer greater power and carrying capacity. More adventurous folks may choose an electric trike like this, though some other folks buy them because they're comfortable and can carry heavier loads. 

Mobility E-Trikes 

Manufacturers have learned that some older or impaired cyclists need a frame that offers them accessibility and comfort. At the same time, these riders don't need the restrictions of a mobility scooter. The designers make these e-bikes for paved roads, though they can usually handle gentle hills or paths if required. The motor lets them travel faster than a typical bike, but they generally top out at about 15MPH, or about the average road bike speed. That makes mobility e-trikes excellent for keeping up with the kids or a touring bike club. 

Passenger or Cargo E-Tricycles for Adults 

Some electric trike manufacturers make models specifically designed to carry cargo or passengers. For instance, SixThreeZero also offers a passenger version of the EVRYJourney electric tricycle with a 750W motor and a seat in the back. These types of electric tricycles generally come with more powerful motors to carry more weight than a standard model. 

Very often, passenger e-tricycles attract the attention of people with disabled or very young family members who can't safely control steering and navigation. In contrast, many riders buy cargo trikes to handle the loads they need to carry for shopping, making deliveries, or even backpacking adventures. 

For longer rides, shoppers may consider buying a spare battery and portable charger. Of course, pedaling can power the vehicle, but bigger and heavier e-trikes might take some effort to move with pedals alone. On the positive side, riders can charge their batteries at a typical electric outlet, often found at campgrounds and roadside stops. Even more, some of these models come with their own USB ports, so riders can use their batteries to charge other devices. 

Pros and Cons of E-Tricycles for Adults 

As more older adults have rediscovered the joys of riding bikes, adult tricycles have grown in popularity. According to the Washington Post, the adult tricycle market has increased by at least 10 percent annually.

Why have electric trikes for adults grown popular? Some people have yet to learn to ride on two wheels. Others used to ride bikes as kids or young adults, but they no longer feel comfortable balancing. Some folks enjoy the comfort and ease offered by high-quality e-tricycles. 

Is riding a three-wheel bike different than a two-wheel bicycle? A three-wheel bike offers enough stability to remain standing. A two-wheel bicycle will fall when standing still unless somebody holds it up or uses a kickstand. Thus, people who have trouble balancing on two wheels can still enjoy cycling on an adult trike. 

Three-Wheel Bikes Offer More Cargo Space 

Many adults who can easily ride a bicycle have switched to an adult tricycle. Three wheels make it easier for riders to balance, and they also make it easier to carry loads. The third wheel creates more space for baskets, bags, and panniers. Thus, riders have started to use their e-tricycles for adults to carry groceries, work supplies, camping gear, or even delivery orders. 

Yes, lots of folks use their electric tricycles to exercise and have fun, but many use them as transportation to run errands, commute to work, or even make food deliveries. Plenty of people can and do ride two-wheeled bikes very well. At the same time, they've purchased a three-wheel adult tricycle to use when they want to carry shopping bags, their laptop or lunch, or even a pet. This additional versatility gives the purchase of e-tricycles for adults great value.

Some Adult Electric Trikes Have Room for Passengers 

Some models of e-tricycles for adults even have a passenger seat. This space for a passenger makes them ideal for bringing along children or other adults. They've opened the cycling world to those who may have trouble navigating their own bike, like very young kids or disabled adults. For longer trips, they allow two riders to take turns handling the steering, pedals, and controls while the other rests.

Imagine the fun of taking along a sight-impaired spouse for a ride or the kids to school on an e-trike. Go backpacking with a friend or partner and take turns handling the bike or riding along.

Are Electric Tricycles for Adults Safe?

The most negative comments that new electric tricycle riders tend to make involve difficulty adjusting to the difference between handling a three-wheel bike and a two-wheel bike. Cyclists lean in to steer with a two-wheeled bike and can take corners rapidly. With a three-wheel bike, the rider should take corners carefully without leaning because quick turns can cause an imbalance that might cause one tire to lift off the ground, causing the bike to tip or fall over. 

While some electric tricycles can travel reasonably quickly, they handle differently than two-wheel models. Also, cyclists on two wheels may stand on the pedals for a burst of extra power. Meanwhile, riders on e-trikes should mostly remain seated. Thus, switching from two wheels to three wheels means trading some speed, rapid turns, and acceleration for more versatility and greater comfort. 

Even avid cyclists need to take some time to learn to handle a three-wheel bike safely. Thus, people should take their new adult e-trike to a quiet street or parking lot to practice riding, steering, and making turns at a slow speed. People who have never ridden an electric bike before also need to take time to get used to the controls, though they're relatively simple. 

Buy a Proper Helmet to Wear While E-Cycling 

Even though most people find adult trikes easy to master, it's always better to prepare for anything. As with any cycle, riders should wear a proper helmet to prevent potential head injuries. Look for helmets with an e-bike rating. Many new e-bike helmets also offer extra features besides safety. For instance, they may have visors or windscreens, vents, and some even feature wireless connectivity for communication or music. Other popular e-trike accessories include gloves, mounted water bottles, and panniers. 

Are E-Tricycles for Adults Better Than Other Transportation Choices?

Of course, the best choice for anybody depends upon their preferences and fitness. Learn how electric tricycles for adults compare to traditional bikes, motor vehicles, and public transportation. 

Electric Adult Trikes Vs. Non-Powered Models 

Many manufacturers produce non-powered e-tricycles for adults. For instance, SixThreeZero offers the EVRYJourney adult tricycle without a battery and motor. In addition, the motor and battery make the bike somewhat heavier and more expensive. At the same time, many cyclists find that paying more for power offers them good value. 

The motor makes it possible to ride longer and faster. Even older or out-of-shape cyclists can power over hills without struggling. Riders can still pedal, either with or without power engaged. If they choose, they can also stop pedaling and rely entirely on the motor. 

Best of all, studies have found that cyclists enjoy just as much exercise with their e-cycles as with non-powered models. Mostly, they still pedal along with power, but the extra assistance lets them enjoy longer rides and use their e-tricycles more often. One key to fitness always involves consistency. An electric tricycle for adults encourages more riding. The boost from the motor gives people a chance to enjoy a workout without feeling like they're working so hard. 

Electric E-Tricycles for Adults Vs. Motor Vehicles 

Electric trikes don't just compete against non-motorized bicycles and tricycles. Compare adult e-trikes against other forms of transportation: 

  • Gasoline-powered or electric cars or motorcycles: Electric bikes only need a few cents' worth of power for a charge, and cyclists can use any standard outlet. They can even remove the battery to take it with them to charge in their home or office. The electric motor doesn't generate toxic emissions and runs quietly. Cyclists who worry about running out of charge can carry a spare battery or a portable charger. Also, e-bikes and trikes don't require a special license in most areas. 
  • Public transportation: Public transportation typically offers an affordable way to go from place to place. However, it's only available in some areas or for some routes. Public transport runs on a strict schedule in some places, and the vehicles can get very crowded. An electric tricycle lets riders choose their own paths and plans and avoid overcrowded trains and buses. 
  • Walking: Walking offers a great form of exercise and many health benefits. At the same time, walkers can't travel as fast as cyclists, especially e-cyclists. Walking also limits the amount people can carry, and e-trikes for adults come with generous carrying capacity. 

Why Buy an E-Tricycle for Adults?

Primarily, people who ride e-tricycles find them a lot of fun. These handy vehicles combine the enjoyment of cycling with extra power and versatility to encourage longer rides. Plus, most adult tricycles make it easy to carry things, so they're suitable for making deliveries, running errands, and taking longer trips. Some people even buy specialty e-trikes for hunting and camping. 

Some models offer an ergonomic design to provide an excellent choice for folks with limited mobility and balance issues. Other models will appeal to folks who want the ability to carry cargo and sometimes, passengers. At the same time, many avid and skilled cyclists enjoy adult tricycles for joyrides along the beach, journeys through the countryside, or even off-road adventures. 


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