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The Top 5 Electric Bikes for First Time Riders -Expert's Guide

Your Expert's Guide to the Top 5 Electric Bikes for First Time Riders

More people than ever are investing in electric bikes, some choosing it as their first bike since childhood and others are adding the more versatile version to their existing bike garage. 

According to research by the N.P.D. Group, retail sales of electric bikes have surged in recent years, seeing as much as a monthly charge of 85% in 2020 over 2019. While yes, part of this was due to health concerns related to public transpiration following the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, that trend is not abating as more and more people are starting to recognize the big benefits of electric bikes over traditional bicycles.

The Biggest Draw of the Electric Bike

The number one leading reason behind why so many, especially so many first-timer riders, are choosing electric bikes is because of ease of use. Electric bikes are equipped with a hub motor that kicks on to either offer pedal-assist or full electric take-over. Pedal-assist can feel a little unnerving at first as it does require the bicyclist to continue pedaling. But with each pedal stroke you take, the motor adds a level of power that can feel akin to a "push" that propels you further and faster than you would have gone without the motor.

This little electric assist enables the cyclist to more readily enjoy a longer ride and one across more difficult terrain. Maybe you wouldn't even have undertaken a route before because of challenging hills, but with an electric bike, zipping up such inclines requires as much effort as doing so over a flatter path.

Determining the Best of Friendly First-Time Bicycles

As noted above, the market demand for electric bikes has exploded in recent years as more and more people are finding them to be an ideal type of transportation or recreational item. Many bike manufacturers have reacted to that demand to increase the number of electric bikes they have in their line-up. Now, as with other types of bikes, you will find a wide array of electric bikes, including niche options like recumbent electric bikes and foldable electric bikes. 

The increase in demand is certainly a boon, but the number of choices the first-time e-bike buyer now has can also feel overwhelming. The following is a list we've pared down to the very best e-bikes for those newcomers; those first-time riders or first-time in-a-long-time cyclists who are drawn because of that big, wonderful, fantastic benefit of ease of use.

What We're Looking For

As we built up this list, there were a couple of key things we were looking for; things that go far and beyond at making an electric bike not just a solid rendition of the bike type itself, but rather an optimum investment for those new or otherwise less comfortable with cycling altogether. The newcomer to biking and the inexperienced cyclist. 

As such, we evaluated each of the following best electric bikes for first-time riders primarily based on the following features:

Frame: Above all, the first-time rider needs a bicycle that puts comfort at the forefront. Electric bikes are, after all, designed to take the rider further than they would otherwise normally go, but why would you want to go further if every moment on the bike is uncomfortable? 

A comfortable bike frame is a bike frame that is easy to get on and off of, offers ergonomic support on key pressure points, and overall makes biking more enjoyable. How any given bike frame accomplishes this will vary but can include bottom bracket positioning, handlebar positioning and material, and the material used to make the frame itself.

Shifting: Shifting here refers both to the shifting of traditional bicycle gears and the shifting between levels of pedal assist. A good electric bike for beginners should have an easy shifting system that feels intuitive. Furthermore, a bike should have a good array of gearing or speed selection but not so as much as to become frustrating or confusing to use.

Power: Power is certainly going to play a role in whether an electric bike is right for you or not. Here, we look at how many levels of pedal assist a bike has and how far the motor can take the rider go with each charge. 

5. Ecotric Peacedove City 350W Aluminum Frame & Fork | Twist Throttle | 350 Watt Hub Motor Paired With 36V Battery

The Ecotric Peacedove City 350W is a light and capable electric bike from Ecotric. This electric bike is a good choice for first-time bikers due to it being a bit more affordable than other options on the market as well as having a nice array of included amenities, such as a weatherproof steel front packet and durable rear cargo rack. 

This electric bike has the lowest power of all the electric bikes on this list, but it still packs quite the pedal punch (especially for the money). The range on this electric bike lies between 18 and 25 miles depending upon whether you are doing all pedal-assist, full electric, or a mixture of both, and has the capability of getting you cruising around town at speeds up to 22 miles per hour. 

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