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The Best Electric Bikes for Couples-Choosen by Couples

What's more fun than riding an electric bike? Sharing your riding adventures with friends, family members, or significant others will make your ride twice as nice! 

Cycling offers many benefits to help build relationships, including spending quality time, sharing an interest, and helping to improve moods. You and your partner should also enjoy a chance to enjoy the outdoors, exercise, and soak up some sunshine. This emissions-free transportation mode can give you two a chance to save money on gasoline and even do your part to save the climate. 

As couples, you have many options for e-bikes. You might choose to purchase two bikes of similar models to learn to use and maintain that type of bike together. In other cases, you may decide to buy a bike that can carry a passenger or even a tandem bike you can pedal together. To help you understand your options, review some of the best e-bikes for couples. 

Top E-Bikes for Couples to Enjoy 

Sample some top choices, including e-bikes for almost everybody, e-bikes that can carry passengers, and even tandem e-bicycles.

 Electric Bike Company Model Y: A Classic, Capable E-Cruiser 

$1,999 at Electric Bike Co. 


  • Classic cruiser design 
  • Solid 500W motor 
  • Arrives fully built 


  • Wide turning radius

Despite the classic, simple cruiser design of the Model Y, this model offers a capable motor for powering through extended rides. The low step-thru frame makes mounting and stopping easy too. It's also rated for cyclists from five feet to six feet 10 inches tall who weigh up to 300 pounds. 

The manufacturer also offers many customization options. Examples of choices include colors, battery size, and even the spoke colors. The base model only offers one speed, but customers can upgrade to a seven-speed derailer. 

Reviews: For those who are willing to spend a bit more, there are very few cruisers that offer so much customization! 

This is a woman's e-bike I'll happily ride -- and so will my wife! 

RadRunner Plus Electric Power Bike: Perfect for Passengers 

$1,899 at 


  • Powerful 750W motor 
  • Passengar package 


  • Might not provide the best choice for petite riders

Perhaps your idea of the perfect bike for couples only includes buying one bike that can carry a passenger. Many models, including the Sixthreezero Around the Block cruiser e-bike mentioned above, can safely handle a child's seat attached to the rear rack. However, they're not suitable for riding with another full-sized adult. The manufacturers says that this bike adjusts for cyclists between four feet 11 and six feet two inches tall, but some shorter people said they couldn't put their feet on the ground comfortably. 

If riding a tandem sounds appealing, consider the RadRunner Plus because it comes with a passenger accessory pack, including a rear seat and foot pegs. When you're not bringing along a companion, you can also use the space for cargo. The second person can't also help you pedal, as with a traditional bicycle built for two. However, the powerful 750W motor will supply plenty of assistance.

Reviews: I'm over 70 and really wanted a motorcycle. This was a perfect substitute. 

FTETB- 750 Fat Tire Electric Tandem Bike: A True Tandem E-Bike 

$2,799 at Mobility4Less 


  • A true E-Bike built for two 
  • Powerful 750W motor 
  • Available with a backrest 


  • Larger and heavier than many models 
  • It takes two 

You don't see a lot of tandem e-bikes on the market, but you also won't find that many traditional tandem bikes. Still, some people find they offer a better solution to their cycling needs than typical bikes with only one set of pedals. Many people decide to invest in a tandem bike because they want to ride with a partner who is at a different fitness level because of illness, injury, age, or simple lack of recent exercise. Having two sets of pedals allows both riders to share their power, and of course, the efficient electric motor also offers plenty of assistance. 

Also, some couples say they enjoy the sharing experience of powering the same vehicle. The cyclist in the rear doesn't need to steer or handle the gears (or even pedal), so they can enjoy a relaxing experience. Some cyclists enjoy switching places to enjoy longer trips without suffering fatigue. 

The powerful 750W motor should provide plenty of assistance for powering up hills or on long cycling trips. It's not the most stylish bike on this list, but the unique two-seater design will undoubtedly attract second glances. Fat tires make this bike suitable for various terrain types. 

While most cyclists wouldn't recommend this e-bike for traversing mountain trails or speed racing, it's a versatile vehicle for the beach, bike paths, and city streets. The FTETB- 750 has a weight capacity of 500 pounds, so it should offer a good choice for many couples, even if they want to bring along some cargo. 

Reviews: Love this bike. It will take me anywhere I want to go. This is my transportation.

Couples Who Cycle Together Stay Together 

E-cycling offers a perfect opportunity to improve mental and physical well-being with a fun activity that provides a chance to exercise. The emission-free motor also gives you an eco-friendly form of transportation that takes pennies to run. You can enjoy exponential joy when you multiply these benefits with two people. 

Bond over shared interests and experiences 

E-cyclists often share a love of the outdoors, an interest in the environment, and a desire to stay fit. Cycling will also let you share experiences as you pedal around to see the sites and encounter new people. You and your cycling partner will never run out of something to do together and things to talk about after the ride. 

Share more quality time together 

You'll have an easy way to schedule quality time together. With e-biking, you can combine running errands, socializing, sightseeing, or even commuting to work or school with your exercise. Thus, even the busiest couples can fit in a chance to bond over a shared activity with other activities. 

Enjoy an easy time picking out gifts 

Two e-cyclists never need to struggle over their choice of meaningful gifts. People who love e-bikes always appreciate the gift of a helpful new accessory. New York Magazine offered some fantastic cyclist accessory gift ideas, including cycling headphones, clothing, saddlebags, fitness watches, and cargo bags. 

Have an accountability buddy 

Exercising with a buddy always helps both people stay on track. When you can plan to cycle regularly with a partner, you're more likely to stick to your schedule. As you support each other with your individual goals, you're more likely to achieve them. 

Getting Your Reluctant Partner in the Bike Saddle 

E-cycling offers a perfect chance to level the playing field because the motor can help a slower cyclist stay on the course with a stronger one. Very often, one partner is more fit than the others. If certain limitations make it impossible for somebody to navigate, the couple can also opt for a tandem or passenger-carrying e-bike. Again, the motor lightens the burden for the stronger cyclists, so they won't have to do all of the work of pedaling for two. 

Is your partner still reluctant? These tips can help sway them to your point of view. 

Don't Pressure or Argue 

If you want an e-cycle but your partner's not eager, ask for assistance to at least help you pick one out. That process can help you see what your partner values the most. And sometimes, the best e-bike for you might not suit your partner. For instance, if your partner's five feet tall, but you're six feet and six inches tall, you're probably going to need to select different models. 

Sometimes, what you do will carry more weight than what you say. Your loved one might feel more convinced by your example and finally, ask to try out your e-bike. If not, you may need to find another shared activity. Even an activity as fun and beneficial as e-cycling isn't for everybody, and that's OK. Given time, your preferred cycling partner might come around later. 

Don't Show Off 

If you went to all the effort to successfully convince your friend or partner to ride with you, don't ruin it by showing off your superior skills. Instead, impress them with your supportive manner and willingness to help.

In the beginning, it's all about ensuring your partner's comfort and safety. Let your partner ease into the sport with shorter, more accessible rides at first. Your partner might prefer a secluded bike path in the park while you long to weave through city streets or trek up and down hills. You can always take off by yourself at another time to push your limits. You can put your skills to good use by watching for traffic and other threats. 

Don't Feel Like You Need Always Have the Right Answer 

Sometimes, e-cyclists have strong opinions about how to adjust seats and handlebars for a proper fit. Your partner might have other ideas. In other cases, you might disagree about the best helmet, bike saddle, additional accessories, or even the type of e-bicycle. For instance, your partner might covet a pink beach cruiser, but you feel more comfortable with a sedate-looking street bike.

You two have different bodies, goals, and preferences, and that's fine too. Unless you believe your partner's mistake will risk a catastrophe, you should probably accept their personal decisions. You two can share many journeys, but you don't always have to remain strictly in step. 

Remember, Sharing Cycling Should be Fun! 

Sure, e-cycling can help you get fit, save money on gasoline, and even help reduce gasoline emissions. The activity can give you a chance to form closer bonds with your spouse, kids, and friends. If everybody's having fun, riding electric bicycles will provide you with the most effortless shared activity and can form the basis of lifelong relationships.


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