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The 6 Most Comfortable Electric Bikes

6. Evelo Galaxy 500

Aluminum Frame & Fork | Sloped-Back Riser Handlebars | CVT

This powerful compact cruiser was designed for senior bicyclists looking for something easy and comfortable. It uniquely features what the brand calls a CVT gearing system in which the bike will automatically switch the gearing via its internal rear hub depending upon the riding conditions. Cyclists can likewise opt to enable the bike's electric motor for further assistance up hills and over long distances.

Comfort aspects for this bike feature sloped-back riser bars similar to sixthreezero's Ride in the Park electric bike, as well as a step-through frame design and 24" wheels that keep the entire frame low for easy balance. The Evelo Galaxy 500 comes standard with Cyclops tires that are 2.4" wide and offer a nice squishy ride ideal for delivering comfort across uneven terrain. 

For many adults who choose not to ride bicycles, the main deterrent is and has been comfort. We get it. Many bicycle types, including mountain bikes and road bikes, are designed foremost for sport -- road bikes are designed to help the rider go fast, making the most out of their momentum while mountain bikes are designed to handle bumps and rocky terrain -- and not comfort. Yet, while there is certainly a place for those bikes and others in this world, too many adults we talk to haven't ridden a bicycle because they don't find it comfortable. The handlebars put too much stress on the wrists or neck, the seat or saddle is too hard, and/or a comfortable pedaling position puts one too high up on the bike to readily get off without tripping or even falling. If any of these issues or others have prevented you from riding a bike since you were a child, you aren't alone.

Because you aren't alone, an entire industry has risen up to create bicycles that are more comfortable and enjoyable to ride for the everyday cyclist. These are bicycles that put the rider's comfort at the forefront, with every feature and aspect added only after asking the question: Will this improve comfort? Here at sixthreezero, we are proud to design all of our bikes around this question, creating more ergonomic traditional and electric bikes that our customers can't wait to take out due to their comfort and ease of use. This article is going to take a look at those and others; bicycles that we see as rated as the six most comfortable electric bikes available on the market right now.

The 6 Most Comfortable Electric Bikes

What We're Looking For

Before we list out the six most comfortable electric bikes available in 2022, let's take a look at what would define a comfortable bike. First, we are limiting this list to electric bikes, or those bikes with pedal assist capabilities, as electric bikes offer exceptional possibilities. Electric bikes make overcoming would-be barriers like long distances and hilly terrains a breeze thanks to their ability to provide motor support to get the rider going further and faster without expending extra energy and muscle power. 

So for this list, we looked at the following features:

Frame: Comfort bikes should be made from either aluminum, which is exceptionally light and durable, or steel which is even more durable and capable of absorbing blows with ease. Steel bikes can be made with smaller diameter tubes which result in a more springy ride quality that translates to high rider comfort. 

Frame design is also an important aspect of comfort bikes. An ideal comfort bike frame will feature three geometric aspects: A step-through design or otherwise low top tube that makes it easy for riders to get on and off, an overall more stretched-out design, and a thoughtfully placed bottom bracket that will enable comfortable pedaling.

Handlebars: Road bikes have drop bars that tuck the rider in so as to decrease wind resistance and enable the rider to go faster. However, this handlebar position often puts stress on the neck and lower back. Meanwhile, mountain and track bikes often have straight also called flat bars that are combined with a geometry that put the rider even or higher than the handlebars. This helps significantly with bike control and maneuverability but often results in stress on the wrists and forearms. Thus, no comfort bike should have drop or flat handlebars.

Instead, comfort bikes should feature either sloped back, cruiser-style handlebars that enable the rider to bike sitting up and without pressure on the wrist, forearms, neck, or back, or thoughtfully-designed riser bars. Riser bars at first glance look similar to straight bars, but they feature a slight rise at the grips and often a slight slope back that greatly reduces the potential for wrist and forearm stress. 

Gears: This one is tricky because what is comfortable gearing for one person may not be for another. Some people prefer having only one gear, also called a single-speed bicycle, in which they don't need to worry about any type of shifting at all, while still others will want to have as many possibilities as possible. In general, however, we've found a simple combination of one front gear and seven back gears to be the perfect combination that will allow cyclists to easily power up hills on so-called granny gears while not having to constantly bother with excessive shifting options. 

And, of course, all of the bicycles on this list come with a supplementary motor and battery pack that transition the bike from traditional to electric. That electric aspect allows riders to easily swap to pedal-assist or even full-electric mode to make it easier for the rider to tackle hills, great distances, and keep up with other cyclists. 

Learn More About Sixthreezero & Order Your Next Bike Today

As you can see from the fantastic bikes we have included in this list of top six most comfortable electric bikes, our team at sixthreezero takes comfort seriously. Very seriously. We want more people to ride bikes, and we want them to do so because they enjoy riding, finding their steel or aluminum steed comfortable and easy to ride. These are the goals we have when we design each of our bicycles, electric and traditional. To learn more about all of our available bikes as well as to see the rest of our inventory, visit us online at, and be sure to ask about our special 365-day test ride!

DISCLAIMER: The 365-day return policy mentioned in the video above is no longer valid. Please refer to for the updated policy.


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