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The Lowest Step Thru Electric Bikes of 2023

Getting as low as possible on a bicycle is not just for the "hip and with it crowd." Anyone can slide into a low step thru electric bike while barely lifting a leg. This makes the step through style e-bike one of the more popular frames. Whether you are just starting out on an electric bike and want more of that scooter style, or you have started seeing health issues with aging, step through e-bikes are the right model for your needs.

You can increase your mobility and start going easier and with less muscle strain when using a step through electric bicycle for adults. Let’s take a peek at some of the hottest styles of the lowest step thru e-bikes of 2023. From brands in the US and abroad, for all price points, and in a variety of designs, these e-bikes rock the bike roads.

What is a Step Thru Electric Bike

A step through bicycle is a unique design that is focused on the frame. The metal framework of this style of bike is cut low in the center frame. Here is how the step-thru style frame differs from other bikes.

  • A step-through bike has the lowest center bar that comes into a low v-shape at the top of the gears
  • A beach cruiser has a medium-height center bar that comes in a wide v-shape
  • The conventional mountain bike has a tall v-shaped frame at the center
  • A racing style road bike has a very high center bar that extends from the seat saddle to the handle bars

If you are someone who has trouble reaching your legs up and over the center bar of a bicycle, which is similar to getting onto a horse, you will want to consider an e-bike with a lower center bar. Racing road bikes with high bars are outside of this scenario, and the mountain bike may also be hard to get onto to ride safely.

Meanwhile, a beach cruiser style is generally for individuals riding on boardwalks and along beaches where the speed limit is slow and everyone is laid back and relaxed. If you are trying to commute to work, a beach cruiser is out of touch with the rest of your surroundings–especially in an urban setting.

Here is where a step-through style bike is the best way to roll. A step through electric bike mimics the style of a modern e-scooter and is easier to get on if you are wearing a skirt or tight trousers.

What is the Lowest Step-Thru E-Bike?

The lowest step thru electric bicycles measure less than 11 inches at 10.75 inches, according to the California bike brand, sixthreezero. The lower height accommodates mounting and dismounting, with less work in stepping over the middle bar.

Sometimes you want to get on a bike when you are wearing certain clothing, such as a business suit or women’s dress. This is actually where the step through bicycle style got started, and this brings up the next question.

Are Step-Through Bikes for Women Only?

Step thru bicycles were originally known as lady’s bikes and made with women riders in mind. The bicycle was conceived for females wearing skirts or who otherwise do not want to lift one leg up over a bicycle. These ladies were able to ride a step through bicycle without problems in these areas.

High top tubes on mountain bikes and road bikes are also called diamond frames. These were traditionally referred to as men’s bikes due to the high center bar. Step-through frames with lower bars were commonly called girl’s or women’s bikes, or lady's bikes.

Today, this concept of a ladies-only bicycle does not translate to the marketplace. Anyone, female or male, can socially ride one of these ladies' bicycles. Yes, it is OK for men to ride step through e-bicycles, and they do. Whether you are young or old, and whatever gender, you can be seen on the seat of a step through electric bicycle and live to tell about it.

Why Should I Buy a Low Step Bike?

A low step e-bike is made with a frame and pedal that requires the rider to use a forward pedal motion. This movement allows for more powerful pedaling, which is also combined with the motor of the electric engine. Together, the forward pedal movement and the electric motor make the step-through electric bicycle improve stability and performance in this mode of transportation.

In addition, the center of gravity sits lower on a step through bike. You experience less strain on the wrists, neck, and shoulders when riding this style of bicycle. Cycling has become easier to do thanks to an increase in comfort while sitting on the saddle and pedaling. Add in the electric engine and a pedal motor assist function for more accessibility.

If you are looking for an ADA-compliant bicycle that is accommodating to physical limitations, such as being unable to lift your leg more than 12 inches, purchase a step thru e-bike.

This style of electric bicycle frame will accommodate riders who struggle with mobility. You can retain the ability to ride a bicycle while sitting upright and without lifting your legs very high over the center bar.

Will Step Through Frames Support My Weight?

Yes, a step thru frame will support your weight as these are made to go low and steady. A step-through e-bike is not weighed down by the top bar like with a conventional bike. However, the step-thru frame is made of more durable metal and other materials. This ensures the bike is stable and capable of holding your total weight when riding.

That being said, a more durable bicycle is also going to weigh more overall. Safety is of the utmost importance when constructing bicycles, regardless of where the center bar is located. This bar provides a center for stabilizing the e-bike when you are riding it, as well.

Therefore, the lower step-through bike finds its balance lower to the ground compared to other styles of bicycle frames. Understanding how a low step-thru bike works to support the rider and cargo is part and parcel of making sure you are safe when on the seat.

Shopping for the Best Step-Through E-Bike

What are you looking for in a great step-thru style e-bike? Along with pedal assisted power, an electric bicycle with a low step-through frame makes getting on and off of the bike much easier. Other key features to pay attention to when shopping for a best selling step through e-bike are:

  • Total weight limit for rider and cargo
  • Attachments and accessories, such as a built-in front basket or bell
  • Tire style, i.e. fat tire, small tire, etc.
  • Total height limit for the rider
  • Folding versus conventional frame
  • Price limit and budget
  • Overall appearance of the e-bike

Here are some of the best step-thru electric bicycles sold in the US for 2023 to help you get started. Each of these e-bikes is selected for various features and attributes that aid in the ease of use and functionality of the bicycle.

Selection of Step Through E-Bikes by sixthreezero

Sixthreezero is a brand mentioned already that is from the US on the West Coast. Along with conventional bikes, sixthreezero also sells electric bikes for both men and women. They do not specialize in children’s bikes, but you can find electric tricycles that are ultra stable for senior riders.

In addition to the latest model, the E-Van 750W Cargo Bike, to hold a load of groceries and a stack of books, sixthreezero has several step-through style e-bikes. Check out these highlights from the collection of step-thru electric bikes by this CA bike manufacturer.

RadTrike Electric Step-Through Tricycle by Rad Power Bikes

The RadTrike by Rad Power Bikes is a step thru style tricycle that has utility functionality. This trike is also ideal for a wide range of riders–from 4 feet 10 inches short to six feet and four inches tall. Take a ride on this electric step thru tricycle and go places you have never gone before thanks to electric power. However, unlike the Bakfiets and other cargo style e-bikes, this trike does not come with a large cargo rack on the back.

This helps this RadTrike maintain a more urban and streamlined look. Your goal with this electric step-through tricycle is to go places–not to travel with a set of luggage. The smaller tire profile also adds to the polished look of this step through tricycle.

Instead of focusing on the extra tire, the three tires are small enough to trick the eye. You could say that is part of the novelty of a trike–you are tricking the eye to not see that third tire.

Fat Tire Step-Thru by Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes brings us another step-thru style bike. This one is another electric one called the RadRover 6 Plus Electric Fat Tire. This is a Class 2 fat tire bike that is made for action. Considered the Rad Power flagship bike, the RadRover 6 Step-Thru is ideal for all-weather and all types of terrain. Get outside and go places on this e-bike with a step through style frame.

If you are a Star Wars fan, the Stormtrooper comes to mind when you see this e-bike. Built to hold up to 275 pounds, there are cargo racks or trailers hitched to the RadRover 6. Yet the 750W motor is more than enough power to sustain your rides at up to 45 miles per range.

Basalt Step-Through E-Bike by Mokwheel

Next, we have another bike brand called Mokwheel that is coming from the north in Ontario, Canada. Mokwheel makes electric bikes, including the first power station on an e-bike. For step through e-bike riders, Mokwheel has a bike called Basalt Step-Thru that is a classic. A durable bar shaped in a deep V is well positioned for this step through bike. Made of a thicker metal than traditional bike frames, this step-thru style bar is designed to withstand the rigors of the open trails.

The standover height is only 18 inches–this is the height from the ground to the top of the gears. While not the 11 inches that you see with the sixthreezero step-thru e-bike, the Basalt Step-Thru by Mokwheel is a good alternative. If you are looking for a more robust bike with a heavier frame ready for off-road performance, this Mokwheel bike is a smart choice.

Coston CE Step-Thru Electric Bike by Schwinn

A long-standing bike manufacturing brand, Schwinn, adds the Coston CE Step-Thru Electric Bike to this list. Sold in two color options–turquoise or silver–is combined with sleek black for an urban finish. A pedal assist of up to 20 miles per hour and a range of 35 miles per charge places the Coston CE at the top of the competition.

At only 250W, it only takes four hours to fully charge the Coston CE, too. That saves you time and energy on maintaining your two-wheeled mode of e-transportation. The Coston DX 250W offers an extra 10 miles on the max range if you are interested in a longer range Schwinn step through e-bike.

Final Considerations When Buying Step Through E-Bikes

As you take time to mettle over the best step through e-bikes on the planet, what else do you need to consider? After all, this is your only chance to get the perfect electric step thru bicycle for you or a loved one. Whatever you want to see featured or to get out of this e-bike must be done now or you will be stuck with a bike model you are not satisfied with riding.

Rather than purchasing an e-bike that gathers dust, make a wise choice now by choosing the best e-bike with a step through frame. Here are some additional considerations to help you when shopping for step through e-bikes in 2023.

When to Ride Step-Thru E-Bikes

Should you purchase an electric bike with a step through frame for the beach? Sure, why not? While some would say a beach cruiser is the best style of bike for a beach day, the new step thru frames for e-bikes are also working hard for that sunshine.

You can easily travel with most step through styles of electric bikes that fold up. In addition, the fat tires on several styles of step through e-bikes allow for easier mobility on most surfaces.

Whether you are riding on side dunes or gravel pathways, most electric bikes with fat tires are easier to navigate. Finally, step-thru electric bikes are well suited for urban streets and sidewalks where smaller, more compact bicycles are preferred.

You can stay low-profile with a low step through style bike, while the electric engine keeps you zipping along faster than normal with minimal effort.

Best Time of the Year to Buy Step Through Electric Bikes

The best season for shopping to buy step through electric bikes is any time from November through February, and especially over the holidays. This is the time from Black Friday to the New Year’s when deep deals are on the market.

Shop for e-bikes during the holidays using online and in-person stores to get the best variety. That way, you narrow down those features you want and need in a step through bike before making a purchase.

A step thru bike is also well suited for colder weather, if you are shopping for an all-season e-bike. Unlike tall frames on road bikes and mountain bikes, a step through bike lets riders climb onto the saddle with minimal effort.

This is well suited for cold weather, snowy conditions, and wind where you are wearing more layers or heavy snow boots. In addition, you will find fat tires on many styles of step thru e-bikes. These tires are made to help balance the bike and rider better in cold weather when there is snow on the ground.

However, you can also find great deals on new e-bikes with step-through frame styles any time of the year. In the spring when the ground is freshly thawed, you will see the newest models of step thru electric bicycles from all of your favorite and beloved bike brands.

This is a great chance to have that fresh looking e-bike before anyone else in the neighborhood. Test out the latest features in electric bikes, as you benefit from the low rider look and style of a step through bicycle frame.


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