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Sixthreezero Summer 2022 Bike Deals To Take Advantage of Now

July 2, 2022

It's e-bike season! Summer comes with warmer weather and more time to hit the trails you love and the little-known destinations you've been itching to check out. Electrical bikes offer the best of both worlds: self-paddling for a great workout or power-boosted pedaling for an easier ride. Sixthreezero has a great selection of electric bikes, so you have many options from which to choose.

Benefits of Purchasing an E-Bike For Summer

Our e-bikes typically come with two motor options: 250W and 500W. Both are rear hub drive motors with pedal assist and full electric modes. Pedal assist gives you a little extra power, activating only when you're actually pedaling. With full electric mode, the motor does all the work. This can be very useful on uphill climbs or when you're a little tired and just need a little boost. Should the mercury unexpectedly rise while you're out on your bike, you can switch on the motor and take a break.

Around the Block 500W

The Around the Block 500W sports the same construction and features as the original non-electric version. Its vertical riding and pedaling positions keep your joints in ideal alignment and allow full leg extension to prevent soreness. Ideal for riding distances between 25 and 40 miles, the 500W version can travel at top speeds of 15 MPH on full power and 28 MPH on pedal assist. Expect to get 18 to 40 miles from a completely charged battery on full electric mode and 20 to 60 miles with pedal assist.

Around the Block 250W

Like the 500W version, the Around the Block 250W also sports a rear hub drive motor with both pedal assist and full electric modes. You can travel at top speeds of 15 MPH on full electric and 24 MPH with pedal assist. On a full battery, you can go up to 15 miles on full power and between 15 and 30 miles on pedal assist. Both the 250W and 500W models support riders up to 6 feet tall, weighing up to 250 pounds.

Body Ease 500W

Like its non-electric version, the Body Ease 500W electric bike features a low step-through frame, a dual-spring seat and hybrid tires delivering a smooth ride. This bike is clearly made for comfort, but the 500W rear hub motor with a 48V lithium-ion battery adds even more convenience. Choose pedal assist mode, which can take you up to 40 miles, or full electric mode for distances up to 20 miles.

EVRYJourney 250W

The EVRYJourney 250W takes all the great features of the non-electric version and pairs them with a 250W rear hub drive motor. Enjoy exceptional comfort with its extra-wide soft foam seat and wider tires that roll smoothly over both paved and unpaved surfaces. The 250W edition can travel up to 15 miles on full electric mode and up to 30 miles with pedal assist.

EVRYJourney 500W

Like the 250W version, the EVRYJourney 500W edition adds a rear hub motor for extra power when you desire it. With a fully charged battery, the 500W version can travel up to 20 miles on full electric mode and up to 40 miles on pedal assist.

Pave N' Trail 500W

The Pave N' Trail 500W combines the original Pave N' Trail design with a 500W rear hub drive motor. Its lightweight ergonomic frame and hybrid tires offer a smooth ride for commuter, recreational and exercise riders. It also features a 7-speed gear system and a medium-firm padded seat. The Pave N' Trail fits riders up to 6 feet tall who weigh up to 250 pounds.

Sixthreezero offers great deals on these and other electric bike models. Seasonal sales and Affirm financing put your next electric bike within easier reach. Get matched with your perfect model by using our BodyFit feature.


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