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Tips For Riding A Bike On Campus

Getting your paper finished under the buzzer is stressful enough – why make your day even harder by fighting for parking outside your lecture hall? Biking on campus where weather allows has a lot of benefits. You can save money on parking fees, avoid traffic, get some exercise, and quickly learn campus like the back of your hand when you’re getting around on two wheels. A city bike or cruiser is great for short excursions, and 7- to 21-speed bicycles make off-campus long-distance bike rides easier. No matter which bike you choose, here are some tips for making the most of your biking experience at college:

Register Your Bike Promptly

Most campuses require or highly suggest that all student bikers register their bike with the school. This has at least a couple of benefits. First, it will increase the possibility that your bike will be found by campus security and returned to you if it’s ever stolen. Second, you can avoid getting citations in areas where bike parking and storage is reserved for students. You may also need a city or state license to operate short and long-distance bikes on city streets, depending on where you live. In addition to registration, consider getting insurance on your bike if it’s not already covered through your parents’ homeowner’s insurance or your own renter’s insurance.

Remain Seen While You Ride

College campuses are full of activity, and pedestrians and bikers must be diligent. Students in a hurry who are on the look for a parking spot may not notice you crossing the street. After dark, side streets and parks may not be particularly well lit. Protect yourself with a front white light (which is actually mandated in some states, including California) and put a red light on your rear bumper. You should also put reflective tape on your bike and consider putting a strip of reflective tape across the back of your jacket.

Accessorize Your Bike

Riding around on a beach boardwalk or through the park on a Sunday is different than heading to class with heavy books in tow. You can spare your back some pain by getting a basket on your bike to accommodate your backpack in transit. Many bikes for long distance have baskets as a standard, but you can always add one to a cruiser or city bike. You should also customize your seat so that it’s comfortable – a painful ride is a sure way to become less motivated to ride to class.

Riding your bike on campus usually requires adhering to the same cycling laws of the city you’re in, so read up before you strap on your helmet. Then, find the best bicycle for long-distance riding so that you can explore beyond the campus map. Start with the sixthreezero Paisley 3-Speed Women's 26" Beach Cruiser Bike and you can also look at our other bikes for urban cycling.

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