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The Top 3 Electric Tricycle for Two Adults

It seems like electric bikes, or e-bikes, are everywhere. They pass you in the parks and cruise by on city streets. They look like fun, but what if you haven’t ridden for a while? If you’re older, or have some strength or balance challenges, you might not be comfortable mounting and dismounting from a heavy two-wheeler. You might be uninterested in making the effort to keep the machine balanced.

If that’s you, you can still enjoy the freedom, exhilaration and practicality of this kind of motorized transportation. You can do it on three wheels instead of two! That’s right, electric tricycles, or e-trikes, are cropping up right along with their two-wheeled siblings. Even better, there are e-trikes designed to hold two adults.

Multi-passenger trikes are great for families, too. You might be a parent looking to take the children to the grocery store or soccer field or just on a Sunday afternoon pleasure cruise. With these, you can get everyone situated before you assume the captain’s seat and take off.

If this sounds like the transportation ticket for you, here are some of the things to look for in a two-passenger e-trike. And here are top 3 electric tricycle for two adults who are ready for an exciting yet stable power-assisted three-wheel adventure.

What We’re Looking For

Ease of Use. This first question is, do you want to do some of the pedaling, or are you content with having a motor do all the work? Trikes with pedals should have different levels of power assist so you can control how much of the effort comes from your legs. Full throttle is an appreciated option, especially for hills; you might be happy to turn the whole job over to the motor when you tackle a daunting slope. Step-in or step-through frames make for an easy on and off. For a pedal-free trike, look for easy starting and intuitive operation. A reverse gear is nice. Any bike should come fully assembled.

Weight capacity. Your tricycle must be capable of carrying you, your passenger and any other cargo you bring along. Look for a capacity of 500 pounds or more.

Range. Most trike batteries have 10-20 ampere hours (aH) and can go 20-40 miles. Distance will vary depending on hills and how hard you pedal. A “smart charger” is a desirable option because it prevents damaging battery overcharging.

Power. E-trikes typically have motors that produce 200-800 watts. You’ll need the upper end of that range with two aboard, especially when you go uphill. You’d like enough oomph to sustain 15-20 MPH on the flats.

Comfort. Tires and suspension are the biggest comfort factors. Fatter tires and suspension or shocks make a huge difference, especially if you ever expect to ride off-road. Another factor is seating: everybody prefers comfortable saddles and soft seats.

Extras. Traditional cyclists like to accessorize their rides, but many choice goodies are standard on electric tricycles. These can include lights, mirrors and displays that show your speed and other stats. E-trikes offer several types of storage space such as underseat storage and baskets. Some units even have an anti-theft alarm.

Price. The comfort and capability of a two-seat e-trike is worth paying for. Expect to spend $3,000-$5,000 for these useful specialized machines.

Best Overall

Best Moped Style

eTrikeCo Etr100


eTrikeCO specializes in three-wheeled motorized vehicles, and Etr100 is their most popular model. It looks like a standard one-passenger all-electric trike until the main seat slides back and reveals a passenger seat. No pedaling is required for this unit; the 800 watt motor is adequate to carry 500 pounds of passengers and cargo up to 50 miles at speeds as high as 18 MPH. It stops as readily as it goes with a hydraulic disc front brake and drums in the rear. This is more of a motor vehicle so if you plan to hit the streets with this electric trike you'll need to check your local laws to find out what kind of permits or licenses you need to drive it.

The Etr100 wins the style award; the blue aluminum alloy frame looks like the scooter you dreamed of as a kid. Though there’s no pedaling, there’s also no driver’s license required and no gas to buy. The trike is loaded with features such as an LCD display, front and rear lights, turn signals, a rear storage compartment and an anti-theft alarm. You can go anywhere and park anywhere either by yourself or with your favorite passenger. Its companion model, the Etr300, is a larger two-seater without the hidden seat feature.

Best Senior-Friendly

Ewheels EW-66


Ewheels is known for their mobility scooters, but the EW-66 is designed for everyone to enjoy. It’s simple to operate, yet there’s no limit to the fun it brings. You can cruise the city streets or motor on dirt paths while the front fork shocks and rear shock absorbers ensure a comfortable ride.

The 700 watt motor can carry up to 600 pounds as far as 40 miles at speeds up to 15 MPH. If you get into a tight corner, a flip of a switch shifts the trike into reverse. The EW-66 can fit two passengers with a single seat for the passenger and single seat for the driver. There are front and rear lights, side view mirrors, keyed start with a remote fob, an anti-theft alarm, locking under seat storage, a glove box and a rear basket.

This e trike may require permits or licenses to take on rides on the streets or public trails. But it definitely can be used in private communities or neighborhoods. The EW-66 provides the fresh-air exhilaration of bike riding in a no-pedal three-wheeler that’s comfortable, safe and can accommodate two adults as easily as one.


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