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The Best Bike if You Haven't Ridden in Years

Are you looking for another way to get around? A method of moving that doesn't involve walking or driving or taking the bus? If so, then consider the beauty of bicycles. Bicycles are a fantastic mode of transportation and if you are just getting into the activity, then you should consider the beauty and ease the EVRYjourney bicycle has to offer. The EVRYjourney bike is a bike built for comfort and maximum ease; an ideal bike for everyone, but especially for those who are just getting started with riding.

Going Back to Go Forward

To understand what makes the EVRYjourney such a great bicycle for beginners, let's take a look at where bicycles began. Cycling history as we know it began back in 1817 when German baron and inventor Karl von Drais created the very first bicycle. That two-wheeled contraption, nicknamed by many as the hobby-horse, quickly took the world by storm as an incredible alternative to walking and expensive horses and cars. The latter were (and are) expensive both upfront and over time as they have some pretty hefty upkeep costs. You don't have to feed and house a bicycle nor do you have to constantly fill it up at the local gas station.

Today, the low-maintenance quality of bicycles continues to draw people to them. Unfortunately, it is not something that all bicycle manufacturers take into consideration when building bikes. Many manufacturers today favor the fancy over utility; trying to throw in excessive components and accessories rather than focusing on what drew people to bicycles in the first place. Their simplicity in design and ease of use. But the more you add in and specialize bikes, the more you lose in overall comfort, streamlined function, and low maintenance. Focusing instead on these core attributes is a core part of why the EVRYjourney is a fantastic bicycle for cyclists, especially those who have not ridden in years.

Why the EVRYjourney is the Best Bike if You Haven't Ridden in Years

Seeing the Difference From Today's Popular Bike Styles

Since those early days of cycling, the bicycle industry has become increasingly specialized. There are road bikes, for instance, that are built with the most lightweight of materials; designed to host super skinny tires so that bike jockeys in the tightest of fit spandex outfits can tuck in and go zoom zoom zoom down highways and sleek paved roads. Road bikes are fantastic for those who desire high speeds, but not so good for those who don't enjoy riding in a curled-up position. Road bikes also aren't a good pick for those who hate constantly switching gears for maximum effectiveness, or having to get those same components regularly tuned at their local bike shop.

Then there are the mountain bikes. Many see the wide and thick tires of mountain bikes and their big suspension forks as the perfect alternative to road bikes. Mountain bikes were designed and built to go up and down exactly what their name suggests: Mountains. The thick, wide tires and incorporated suspension systems of these bikes are designed to soak up the jolts from hitting packed dirt and rocks. While there is some benefit of taking such qualities and putting them in an urban landscape or for general around-the-town biking, there is the big drawback of weight. Most mountain bikes, especially at the entry level, are made to be heavy and bulky in order to withstand the abuse that comes with careening down hills and through the woods. Unfortunately, while that durability is nice and desirable for those rugged outdoor situations, it becomes a big pain for those just looking for something easy to maneuver and take around town.

Of course, the above are just two of the many different styles or sub-classes of bikes one has to choose from! Each specialized genre of bikes has its own qualities and attributes that make it ideal for some things, but not ideal for others. So, if you are shopping for a bicycle, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and become unsure of what type of bike is right for you. The EVRYjourney bicycle was designed exactly for this type of bicyclist; this person who may not have ridden for years or may simply be frustrated with their current bike's specification. The EVRYjourney was designed as a commuter-meets-hybrid-meets-cruiser bicycle in that it includes many unique attributes that make it truly an EVRYman and EVRYwoman's type of bicycle.

The Unique Attributes of the EVRYjourney Bicycle

Lightweight But Durable Frame

A big complaint people tend to have about bicycles is that they don't have anywhere to store them. If you live in an apartment, then you likely have stairs that you will need to haul your bicycle up and down before and after use. Even if you own your home with a garage, you may risk your bicycle getting banged up as you constantly have to maneuver it in and around the other items you have stored there.

The EVRYjourney bicycle solves both the problem of weight and durability thanks to its use of lightweight aluminum tubing for its frame and fork. Aluminum is incredibly light but has what is called a high strength to weight ratio. That means that it can carry and take quite the beating despite its own low weight structure. Aluminum also has the side benefit of being corrosion resistant, something incredibly important for those living along the coast or in otherwise humid environments.

Upright, Ergonomic Riding Position

The hunched-over position that is so desirable with road bikes is not going to be comfortable for the vast majority of bikers. This riding position is forced due to most road bikes having what are called "drop bars", which are the handlebars that curve down like the letter "C". The position these specialized bars set riders into works for reducing wind resistance and improving speed, but it can be hard on the back and many newcomers to bike riding can feel nervous about not being able to properly see everything around them.

Contrastly, mountain bikes almost always boast what are called "flat bars". These handlebars point out directly straight and flat from where they connect with the stem and headset. This position paired with the elongated frame makes it so that riders will have to really stretch out to extend their hands on the grips. The goal here is to give riders a more stabilized and controlled position as they go down mountains. However, the drawback is that once again these style bars are not generally comfortable for around town and more laid back riding. The rider is unnaturally stretched out and the position often causes stress on the neck over long distances.

The EVRYjourney bicycle solves these neck, back, arm, and vision problems by changing up just about every aspect of design. The overall goal behind the bike's entire build is to put riders in a more ergonomic position with the idea that the more comfortable a person is while riding their bicycle, the more they will ride that bike and thereby the more they will love and enjoy that bike. After all, why would you keep riding a bike that made your body ache every time you got on it?

So when you purchase the EVRYjourney bike, you will be able to choose from 13 different sizes built for those between 5' and 6'2". These are unique sizes that take into account both the cyclist's inseam and arm length. Choosing the recommended fit based on the chart included with the EVRYjourney will result in you getting a bicycle that will put you in a much more upright position thanks to the shorter frame and curved back, cruiser-styled handlebars. In fact, when you sit on the EVRYjourney bicycle, you will almost feel like you are riding something akin to a comfortable chair. But perhaps most importantly, the slope of the handlebars paired with this short frame makes it so that you can easily view your surroundings. This takes pressure off of your neck and makes most bicyclists feel much more confident about riding, especially when in the city or otherwise around distractions.

There is also one more attribute, something that is more unique to this brand of bike that helps to pair ergonomics with functionality. That attribute is the forward positioning of the pedals on the EVRYjourney bike. Many other brands and bicycle designers have sought to fix the ergonomic issue, but the general hybrid bike solution creates another problem of forcing riders to raise their seat to uncomfortable heights. The reason for this is that it is important for cyclists to have their knee almost (but not fully) extended on the downturn of each pedal stroke. This position helps prevent common knee and joint issues that arise on the upstroke, when you're pulling your knee close to your body.

The EVRYjourney bicycle solves this issue of short frame design by placing the pedal in a more forward position than you would typically find on other hybrid, commuter, and even big-name cruiser-styled bicycles. This positioning of the peddles makes it so cyclists can still get that proper leg extension but without having to excessively raising their seat. This also makes it so that you can easily move to a standing position when you need to brake and stop your bike.

Comfortable Grips & Saddle Made From Synthetic Leather

Putting your body in the correct positioning for maximum comfort and accessibility is of incredible importance. But a person may still hate riding bikes if it doesn't also have two key attributes: Comfortable grips and a comfortable saddle (also known as the bike seat).

Even a more relaxed bike design like the EVRYjourney will still have riders applying pressure to their handlebars. Grips that don't provide the right amount of support and cushioning can cause fatigue and even pain, and because of that you may stop cycling altogether. The EVRYjourney solves this by utilizing high-quality synthetic grips that are soft and easy to hold and grip.

The standard saddle with this bike is wrapped from that same synthetic leather. It also comes packed with foam that was engineered for maximum softness, while an extra-wide saddle serves as a plush cradle ideal for those long bike rides. A word of note, however, while this saddle is ideal for most body types and bicyclists, it won't be ideal for all. The saddle is often the first piece of equipment cyclists replace as if you aren't comfortable with your saddle, you aren't likely to be riding very long. We recommend riders spend a month to break in this saddle. If the saddle is still uncomfortable at the end of the period, check in with your local bike shop to learn about different styles and to choose one ideal for your body type and riding style.

Choose a Comfortable Bike & You Choose a Forever Bike

You have undoubtedly noticed a trend as you read the above in-depth look at what makes the EVRYjourney such a fantastic bicycle. That trend is comfort. So many people avoid regularly riding bicycles because they have had previous experience with uncomfortable bikes. Bikes that stretched them out or curled them up, causing knee, back, and neck pain. Then there are the people who have avoided riding bicycles altogether because of things like worries about road dangers and other aspects of safety. Maybe you have had problems with all of these things and haven't ridden a bike in years because of it.

A comfortable bicycle that puts the rider in a more upright position solves both of these problems. The more upright you are, the more you can see what's going around you. Being visually aware of your surroundings and being comfortable on your bike gives you a greater confidence in your riding abilities. Greater confidence improves handling, prevents accidents, and brings about general enjoyment of cycling.

So, are you ready to get back in the saddle and enjoy riding bike again? If so, then visit our website to learn more about the EVRYjourney bicycle.


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