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The Best Beach Bikes And Accessories For New Moms

You have just been through the ultimate workout, a nine-month ordeal that has reaped tremendous rewards, but also did a number on your body. Now you need to get back out and get those other muscles moving and toned. Biking is one of the best activities you can do, because it is low impact, allows you to go at your own pace, and gets you out in the fresh air. Consequently, your first plan of action should be to visit sixthreezero and check out the best beach bikes available anywhere so you can find the one that’s right for you.

The Comfort of a Beach Bike

Your first decision when shopping for a bicycle should be to listen to your body. Just how ambitious do you feel, and how much do you want to push yourself physically? The great thing is that the best beach bikes are easy to ride. For instance, their design is upright and the seats are thick and comfortable. In addition, their sturdy frames and thick tires offer steady riding on the road. Finally, they are available in just one gear, if that’s all you’d like, so pedaling and braking is super simple. Check out sixthreezero’s extensive selection of beach bikes.

The Top Cruiser Bikes

Another option is to consider cruiser bikes. Though these variations are nearly as comfortable, they are easier to pedal and offer more gears. They also typically have hand brakes, which can actually be easier on your body. Though you will feel a few more bumps due to slightly thinner tires, the easier pedaling will preserve your leg muscles. Take a tour of sixthreezero’s cruiser bikes.

The Best City Bikes

Yet another possibility is to take a look at the best city bikes for women. These are a little more aggressively styled for use in urban areas. While this might not seem like a great fit for a new mom, if she is living in an urban area it is. She will, in fact, appreciate the easier maneuverability and speed of these bikes, which will keep her safe and away from traffic issues. So shop sixthreezero’s collection of great city bikes.


Everyone has their own needs while riding a bike. However, as a new mom who is working her way back into bicycling shape, consider adding a basket to your ride. This will take all extra strain off of your body while you get those muscles back in shape.

In the end, you must consider your health and comfort as you reacquaint your leg and core muscles with exercise. Try out a few of the best beach bikes you think might be a good match. Then, consider which is most comfortable and offers the most upside for you in the near future.

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