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Surging Gas Prices: How eBikes Can Help Mitigate Costs

Updated On: May 16, 2022

The cost of gas has been variable and unpredictable for as long as anyone can remember. With ever-changing geopolitics, there are bound to be peaks and valleys in prices at the pumps. Though much of the world has vowed to reduce its dependency on oil, few modern nations have truly taken meaningful steps. How can you take matters into your own hands? If you live in and work in a bikeable area, an ebike is a perfect solution.

Electric Bikes & Work Commutes

Plenty of city and suburban commuters have been biking to work for years, and bike routes are common in many places. Most car commuters drive through sections of fairly heavy vehicle traffic. When you bike to work, you can bypass these areas, leaving you well ahead of disgruntled motorists. In busy cities like New York City, you may even feel like you're cheating.

Cycling for a commute can be a great option if you're in good health and live within a reasonable distance of your workplace. For some, however, riding to work is simply too taxing. 

This is where ebikes really shine. A good electric bike can help you get through the most difficult sections of road while allowing you to pedal through the rest. You can always choose when to exert yourself and when to take it easy. This is especially helpful if you're concerned about showing up to the office covered in sweat or too tired to get anything done.

Running Errands With eBikes

Have you ever debated whether that trip to the grocery store would be worth the gas mileage you'd put on your car? Now you don't have to. Simply fit your ride with an appropriate cargo solution, such as a pannier bag or basket, and head to the store. If you don't feel like pedaling, you can let your electric motor do most of the work. 

E-Tricycles are especially good for running errands or doing delivery routes, as they are more stable and feature more cargo area than traditional two-wheels. They also enable you to rest somewhat more while riding.

How Electric Bikes Can Help You Save Gas Money

Electric bikes are extremely affordable to charge. Depending on your battery power, a good model can get you perhaps 60 miles on a single power-up. Charging costs only the electricity you pay for your home. 

Most ebikes feature two modes: pedal assist, and full throttle. Pedal-assist helps you pedal by slightly engaging your ride's electric motor. Full-throttle mode powers you without the need for pedaling at all. Full-throttle is the most energy-intensive electric mode, but it is also the fastest. 

Unlike automobiles, ebikes have a convenient backup, should you run out of electric power — you can simply pedal the rest of the way you need to go. It's hard to overstate how important this advantage is. Essentially, it means you never have to pay anything for transportation if you don't want to. Bikes are less likely to break down on the road than cars, are safer to drive, and are drastically cheaper to repair.

Affordable eBike Options at Sixthreezero

If you've been putting off an ebike purchase because you think you can't afford one, you should know that ebikes have never been more affordable. While electric models are more expensive than standard ones, the increased efficiency can actually save you money in the long run. Accounting for decreased food costs and work breaks, an electric bike is a smart long-term option.

Sixthreezero's line features a range of models, from basic electrics to tricycles and deluxe hybrids. If you're ready to jump into the ebike lifestyle, you're sure to find something to suit your lifestyle and preferences. Shop Sixthreezero online today.


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