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Top 10 3-Wheel Electric Bikes for Senior Communities

Seniors are looking for ways to stay active this year. It can be a challenge because every year seems to bring a new ache and pain. But activity is the answer to preventing those creaky knees and sore lower backs.

One of the more popular sports for those adults over 60 is biking. Not everyone can manage the traditional two-wheeler, though. That is why three-wheel bikes or tricycles are all the rage. Three wheels mean extra balance and stability. It is the perfect solution for seniors who want regular exercise and physical activity but have balance issues or don't want to risk falling.

Now, tack on a motor to that stable three-wheel bike, and you have a fun ride any senior can enjoy. In addition, electric bikes make riding easier because you can turn the motor on when the riding gets difficult. That is an added bonus that is hard to beat.

So, what electric three-wheel bikes are the best of the best this year? Here are ten we think you should check out and what makes them the best ride for you.

Why Seniors Want to Ride Electric Three-Wheel Bikes

Biking is an excellent activity for seniors. It puts less strain on the joints than other forms of exercise like walking or jogging. Bike riding helps strengthen the muscles that support the joints, too, so you are stronger.

The problem is not all seniors can bike ride safely. As a person ages, their joints stiffen, and they can have balance problems. That means riding a two-wheel bike and keeping it balanced is a struggle.

Add to this; seniors are more prone to fractures from falls. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one of every five falls results in a bone fracture or a head injury. In addition, the senior population has more than 300,000 hip fractures a year.

Still, mobility is essential for good mental health. When a person stops moving, the brain takes that as a sign of decline. That is why exercise is so critical as you get older.

The three-tire design of adult tricycles provides the stability many seniors need to get back on the road and ride. You don't have to worry about tilting the bike to climb on and off. In most cases, you simply climb aboard the bike and sit down.

There is also no reason to jump off the bike when you stop. The three wheels provide all the stability you need while waiting for a friend to catch up or a light to change.

Health Benefits of Bike Riding for Seniors

What are the exact health benefits seniors get from bike riding? Here is the shortlist:

  • Low-impact exercise – Many common exercises in senior communities put added stress on the knees and ankles, which are common pain points as you age. Bike riding stabilizes these critical joints making them stronger.
  • Weight loss – The older you are, the harder it is to drop those extra pounds. Bike riding is good cardiovascular exercise. So it strengthens your heart while you burn calories.
  • Brain health – Memory loss is a common concern for seniors. Bike riding allows your body to work at maximum capacity, which means full oxygen to the brain. That will stimulate the brain and help keep it healthy.
  • It may reduce the risk of some cancers – Just losing weight can help reduce your risk of some forms of cancer.
  • It provides social engagement – Even if you don't ride with anyone, you can see people and smile their way as you ride.

If for no other reason, seniors like to bike ride because it's fun.

Why Look for an Electric Three-Wheel Bike

Balance is not the only thing that keeps seniors off bikes. Some worry about whether they have the power to pedal and how far they can ride. Electric bikes come with a motor and battery that supports the rider.

Having a motor takes away some of the challenges of bike riding, too, but without reducing its benefits. You can use the motor to help you get over challenging hills or to combat strong winds. You can turn the motor on whenever you want, so it can help even if you are tired.

Finally, having the option to use the motor means you can ride farther and enjoy more. For some, their ride isn't worth the effort because they can't go that far. Riding around the block may be exercise, but it is a limited amount of fun. The motor lets you go to the park, the grocery store, or over to see the grandkids.

Clearly, there is a real benefit to having an electric three-wheeler, but which one is the best choice for you? Here are ten 3-wheel electric bikes we like and why.

3. Best Recreational Ride – E350 Electric Trike

If you want an electric three-wheel bike to take out occasionally for a fun ride, then Sun Bicycles offers their E350 electric trike. This is a more straightforward design for seniors not looking for all the bells and whistles.

The E350 offers an oversized, high-tensile steel frame, so it is built to last. Like the EVRYjourney, it is a step-through design, so you can get on and off quickly. One big difference is the drive train. Most electric e-trikes come with speeds just like a classic bicycle. The E350 simplifies your ride by providing a single-speed drivetrain. That means you just get on and ride without worrying about when the gear you need.

You'll find a 350-watt motor on the E350 and a 36V Li-Ion battery. That will take you from 20 to 30 miles on one charge. The fastest it will go is ten mph. It also offers pedal assist, so there is no full electric power.

The E350 has a unique handlebar design reminiscent of vintage bikes. The high-rise, swept-back handlebars allow you to sit upright while enjoying your rides. It also comes with a broad, cushioned saddle for extra comfort. The large cargo basket in the back means you can carry groceries or a picnic lunch.

Overall, this e-trike has less to offer than the others, but maybe that's what you want. Not everyone is looking for extra features.

4. Best E-Trike For Daily Commutes – Bintellit Trio

If you are a senior looking to go back and forth each day, then the Bintellit Trio Electric trike might be for you. The Bintelli has many of the same features as the other bikes, with one notable exception – a covered basket. That means you have a little extra security if you have to store a laptop or something else heavy.

This e-trike also comes with a covered basket in the front that can hold even more. That is two baskets able to carry things you take with you every day, whether volunteering at the local shelter, going to work, or going to the gym. It even has a built-in holder for your water bottle.

In addition, the Bintelli comes with a 500-watt front-mounted motor and 48V 10Ah battery that will go 10 to 15 miles and run for four to six hours between charges. You can also expect to go at least 20 mph on this e-trike. The frame is aluminum alloy. It also has aluminum alloy rims and a lift-up seat post. There is a built-in LED headlight and taillight for extra protection while on the road.

The modes work a little differently on the Bintelli, too. It has a cadence-sensing pedal assist, so it kicks in when it feels you need help. It also has a trigger throttle so that you can turn the motor on manually. This is what the manufacturer refers to as a swing system.

5. Best Motor Scooter Electric Trike – Liberty

Maybe you are not ready for a motor scooter but need some help moving around. The Liberty Trike offers you the best of both worlds. The Liberty looks like a motor scooter but with pedals.

The frame design is similar to a standard motor scooter. The seat has a high back, and the wheels are small, like a scooter. The pedals are low to the ground and don't have the leg extension you find on other bikes. It also has the "U" shaped handlebars and hand brakes you typically see on a motor scooter.

This motor scooter hybrid allows you to move around the same way you would with a traditional transport but pedal, so you get some exercise. It also works similarly to an electric trike. The 750-watt motor provides five pedal-assist modes, giving you the right amount of power when needed. It won't take you as far as a classic e-trike, though. You'll get about three hours on the Li-Ion battery before you need a charge.

It offers a front basket so you can carry some stuff while you go. It is the right choice for someone with mobility issues who can't walk outside without support. It gives you a chance to exercise while you go, which you won't get from a motor scooter.

6. Best Recumbant E-Trike – ICE

If you enjoy the ease of a recumbent bike, then ICE offers a couple of models to consider. The frame design allows you to ride in a position that helps support your back. A recumbent bike puts you in a laid-back position with your legs stretched out in front of you. The pedals are parallel with your hips, and your knees come near your chest as you go. The drivetrain is on the back wheel.

The ICE recumbent e-trikes come with an integrated 250-watt motor mounted in the front of the frame. The 36V 14 Ah battery sits under the seat. They also have electronic gear shifting with an auto option. This means that the bike's computer will shift the gears for you based on the terrain and speed you are riding.

The two ICE models both have optional second battery mounts. That allows you to add another battery for longer trips. They also both have integrated smart lighting. The lights come on when you need them.

These recumbent e-trikes are highly technical in other ways, too. They come with Shimano D12 software and Bluetooth technology. That allows a dealer to run a diagnostic on the e-trike if you have issues.

7. Best Semi-Recumbent E-Trike – Addmotor Motan

If you like the idea of a recumbent e-trike but not of sitting that close to the ground, there is another option. The Addmotor Motan has a similar design to a standard recumbent bike but sits slightly higher. So the seat is still pushed back further than you see on other electric three-wheel bikes, but not so far back that your legs stretch out in front of you. The pedals are in a position that will stretch your legs out, but not all the way. So you are pedaling with your legs forward, still. The Motan looks like a recumbent bike but about two feet higher off the ground.

The Motan offers a 750-watt motor with a maximum speed of 20 mph. The newest model for 2023 gets more than 85 miles per charge on the pedal assist. It also can carry up to 450 lbs.

8. Best Milage E-Trike -- Addmotor Triketan

Addmotor has a more traditional electric three-wheel bike, too. The Triketan M-350 has a 750-watt front-mounted motor and a 48V 20Ah Samsung battery. The combination can take you more the 85 miles if you stay on pedal assist one mode. The e-trike has seven pedal assist modes, so you can choose how fast you want to ride.

This e-trike has a small basket in the front and a large cargo basket between the rear tires. Unlike most trikes, the basket is not just wire. Instead, it comes with a canvas liner and lid, so you don't have to worry about things falling out.

Addmotor brags that you can take this electric trike out in all kinds of weather, even snow. It comes with fat four-inch tires about to handle even tough terrain. The front and rear tires are different sizes, too, to shift the center of gravity and make the e-trike more stable when going around corners.

The Addmotor is a practical choice for the tech-savvy senior, too. The five-inch LCD display comes with a USB port. The battery also powers an integrated headlight, but you turn it on and off in front of the display.

9. Three-Wheels With Two in Front – Rungu

That's right; not all electric three-wheel bikes have two in the back. Instead, the Rungu Dualie flips the script on what is standard by putting the two wheels in front. So, what's the benefit for seniors?

Like the other bikes, the three wheels offer stability and balance. The two front wheels address a common problem for three-wheel bikes – clearance.

A traditional three-wheel design with two back tires takes up a lot of space. The Rungu offers all the same benefits but without clearance issues. The two rugged front tires also help the senior that wants to take their electric bike into the wild. Two front tires offer better traction when going uphill on rough terrain.

Because of the different design, this three-wheeler also looks more like a bike. It comes with the traditional saddle you see on mountain bikes. The frame is not a step-through, so it might not be the right choice for everyone. The handlebars are wider to accommodate the double front tires.

This bike is made for the person that wants to take it offroad, too. It offers a 130-mile riding range which means you ride longer.

You'll pay for all that special, though. The Rungu Dualie bikes are much higher in price than any other bike on our list. But if you are a very active senior, this might be one of the best choices for you.

10. Best Folding E-Trike – Bi Blasi R34

If storage space is a problem, you might want an e-trike that folds like the Di Blasi R34. It comes with a 250-watt motor that goes up to 4 mph. That power comes from a Lithium 9Ah.

Because this e-trike folds, the design is quite different. For one thing, it is smaller than the other electric trikes. The wheels are 20-inch. The shape is almost like a scooter with pedals. The seat is high, but the frame flattens at the bottom. This all allows for more accessible storage.

When it is time to put the e-trike away, it folds up to the size of a large suitcase. The handlebars fold forward, pushing the two back tires in and flattening the pedals. It is an easy, smooth transition between open and folded.

In almost every other way, this is a basic three-wheel electric trike. There is no basket, though. However, you have the option to add a removable rear basket if you need to carry cargo.

Sixthreezero has been making bikes people love to ride for years. We have them in all shapes and designs, with or without motors. So check out our website today and find a ride you will love. Our experts are on hand to help you pick out the bike that is best for your life.


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