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Sixthreezero EVRYJourney Fat Tire Electric Bike Review: Why This Is the Best Bike for Adventures

June 24, 2022

Bicycles are not just a means of traveling. They are a fun way to enjoy many types of environments, from city streets to forest trails to the beach. Riding is a pastime that is popular among all ages and there are many types and styles of bikes currently on the market, from traditional models to electric and hybrid models. Modern elements including tires, brakes, pedal systems and motors take cycling into the 21st century.

What Is a Fat Tire E-Bike?

Fat tire e-bikes are motorized bicycles that come with tires about twice the size of standard tires. The thickness of the tires allows the e-bike to travel over all types of terrain. The tires maintain better traction because they make more contact with the ground than standard tires.

Where Can You Ride the EVRYJourney Fat Tire E-Bike?

You can ride EVRYJourney fat tire e-bikes on all types of terrains. They are ideal for riding off-road, on forest trails and over rocks and roots. They will even perform in snowy conditions, where they operate as they would on a beach, with the tires gripping the ground firmly so the rider can get traction and fluid motion. Though you can use fat tires on pavement without any major issues, the design insists that the rider work harder to generate momentum.

What Are EVRYJourney Fat Tire E-Bike Speed Features?

These bikes can maintain speeds of up to 28 miles per hour by merging motor and pedal power. The motor alone can maintain speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. Riders choose how much they want to motor to be in use. Effectively, speed features kick in when obstacles like big hills are in play. The motor can enable riders to maintain their speed going up hills without the extra exertion that comes with traditional models.

What's Up With EVRYJourney Fat Tire E-Bike Brakes and Pedaling?

This type of bike employs front and rear disc hand brakes for prompt and easy stopping. This braking system allows riders to exert excellent control over the bike, especially in tense scenarios, like riding down a rock face or navigating a windy, wooded trail.

Pedal-assist is standard on these models, with the motor kicking in as riders want it to. Riders can choose to exert total pedal power, like in the old days, total motor power or a combination of both. In short, the pedaling aspect of e-bikes speaks to the number of options and freedom riders enjoy.

How Do You Pack and Travel With Your EVRYJourney Fat Tire E-Bike?

Traveling with your e-bike isn't necessarily troublesome. If you have a truck with a bed, you could simply stand the bike up in the bed and fasten it down with straps and blocks. You could also mount your e-bike on a rack. If you are putting the bike inside a hatchback or otherwise roomy vehicle, you can remove the battery and front wheel for maximizing space efficiency.

What Is Proper Storage for Your New Bike?

Storing your e-bike appropriately is tantamount to maintaining its performance capabilities. It should be stored in a cool, dry place without much humidity. Garages and sheds fit the bill. While in storage, you don't want the battery either too full or empty, because both can have detrimental effects on it. Aim for about 40 to 70 percent battery charge.

What Are Good Safety Precautions for Your Next Bike Adventure?

Riding calls for clear-headedness. Visibility and caution are essential and can save you from hitting a tree or being struck by a vehicle. Never go faster than your comfort level.

Cycling is a healthy and fun way to travel. We think the more people riding on streets, trails and beaches, the better. If you're looking for a fat tire e-bike or just want to browse, hop online and check out the huge selection of bikes available, from traditional to electric, as well as accessories.


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