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The Top 5 Bike Cities On The West Coast

The West Coast is blessed with temperate weather and unequaled natural beauty, making it one of the best regions in the country for bike riding. On top of that, many West Coasters are avid fans of the outdoors, so public support for investing in bike-friendly paths and roadways is substantial. There are numerous cities that could make this list, but here are our five favorites for grabbing your best urban bike and riding free:

1. Portland, Ore.

Portland has long been the most bike-friendly city in the country. It claims more bikers per capita and just launched a bike-share program aimed at enticing even more people to pedal rather than drive. Portland also offers more than just city riding, boasting the nation’s largest urban preserve, Forest Park, where you can jump on the single-track mountain bike trails and go crazy. Check out sixthreezero’s collection of on-road and off-road bikes.

2. San Diego

What do you get when you blend great on-road and off-road bike paths with nearly perfect year-round weather? San Diego. From the beachfront neighborhood of Ocean Beach to Balboa Park, the nation’s largest urban cultural park, and on to world-renowned San Diego Zoo, the options are endless for you and your lightweight city bike. There’s also no excuse if you don’t have your own, as the city’s bike-share program just put 1,800 bikes at 180 stations around the city. Let sixthreezero show you the way with its selection of awesome city bikes.

3. San Francisco

The City by the Bay has added miles of new bike paths since 2012 and is in the midst of adding more. This has resulted in a surge in bike riding in San Francisco over the past decade. It also is helping transform formerly dangerous traffic areas into biking havens. Furthermore, the city’s Vision Zero program aims to eliminate traffic fatalities completely. So grab your best urban bicycle and go.

4. Seattle

The city that gave us grunge rock and Starbucks has recently made a major commitment to re-create itself as a first-class bike city. In 2014, against staunch opposition from business and moneyed interests, the city voted to earmark nearly $1 billion to improve the city’s pedestrian and biking infrastructure. That includes a forward-thinking new master plan for biking. So see sixthreezero’s lineup of city road bikes.

5. Eugene, Ore.

Eugene was already one of the most committed bike cities in the country before it voted last year to re-imagine its biking infrastructure. For example, nearly 7 percent of its residents already bike to work. Nonetheless, expect this southern-Oregon city to offer even more bike access in the near future.

Ultimately, there are so many great destinations that there is no reason to sit on the sidelines. Just find the best urban bike for your body and style and hit the road. Your legs, lungs and psyche will thank you.

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