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Tips for the Overweight Cyclist

As we learn more about health and wellness, the overwhelming viewpoint of doctors and researchers is that exercise is vital for people of any weight. In fact, someone who is overweight and exercises can be healthier by many measures than a thin person who sits around all the time.

All of this to say: Don’t let your weight intimidate you away from enjoying the activities you’re interested in. Even if you’re not interested in major weight loss, cycling is great for your leg strength and heart health. Choosing the best bicycle for bigger guys and girls helps you pedal off on the right foot, and sixthreezero has plenty to choose from. Here are some other tips for cycling as a plus-sized person.

Put Your Mind Right

If you stop thinking of cycling as a race against other people and start viewing it as a race against your own previous distance/time/other goals, you’ll be more motivated to get out there. As an overweight cyclist, it may take you longer to get up hills than other bikers, and that’s quite alright. You may also want to take weight loss goals off the table altogether. While moving your body burns calories, cycling does so much more. Biking is known to help prevent heart attacks, strokes, arthritis, depression, and more. There are plenty of benefits to focus on beyond obsessing over the scale.

Get a Bike that Fits

There are too many bikes for heavy guys and women for you to be struggling on a bicycle that hurts. You can start with the sixthreezero Body Fit tool, which lets you enter your height and weight to see which bikes are built for you. When you have a bike frame beneath you that’s designed to accommodate your body type, you’ll be able to cycle more efficiently and have a better time on your journeys.

Don’t Accessorize Lightly

Everything from your attire to your bike accessories deserves a bit of scrutiny. Is your bike seat wide enough? Do your leggings prevent chafing? Set yourself up for success by choosing the products that work for you. Some riders benefit from using an anti-chafing gel or cream during their rides. If you use a helmet on your rides (and you should), get one with holes for ventilation. As an overweight cyclist, you are apt to overheat and ventilated helmets make a big difference.

At sixthreezero, we believe everyone has the right to explore the open trails of the world. We have bikes for bigger guys and gals, and we even let you customize your seat and tires so they work for your body type. Get started today by exploring bikes for big guys like the Body Ease Men's Matte Black 21-Speed Comfort Bike or one of our bikes for women.

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