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The Best of Both Worlds: Benefits of Hybrid Electric Bikes

Enthusiastic e-cyclists love to use their electric bikes to exercise, tour, commute, run errands, and perhaps most of all, explore. This enthusiasm for all sorts of cycling might explain why some cyclists struggle to decide which electric bicycle they should buy.

Today's e-bike makers offer models specifically designed for racing, commuting on city streets, riding on sand or snow, or tackling rough terrain. At the same time, most e-bike riders will want to use their cycles to navigate various landscapes and terrains. A specialized bike, designed to perform at its best for only one sort of riding, will not serve cyclists very well.

What's the best e-bike for the cyclist who wants to take the opportunity to enjoy it all? Find out how a hybrid e-bike can offer a flexible solution that's both easy and fun to ride on the road, by the beach, or even up and down the side of a hilly trail. At the same time, buying an electric bike can offer a fun way to exercise while saving energy and the environment.

Why Invest in an Electric Bicycle?

Some folks wonder if they need an electric bicycle if they already own a traditional bike and a car. High-quality e-bikes can offer several advantages over both of these conventional modes of transportation.

E-Bikes Enable Further and Faster Trips Than Traditional Bicycles

Most cyclists understand the benefits of investing in an electric bicycle instead of a traditional bike. These battery-powered cycles will enable longer and faster rides, so they're more versatile than conventional bikes. At the same time, e-cyclists tend to get just as much exercise as their non-battery-powered fellow travelers.

The e-bike motor will make it easier to pedal or help an exhausted cyclist make it home after a long ride. At the same time, pedaling conserves the battery's power and can increase speed so that a typical rider will rely upon both human-powered and battery-powered travel during a ride.

E-Bikes Run Cleaner and With Less Power Than Traditional Motor Vehicles

Compared to vehicles with gasoline or even electric engines, e-bikes offer plenty of advantages. Electric bicycles run cleanly, without harmful emissions. Plus, they consume much less power than heavier vehicles. Unlike a car or motorcycle, e-bikes also allow their riders to exercise. An electric bike offers a more affordable and fun mode of transportation than other types of powered vehicles.

Most e-cyclists can't replace all of their car trips with e-bike trips. However, research has demonstrated that if e-bicycle trips replaced only 15 percent of car trips, that change would reduce carbon emissions by 12 percent. Even more, surveys have found that e-bike riders tend to replace up to 46 percent of their car trips with e-bike trips. In Europe, where electric cycling has grown more popular, average e-bike owners replaced 47 to 76 percent of motor vehicle trips.

Street Bikes Vs. Mountain Bikes

Hybrid bicycles combine the benefits of street and off-road bikes. To understand hybrid bikes, first contrast street bikes and off-road cycles:

  • Street bikes: Road and racing bike designers focus on optimizing the efficiency of pedal and battery power. Street and racing bike designers make their cycles as efficient as possible on hard surfaces. Thus, this kind of e-bicycle generally comes with a sleek design and slim tires under relatively high pressure. The rider usually leans over the handlebars to minimize wind resistance.
  • Mountain bikes: Mountain and off-road bike makers develop cycles that focus on durability, handling, stability, and shock absorption. Thus, these types of bikes come with fatter tires to improve stability and cushioning. The seats and handlebars generally position the rider more upright and lower to the ground than street bikes. Wider tires also make mountain bikes easier to balance, and these bicycles offer durable frames that can withstand punishment.

The design of road cycles enables faster riding on hard surfaces, but they do not offer the most stability or comfort for riders. In contrast, cyclists find mountain bikes easier to balance and more comfortable to ride, but they're less efficient on city streets or racetracks. Thus, these specific-use cycles handle certain conditions well but will not perform as well on other terrain types.

Neither Mountain nor Road Bikes Offer Much Flexibility

What about cyclists who want to enjoy the comfort and stability of a mountain bike without sacrificing efficiency when they need to use their two-wheeled vehicle to traverse streets? Electric bikes cost more than traditional bikes because they include powerful lithium batteries and electric motors.

Thus, few cyclists will feel inclined to invest in multiple e-cycles. Also, most rides will include different terrain, such as taking to the streets to arrive at a favorite off-road biking site. To determine which kind of bike to buy, cyclists should consider how they plan to use it. For many people, a hybrid e-bike offers the perfect solution.

What is a Hybrid E-Bike?

Hybrid e-bikes combine the features of street bikes and mountain bikes to offer a more versatile form of transportation. Besides providing more flexibility for both street and off-street riding, most cyclists find hybrids more comfortable and stable than street bikes and more efficient on paved roads than mountain bikes. For instance, many cyclists buy hybrid bicycles solely for streets or paths because they find them comfortable, robust, and easy to balance.

Some highlights of the benefits of an electric hybrid bike include:

  • More durable frame than a road bike but a lighter weight than a mountain bike
  • Lower seated position and center of gravity for easier handling, starting, stopping, and dismounting
  • Upright seated position for visibility and comfort, enabling longer and safer rides
  • Wider tires than a street bike for shock absorption, durability, and balance

A hybrid bike overcomes many challenges that enthusiastic cyclists will endure by choosing either a sleek racing cycle or a heavier mountain bike. They can combine versatility, durability, lighter weights, and comfort in a way that should benefit many riders. Thus, hybrid e-bikes have emerged as a trendy type of cycle.

What Are the Disadvantages of Hybrid Electric Bicycles?

Although hybrid bikes perform well on the streets, dirt paths, and uneven terrain, they're not designed for extreme cycling. A hybrid bicycle will also perform well on typical city streets, but it isn't meant to compete with racing cycles in speed contests.

For example, the upright seated position that makes hybrid bikes more comfortable may also increase drag. In contrast, hybrid bikes have durable frames, but they're not as robust as proper mountain bikes.

Purchasing a hybrid bike means accepting some trade-offs. Anybody who wants the best solution for specific uses should consider buying an electric bike with a design intended solely for that riding style. Still, many cyclists hope to buy a comfortable and durable cycle that can take them around the block and up and down a trail in the park. A hybrid e-bicycle offers these benefits.

Who Should Buy a Hybrid Electric Bicycle?

As SixThreeZero discussed earlier, all sorts of people buy and enjoy high-quality hybrid e-bikes. This high-quality bike manufacturer referred to hybrids as the Swiss Army Knife of e-cycles, and this versatility makes hybrid electric bikes attractive to all kinds of riders. Hybrid electric bike riders range from teens to seniors, athletes to formerly sedentary people, and commuters to Sunday cyclists.

Hybrid cycles resemble most people's idea of a stylish bike, so owners tend to get compliments on their rides' appearance and functionality. Wider wheels help deliver a smooth ride on the road while enabling riders to handle rougher terrain at times.

Even though hybrids might not deliver the fastest speeds, their comfortable design lets people ride longer, even if they have not ridden a bike for a long time. Besides, the motor will take up much of the slack, letting cyclists enjoy a good pace. Most of all, the upright seated position also makes hybrid e-cycles attractive to people who might typically suffer from aches and pains from sitting in the awkward, hunched position that road or racing bikes require.

Hybrid e-cycles also offer a good choice for people who may have concerns about their ability to stay balanced on a slimmer bike navigating various conditions, like bumpier roads or hills. The combination of enhanced stability, a lower seated position, and better visibility make hybrid bikes less inclined to fall than street bikes. At the same time, they can provide more efficiency on paved roads or trails than a dedicated mountain bike.

Where to Find the Best Hybrid E-Bikes

As the popularity of hybrid electric cycles increased, so did the number of manufacturers and distributors who offer them. The plethora of brands, styles, and price ranges can confuse even the most knowledgeable cyclist when they set out to invest in an electric bicycle.

For instance, with an e-bike, buyers won't just hope to invest in a high-quality bicycle. They will also have concerns about the motor and battery that come with it. SixThreeZero has enjoyed years of pleasing cyclists with both its traditional and electric bikes, offers online shopping, free U.S. shipping, and a very generous return policy. To ensure the new electric cycle lives up to its promises, consider SixThreeZero for affordable, high-quality hybrid electric bicycles.

To get started, look at some of the most popular hybrid e-bikes from SixThreeZero.

EVRYJourney 500W

SixThreeZero offers both a men's and a women's version of the EVRYJourney 500W hybrid electric bicycle. These characteristics make this hybrid e-bike an excellent choice for all types of cyclists, from older teens to seniors. :

  • The seat and handlebars can adjust to accommodate most riders from 60 to 76 inches tall.
  • The ergonomic design of these cycles lets the rider assume an upright position.
  • The forward position of the pedals allows for proper leg extensions while remaining relatively close to the ground, making it easy to start, stop, and dismount.
  • The 26-inch tires and two-inch wheels provide outstanding handling, a smooth ride over various terrain, and extra shock absorption.
  • A wide, comfortable saddle and soft grips cushion the ride and protect sensitive body parts.

The powerful 500W motor will power the cycle for 20 miles alone and 40 miles in power-assist mode. In addition, a 500W rear-hub motor offers a smooth ride when using it to supplement pedaling or alone. Plus, the design of the motor helps it blend into the bike, so other people probably won't even notice it's there. A thumb throttle makes the motor easy to control, and the EVERYJourney 500W offers seven speeds for navigating hills and streets as efficiently as possible.

Why Order a Hybrid Electric Bike From SixThreeZero?

Besides hybrid electric bikes, SixThreeZero also offers electric beach cruisers, comfort cycles, and even adult tricycles. Along with providing the perfect e-bike for almost everybody, SixThreeZero ships for free all over the United States. Customers can ensure a good fit with online guides or a call to customer service for advice.

The company even offers their customers a 90-day test ride, during which SixThreeZero will pay for return shipping. Besides the test drive, all electric bicycles from the company include a generous warranty with 90 days on the battery and motor, two years on other components, and a lifetime guarantee for the bicycle's frame.

Most cyclists will find that a hybrid e-bike satisfies their comfortable, versatile, and durable transportation needs. Similarly, SixThreeZero provides dependable, high-quality service and products. Start shopping for hybrid electric bikes on SixThreeZero right away.


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