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Summer Biking Safety Tips

Blue skies, warm temperatures, and plenty of vacation days make summer the ideal time to ride your favorite beach cruiser around the city or down to the beach. But even if you ride good bikes, riding in the heat isn’t always a breeze. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your summer rides while staying cool and safe:

Stay Properly Hydrated

On days when the sun is baking and temperatures are scorching, you’ll most likely be sweating while you’re riding. It’s critical to stay properly hydrated. If you don’t get enough fluids in your body, you may become dehydrated, which zaps your strength to push the pedals. It doesn’t take much to stay properly hydrated. Simply pack a water bottle with you and pull over to sip it when you’re thirsty.

Know the Signs

Knowing the symptoms and signs of dehydration is critical. Some signs of dehydration can include:

- Increased thirst

- Feelings of sleepiness or drowsiness

- Dry mouth

- Decreased urine output

- Headache 

- Dry skin 

- Dizziness

Protect Your Skin

When you’re riding around outside on your hybrid city bike, it’s vital to protect your skin from the sun. Harmful UV rays can cause burning, premature aging, and even skin cancer. While applying sunscreen may be one of the first thought that comes into your head while you’re at the beach or by the pool, it’s easy to forget when getting ready to ride.

A high SPF number provides the best protection. A waterproof lotion is also good because you may sweat a lot. Lather up your back, arms, nose, cheeks, and ears. And remember to lather sunscreen onto the backs of your legs! Sunlight that is reflecting off of the ground can burn your calves and behind your knees, making things uncomfortable for your next cruise on one of your cool city bikes.

Get a Bike that Fits Your Needs

In order to stay comfortable, you want to buy a bike that caters to your riding needs. Our EVRYjourney is perfect for riding around town while the In the Barrel cruiser is ideal for a bike ride to the beach. Thankfully, we offer a plethora of good bikes to choose from.

Wear Lightweight Clothes

In order to stay cool while pedaling, wear breathable clothing with high sweat wicking technologies. Look for clothes with mesh panels and full-length zippers so you can get as much cool air on your skin as possible. A wicking base also helps to remove sweat and keep you dry. Thin socks and well-vented shoes will prevent your feet from getting hot and clammy, keeping you comfortable all day long. Don’t forget your helmet!

Take Plenty of Breaks

If you feel tired or thirsty, remember to pull over to a safe spot and take a break. Heat exhaustion is a real threat to summer riders.

For more biking tips and good bikes for sale, explore the rest of our site. Join our Journey Club to uncover new and exciting ride locations around the globe!


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