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The Best Electric Bike for Exercise

Electric bikes are the perfect way to get around. They're fun, fast, and help you stay active.

With an electric bike, you can zip through downtown streets, explore a world of trails in your area, and still break a good sweat while doing it! Exercise and transportation are combined into one package with an electric bike.

Exercising with an electric bike is a low-impact activity. Therefore, this activity helps reduce strain on your body, so you can enjoy your ride and workout at the same time.

In this article, we're going to share six of our favorite electric bikes for exercising. Here's a preview:

  • EVRYjourney 500w
  • Cowboy 4
  • TREK FX+ 2
  • Propella 9S PRO
  • Canyon Spectral:ON CFR
  • Aventon LEVEL.2

We're going to share two things about each: the price and our favorite feature that makes the e-bike unique. By the end of this article, you should be able to better choose which e-bike is right for you. Let's jump right in!

Pedal Assist Increases Efficiency

One of the major benefits of pedal assist is that it increases your efficiency while riding. Instead of just relying on your own strength and stamina when pedaling, the motor kicks in so that you don’t have to do all the work.

This makes it easier to go longer distances or reach higher speeds more quickly than if you were pedaling with no assistance. Additionally, since you can customize the level of pedal assist with the EVRYjourney 500w, it makes it easy to find a setting that works best for your individual needs and preferences. To determine the level of pedal assist you're using, you can refer to the powerful LED that the EVRYjourney 500w features.

Pedal Assist Makes Exercise Fun

Another great thing about pedal assist on an electric bike is that it makes exercise fun! Instead of feeling like a chore or something tedious, you can enjoy yourself as you ride around town or explore new trails.

With the motor doing some of the work for you, it takes away some of the strain from pedaling and helps make your ride more enjoyable overall. And if you were to compare e-bikes in person, you'll quickly feel that the EVRYjourney 500w has the best pedal assist.

Pedal Assist Improves Safety

Finally, using pedal assist on the EVRYjourney 500w improves safety in several ways. First off, since you don’t have to put forth as much effort when pedaling with assistance, riders are less likely to overexert themselves, which can lead to injuries or exhaustion during long rides.

Additionally, electric bikes are equipped with powerful electric motors that help riders maintain speed. This is true even when going uphill or across flat terrain. Because of this, they are less likely to lose control while riding, which can be dangerous.

Cowboy 4

The Cowboy 4 costs $1,990 and has a range of 43.5 miles.

Range—how far the e-bike can travel on a full charge—is incredibly important. That's because riders can estimate how far they'll be able to travel. And, when it comes to exercise, the e-bike rider will be able to plan the length of their exercises.

One of the biggest concerns that most riders have is running out of power while they’re out on their ride. The good news is that there are electric bikes—like the Cowboy 4—with batteries designed to last much longer than other models, which can provide greater peace of mind and better overall performance.

43.5 miles is quite long for an electric bike. And the Cowboy 4 packs a powerful battery. In this section, we're going to explain some benefits of a long-lasting battery. Let's get charged (pun intended!) and get started.

Cowboy 4: More Range for Your Ride

One of the most obvious benefits of having a long-lasting battery on your e-bike is that you’ll have more range for your ride. With a powerful battery, you won’t need to worry about running out of power halfway through your workout. 

You can go farther than ever before and explore new areas without fear of being stranded in the middle of nowhere. Moreover, riders of the Cowboy 4 don’t need to constantly check their battery levels or worry about where the next charging station may be located—they can just enjoy their ride!


The TREK FX+ 2 costs $2,499.99 and is a lightweight electric bike.

In this section, we're going to describe why lightweight e-bikes are fantastic for exercise.

Lightweight electric bikes are great because they have quick maneuverability. And, because they weigh less, they take less battery power to move. That will extend the length of your exercise if you want to spend more time working out.

In this section, we're going to describe some benefits of lightweight e-bikes for riders who exercise.

Lighter E-bikes: Less Stress on Your Body

A lighter e-bike will always be easier for you to ride than a heavy one. This is especially true when it comes to climbing hills or tackling rougher terrain, as the added weight makes it harder for you to keep your balance and gives you less control over your bike.

A lightweight electric bike like the TREK FX+ 2 reduces the amount of strain on your body. This allows you to pedal with ease and gives you more control over your movements so that you can focus on enjoying yourself instead of struggling against the terrain.

 Better Range With Light Electric Bikes

The lighter your electric bike is, the farther you’ll be able to go without having to recharge its battery. This means that if you want to go out for a long ride without having to worry about running out of power earlier.

Additionally, lighter bikes like the TREK FX+ 2 tend to be more efficient in terms of energy consumption as well, so they’ll save you money in the long run.

Easier Transportation & Storage

Since lightweight electric bikes are easier to move around and store than heavier ones, they make life much simpler when it comes time to transport them or put them away after a ride. Lifting a heavy bike onto your car can be difficult and even dangerous if not done properly; however, with a lightweight electric bike, it's much easier and safer.

Since the TREK FX+ 2 is easier to carry around, it's also easy to store, especially if you have to lift it to store it.

Propella 9S PRO

The Propella 9S PRO costs $1,599 and features a cutting-edge LED display.

An LED display provides valuable information to riders. And, when the rider is someone who is exercising, the LED display is even more important.

An LED is a useful tool for tracking your exercise progress when using an electric bike. LEDs offer many advantages, from providing feedback on the performance of your bike to helping you monitor your workout intensity. Let's explore this more in detail.

LEDs and Instant Feedback

When you use an LED in conjunction with your electric bike, the LED will provide instant feedback on the performance of the bike. It gives indicators of your exercise performance as well. And, with the Propella 9S PRO, this information is displayed in real-time. Having this immediate feedback can help you get a better workout.

LEDs Help Monitor Workout Intensity

LEDs can also help monitor workout intensity when you’re riding your electric bike. With an LED, you can track how much effort you’re putting into each section of the ride and compare it to past efforts. This allows you to see how much progress you’re making and make adjustments as needed to improve your performance over time.

Canyon Spectral:ON CFR

The Canyon Spectral:ON CFR costs $8,699 and is the best choice for mountain bikers.

You might be wondering why this is the best choice for mountain bikers. Well, here's why: The Canyon Spectral:ON CFR is a mountain bike! And, better yet, it's a mountain e-bike. The Canyon Spectral:ON CFR combines the thrill of traditional mountain biking with the convenience and power of an electric motor.

If you enjoy biking on mountain trails, the Canyon Spectral:ON CFR is the perfect electric bike for you. There are many benefits to choosing a mountain e-bike if you enjoy mountain biking. We'll explore these benefits in this section.

The Convenience of a Mountain E-bike

Electric mountain bikes like the Canyon Spectral:ON CFR make it easier to reach more challenging parts of a trail. With an electric motor, you don’t have to worry about getting tired on a long ride or not being able to reach certain sections of the trail because they are too steep.

Instead, you can focus on enjoying your ride and taking in the scenery knowing that you have enough power to get back home without having to pedal all the way up those mountains.

Electric mountain bikes are just plain fun! You can use the Canyon Spectral:ON CFR to explore new trails at a faster pace than normal and feel like you’re flying down hills with ease.

Fitness Benefits of Mountain E-bikes

Even though electric bikes take away some of the efforts from pedaling, you still reap many fitness benefits from riding them. The physical activity involved in riding an electric mountain bike like the Canyon Spectral:ON CFR helps build endurance, improve coordination, and strengthen muscles throughout your body. That's because you're riding on mountain trails!

Mountain E-bikes and Larger Tires

Last but not least, the Canyon Spectral:ON CFR features larger and thicker tires. With the size of the tires, you can ride over rough terrain with greater ease, as the additional rubber increases shock absorption. The added traction makes climbs up hills easier and helps to keep you stable while maneuvering around roots or rocks.

Taking bigger moves through rough sections of trail also becomes less intimidating thanks to the larger cushion of air protecting your bike from impacts. While boosting performance and improving safety, the wider tires of the Canyon Spectral:ON CFR increase comfort levels too by providing an increased level of support and cushion when compared to narrower tires.

Aventon LEVEL.2

The Aventon LEVEL.2 costs $1,949 and features an amazing torque sensor.

A torque sensor measures the force you apply to your pedals while cycling, which allows the motor on the bike to adjust accordingly. We're going to explain why torque sensors are important for exercisers on e-bikes.

More Accurate Measurement of Calories Burned

A torque sensor allows for a much more accurate measurement of calories burned during an electric bike workout than other methods. By accurately measuring the power output of each pedal stroke and applying it to the equation for energy used, you can get much more accurate numbers when tracking your calorie burn. This helps you stay motivated by giving you concrete data on just how hard your work is paying off!

And, because the Aventon LEVEL.2 features a torque sensor, you can ensure you'll know exactly if you're getting a great workout.

Customizable Workouts

A torque sensor also allows you to customize your workouts in ways that aren't possible with other types of exercise machines. You can create programs with varying levels of difficulty and intensity, allowing for more challenging workouts as your fitness level increases over time. 

With a torque sensor, you can also monitor how much power output is needed for each pedal stroke, which helps balance out difficult sections within individual rides or intervals—making sure that every workout counts! With the Aventon LEVEL.2, the torque sensor will be able to amplify your power, allowing you to exercise more easily than without one.

Better Performance Tracking

Finally, having a torque sensor on the Aventon LEVEL.2 means that you have better access to performance tracking data than ever before. By being able to track power output over time, you can see how far your fitness has come since starting regular exercise on an electric bike.

This type of performance-tracking data will help keep you motivated and engaged in improving your overall fitness level with each ride taken on the Aventon LEVEL.2!

Choosing an E-bike for Exercise

We hope this article has helped you choose which e-bike is perfect for you. Remember: Exercising on an electric bike should be fun and enjoyable. Happy riding!


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