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The Coolest Electric Bike Accessories for Teens

March 5, 2022

Are you a teen looking for a way to boost your electric bike's functionality and cool factor, or are you a family member who wants to give a teen a gift? Check out these accessory recommendations from Sixthreezero. Whether you want an accessory that provides security or one that improves visibility, we've got the solution.

Bike Lock

Key, combo and adjustable bungee cord locks give you many buying options. These affordable accessories can prevent your bike from being stolen or vandalized. They're easy to carry, too, whether you tote them in your backpack or basket or secure them to your bike's frame. If you go for the latter option, check that the metal components of your lock aren't damaging your bike's paintwork.

The Kryptonite Keeper 665 Combo Bike Lock is an example of a classic combo lock that you can tote with you and use anywhere in a flash. If you're looking for a more robust option, try the Securit Spyne Armor Key Lock. This hefty lock is robust and wrapped, preventing wear to your paintwork.

Surf Rack or Basket

A surf rack makes a handy addition to any surfing teen's electric bike, giving them the freedom to hit the waves on their schedule. Whether you have a long- or a shortboard, you can find a rack that fits your bike. Removable racks are especially popular. Many manufacturers construct them from lightweight rust-proof aluminum robust enough for daily use, and some models feature a seat post attachment and a quick-release mechanism.

Baskets are another way to dial up the cool factor. They let riders carry cargo and personal effects in style. Whether you choose one of the classic Nantucket Cliff Road Collection baskets or the industrial-style Topeak Trolley Tote Folding MTX rear basket, you'll enhance the overall look and style of your electric bike and share your style with the world.


Bike pegs are lesser-known accessories that you typically see in use at freestyle and BMX biking events. They are cylindrical or beveled tubes that you can attach to the axles of your front or back wheel. You, the rider, can then place your feet on the pegs, centering your weight over the wheel. Pegs provide more stability and control when maneuvering your bike.

Pegs also provide quite a bit of personality and style if you're interested in freshening your bike's look. Many manufacturers sell pegs in various brightly finished aluminum alloys, from red to purple, blue and silver. In addition, universal-fit products are available, as are pegs designed to fit specific axle sizes such as 3/8-inch.


Bike lights keep you, the rider, visible to others and others and roadways, paths and trails visible to you. Whether you choose a rechargeable front and rear set, such as the Sunlite Micro Set, or an easy-to-use add-on such as the Beam Bug, you increase your safety and enhance your bike's profile. The Bed Bug is an especially cool add-on because it comes in a range of bright, neutral and pastel colors. Choose the hue that matches or contrasts with your bike to create a monochrome or custom look.

If you're interested in adding on lights that add sparkle and shine to your bike, opt for Monkeyeletric Monkey Lights. Attach these four-, 10- or 32-full color LED lights to the spokes of your wheel and create a colorful light show.

Learn More

If you're interested in learning more about these and other accessories such as bells and fenders, visit your local or online bike shop today. Representatives can tell you more about the most up-to-date and useful accessories in today's market. They can also help you make your product decision and assist with any questions or concerns.


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