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The Top Tricycles of 2023

The year is coming close to an end, and 2023 is around the corner. People often start planning for or at least thinking about the next year around this time, especially where fitness and well-being are concerned.

Once we've all survived—or have been defeated by—the holiday feasts and festivities, everyone wants to regroup and focus on health again. And what better way to do that than buy a new tricycle? 

Let's explore the benefits of tricycles and which ones you should consider for 2023. 

What Are the Benefits of Buying an Adult Tricycle? 

There are many reasons that adults might find more benefits in buying an adult trike than a traditional two-wheeled-style cycle. First, anyone with an injury, lack of balance, or any other physical limitations can make great use of a three-wheeled bicycle. It's the opportunity to stay fit and active, regardless of your physical fitness or balance and stability issues. 

Whether those issues stem from illness, injury, or aging, a standard bicycle might not be safe, so you might need something more solid and stable to avoid the risk of falling and causing further injury. 

Here are some top benefits of buying an adult tricycle

  • Staying balanced and stable is incredibly easy, letting you feel safe and secure during each ride. 
  • No need for a kickstand since adult tricycles stay upright even when you dismount.
  • Relax for a moment at stoplights, stop signs, and at your destination, leaving your feet on the pedals or gently placing them on the ground. 
  • Add a basket to the front or rear to take care of daily errands to the grocery store or to carry your lunch and gear for your work commute. 
  • Adult trikes are gaining popularity among different generations, especially among seniors with a zest for life and no desire to slow down. But don't rule it out if you haven't reached your senior years. It's a great bike option for any age, depending on your needs, abilities, goals, and preferences. 

The Top 4 Tricycles of 2023 

So, now that you're convinced that an adult tricycle is the best and only option for your fitness and local transportation needs heading into 2023, you might be wondering what you should buy. There are a lot of adult trikes on the market—remember, they are gaining in popularity each year—so you'll face a lot of brands, styles, and models. 

Here is our list of the top four tricycles of 2023. Let's check them out! 

1. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

The single-speed Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle is a smart, sharp option with a great, classic design. The color options are gorgeous and include black cherry, dark silver, forest green, fire engine red, and slate blue. This trike looks like someone snapped a photo of a bike from the 1970s, but this beauty is all modern and ready for riding.

Here are some specs and features you might enjoy on this adult tricycle: 

  • Ultra-low step-through aluminum frame for optimal stability.
  • 24- or 26-inch wheel sizing options to accommodate your height and comfort.
  • A sturdy cargo basket that holds up to 44 lbs allows for easy transport of groceries, library books, and more. 
  • It features a rear band brake and front V-brake for dynamic and versatile stopping options.
  • It's easy to assemble out of the box and easier to ride. 

2. DoCred Adult Cruiser Tricycle 

We love cruisers here at SixThreeZero, whether two-wheeled, three-wheeled, or otherwise, and the DoCred is an impressive trike. With this trike, you get 7 gears to play with to find the best mode for you and your fitness level or desire to hit some bigger hills. 

While some reports indicate that assembly is more challenging and time-consuming than instructions suggest, that's the only downside we found. Otherwise, the DoCred is packed with appealing features, including: 

  • The DoCred comes in a broad spectrum of unique colors, such as green, purple, black, peacock blue, orange, pink, red, and star-striped blue. 
  • Wheel sizes are available at 20, 24, and 26 inches to suit a broad range of heights. 
  • Weight capacity holds up to 350 pounds. 
  • It comes with a large capacity rear cargo basket. 

3. EY Adult Tricycle 

Now for something a little different, the EY Adult Tricycle. This adult trike offers a special, unique feature from previously mentioned brands and models in its mid-backrest support. It comes in handy for those suffering from back issues, and you can adjust the seat to the height most comfortable for you. That way, it's easy to adjust if you like to ride higher and look over the road for a greater scope to see upcoming pebbles or potholes. 

Let's check out some additional features: 

  • The fun colors come in a few duo-tones of aqua blue, cyan and white, and white and beige yellow and white. Additional snappy solid color options include cobalt blue, black, dark green, hot red, turquoise, and dark gray. 
  • The comfort seat provides excellent cushioning and shock absorption. 
  • It features a 7-seed Shimano derailleur drivetrain, which means you'll have an easier time trucking up hills and tackling other challenging terrains.

Find Out More About SixThree Zero 2023 Trikes and Bikes! 

Our SixThreeZero wants to help you find the best adult tricycle you will love, treasure, and ride for years with joy, safety, and confidence. We can discuss everything you need to know about choosing your trike, such as getting a proper fitting, selecting the best wheel size, and any accessories that will make each ride safer and more enjoyable. 

Contact us to discuss the world of adult tricycle options available to you now and in 2023!


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