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The Best Hybrid Bike for Women

In the market for hybrid bikes for women, there are a few considerations to keep in focus. What will the bike rider be doing on the bike and where will she ride? The right hybrid bike for Woman A who is into exercise and calorie burning varies from the best choice for Women Q, who is on a bike every morning at 8 am on her way to the workplace. Where you plan to take your bike when riding on hybrid tires will make all the difference when choosing the most suitable style of bike for women. Check out how the Pave n’ Trail Consistent by sixthreezero measures up in terms of its features and its benefits for bike riders.

Main Features of Pave n’ Trail Consistent

The Pave n’ Trail hybrid bike for women accommodates a wide variety of lifestyles, environments and activities. As the name suggests, the Pave n’ Trail Consistent by sixthreezero is all paved surfaces and open trails. This includes both asphalt and gravel thanks to the use of hybrid tires. Expect to want to take this bike everywhere from the workplace to the beach. A rear rack is mounted on the back of the seat and ready for you to strap down anything from picnic blankets to school books.

Meanwhile, the style of this bicycle is what sets it sailing for most female customers. Featuring the classic beachcomber bicycle design, the Pave n’ Trail Consistent comes in the iconic color options of teal and navy blue. Silver, white and leather brown details add pizzazz and flair to the stylish bike. A signature bike shape from sixthreezero, this particular bicycle for women stands out by the brand for its lack of electrical components. Sixthreezero is also well established in the electric bike community for having an affordable line of e-bikes for women and men.

This puts the hybrid Pave n’ Trail Consistent in a category of its own in the sixthreezero collection, but you can certainly see the resemblance. Along with the same look and design of the e-bikes by sixthreezero, the Pave n’ Trail Consistent has the quality construction we have come to expect by this bicycle maker. Stylized to look more retro and beach-comber friendly, you are at once taken back to a time and place when The Beach Boys were first singing about surfing the waves.

Thanks to the nostalgia element, many new bike owners will instantly fall in love with the Pave n' Trail Consistent. However, don't expect this bike to be old-fashioned or out of the loop. Not at all, thanks to the mounted rear rack and high-quality gear system construction--not to mention the option of many added accessories.

Cost of the Pave n’ Trail Consistent

If you want to choose the best bike, you are most likely putting your sights on the price tag first and foremost. The budget tends to be the final factor for almost every person buying a bicycle. That being said, how does the Pave n’ Trail Consistent stack up? The women’s hybrid bike is affordable at just under $500. Typical hybrid bikes for women at this quality and design level are currently being sold for twice that amount with the same gear system.

Plus, you have the option of customizing this bicycle using an easy online setup with sixthreezero. You can add in-house affixed accessories including baskets, bells, a beam light and a bike lock to your custom order when purchasing online through sixthreezero. Keep this in mind if you are considering a purchase of a Pave n' Trail from a third-party vendor. While you can easily buy the bike from a company like Amazon, you want to go through sixthreezero for the Riding Fit, which is a customized bike sizing service.

While all of the Pave n’ Trail Consistent is only available in 7-speed, you can choose from the teal or navy blue paint job. This allows for some customization right away. Yet you are staying within that signature blue tone of this particular bike by sixthreezero. That helps you and your bike stand out in the sea amongst other hybrid bikes for women.

Additionally, for just $19.99, you can get the Forever Warranty that covers your new custom Pave n’ Trail for the owner’s lifetime. By the way, a one-year warranty is already included with each new bicycle purchased through sixthreezero. Overall, for a new hybrid women’s bike, this particular make and model of non-electric bike by sixthreezero hits the affordability bell quite hard. This places the Pave n’ Trail hybrid bike at the front of the pack for the majority of women bike shoppers.

In terms of quality of parts, the bicycle by sixthreezero has a top of the line Shimano-brand gear system. With this Shimano seven-speed, coupled with front suspension, the Pave n’ Trail settles the score with predictable power and performance.

Again, when you are looking at cost and value, this hybrid bicycle for women has everything you have come to expect in a top of the line all-purpose bike without being super spendy. For savvy shoppers and women living on a fixed income, the less than $500 price tag simply can’t be beat.

Comfort of the Pave n’ Trail Consistent

Girls and women of all ages who are ready to ride their new bike want one thing most of all—a comfortable riding experience. This is where most bicycle brands fail, especially when it comes to females. How a woman carries her body and physical frame matters just as much as the way a bicycle is set up. To be a comfortable ride, a bike needs to offer sway and the seat should be lower than the handlebars. You are not looking for a speed racing bicycle here.

Instead, you are searching for a bike that lets you sit back and relax in ease and grace. The Pave n’ Trail has the optimal design built around the sixthreezero ‘Comfort First’ modality. An easy-mounted frame, this bicycle is made with a step-through frame. You have a bike that allows you to go across bumpy terrain without spilling out the contents of your bike basket.

Next, take a look at the seat—where the majority of the comfort comes into position for the rider. A classic design, the Pave n’ Trail Consistent is handcrafted using warm brown leather. Fancy stitching offers a superior style along with greater support and durability.

Then take a peek at the handlebars, which are made using the same wonderful material. The synthetic leather handlebars of the bicycle will stand up to the rigors of both road and off-road riding. You can feel the difference when gripping these leather-covered handles in comparison to a foam rubber grip. Overall, the comfort factor is sky high when it comes to the Pave n’ Trail Consistent by sixthreezero.

Tires for a Women’s Hybrid Bike

The main feature of the Pave n’ Trail Consistent that makes this a hybrid women’s bike is the tires. Each of these bicycles is manufactured using hybrid tires that are medium width. This offers the greatest in traction and support, along with speed and flexibility. You gain the benefit of having a secure and smooth surface to glide on.

These tires increase the aforementioned comfort factor, as well as the hybrid capacity of this bicycle. The tires measure 27.5 inches by 1.5 inches and come with street tread. A black sidewall adds to the classic look of the bike and tires. This choice of sidewall is great for minimizing the appearance of grass, oil and mud in between bike washes.

Ease of Assembly

Putting together your new Pave n’ Trail Consistent is a cinch even if you do not have previous experience in bicycle assembly. Instructions and materials are provided when you receive your newly shipped bike in the mail. As an added bonus, the bike is already 80 percent pre-assembled. Therefore, with minimal tools and mechanical skills, most bike owners will easily be able to put this bike together at home.

If you get any of the optional accessories, each of the attachment points is designed so you can quickly and efficiently snap on any baskets, bells, beam lights or bike locks. In using these factory-made accessories provided by sixthreezero, you ensure that your bike riding experience will be optimal. Everything is made to work according to the bike frame and well-adjusted by the bike manufacturer.

As a result, you don’t have to do any extra drilling, cutting or adjusting in order to have all of the extra bells and whistles—both figurative and literal—for your new bicycle. If you know you will need to have a water bottle cradle or a bike lock for your bike, then it just helps to go ahead and have all of that when you order the bike itself. Having the accessories come straight from the bike manufacturer is also icing on the cake. We have not heard of other bike companies that offer such great service when initially investing in a bike of this caliber.

Ease of Maintenance

Once you have decided on the best hybrid bike for women and are a proud owner of a Pave n’ Trail Consistent by sixthreezero, it is all you! You are the one responsible for riding the new bike, it is up to you to make sure that any repairs and maintenance are handled. If you are in need of gear system servicing, there are retailers nationwide working with sixthreezero.

These include Amazon, Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, and Bed Bath and Beyond. Choose a service plan when buying your new bike from one of these retailers. Optionally, you can also buy your new sixthreezero bike for women straight from the company. General bike maintenance is all that is required in order to keep your new Pave n’ Trail bike up and running at top speed.

Ultimate Choice: Pave n’ Trail Consistent

For first-time bike owners, sixthreezero has made the entire experience more exciting, especially for women. Whether you are shopping for a young woman getting her first bicycle or your own bicycle in your mid-40s, this bike brand wants to best suit your needs. You can tell this right away when you see the company’s website.

They truly cater to all types of bicycle owners but have found a way to personalize the process. Whether you are shopping for women’s bicycles or men’s bikes, they have a customized system to streamline the entire experience.

You can choose a bike that is perfect for commuting on busy city streets, or a bicycle made for the forests and mountain biking rides. For someone interested in a bike equally suited for both types of environments, the hybrid Pave n’ Trail Consistent wins the prize ribbon.

Sixthreezero also provides a ton of bike advice and instructions online for you to use when you buy one of their bikes. You can find out what you need to know or ask for additional assistance in a snap. This saves you the headache and additional expense of dealing with third-party bike services.

Their online store is also where you go to find the Rider Fit service when buying a new sixthreezero bike. Thanks to Rider Fit, you can get fitted to the perfect size of the Pave n’ Trail bike from the get go. This service provides bike owners with additional information and details about the bike.

Therefore, you discover which bikes are best suited for your individual:

  • Height
  • Weight and applicable hauls
  • Arm length
  • Leg length
  • Ride frequency
  • Primary use, i.e., commuting, exploration, urban, etc.
  • Riding surfaces, i.e., off-road trails, asphalt, snow, etc.
  • Uphill frequency
  • Body pain

For body pain, the Pave n’ Trail Consistent is not good for riders suffering from physical distress. However, you can see that the bike is well suited for uphill riding on paved surfaces and nature trails. Once assembled, this hybrid bicycle for women is intended to provide her with a safe and leisurely ride when commuting and in recreational pursuits.


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