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Sixthreezero Electric Bikes: Hawaii Edition

Updated On: June 27, 2022

Electric bikes are versatile, powerful, and perfect for cruising down a Hawaii beach. There are plenty of eBikes to choose from, but few offer the quality and convenience that Sixthreezero bikes are known for. Maybe that’s why they’re a fixture of Hawaii beaches and bike paths. If you’re ready to embark on a Hawaiian eBike adventure, find out where to go and what to do.

Best eBikes for Beach Commuting

Commuting on an eBike is a great way to cut down on carbon emissions and work some exercise into your daily routine. It’s even better when the backdrop of your commute is a Hawaiian island. The best eBike for commuting depends on your personal preference, but there are a few selections that offer standout performance. The Around the Block 500W bike, for example, offers exemplary speed and control in the form of an accessible women’s cruiser.

Best Electric Bikes for Trails

If you’d rather hit the trails than embark on a commute, there are plenty of eBikes that suit this purpose, too. The Pave n' Trail 500W is a great example of everything an eBike can do when it’s fitted with a full suite of features. Its easy-mount frame allows for quick take-off and even quicker braking. It’s particularly suited to trail biking, though, thanks to the hybrid ties that offer both stability and speed.

Hawaii's eBike Laws

There are a few eBike laws that visitors should be aware of when they visit Hawaii. You should remember first that all riders need to be at least 15 years old per Hawaii law, and any rider under 16 is legally required to wear a helmet — though riders of all ages should be sure to wear protective gear. Perhaps the most important legal mandate regarding eBikes is Hawaii's requirement that all eBikes be registered to a single owner or household. This helps keep eBike riders accountable and prevent theft, too.

Best Bike Friendly Hawaii Islands

If you’re wondering what islands are the best for biking in Hawaii, there’s really no wrong answer. Hawaii is an exceptionally eBike-friendly area, and any island you visit will likely have plenty of bike paths and beachside trails that you can enjoy a cruise along. Some of the most highly-rated bike paths can be found on Sunset Island, though, where bike paths lead to serene beach scenery. Maui and Oahu also receive notable mentions for their bike-friendly environment.

Traveling With Your eBike

Many people are understandably worried about traveling with an eBike. If you’re planning on hauling it on a plane, you might face some challenges. Most airline carriers offer bike transport, though, so you only need to worry about the expense. If this option is cost-prohibitive, or if you would prefer not to keep your eBike in the cargo hold, you can look for a way to rent a bike when you arrive in Hawaii.

Where to Get Your Bikes

There are a plethora of bike shops and rental locations that can accommodate all of your eBike needs. Many people find that renting a bike after arrival in Hawaii is much easier than trying to haul their eBike on an airline. Renting an eBike also gives you the opportunity to try out a new kind of bike!

Bike Safety & Precautions in Hawaii

There are many precautions that you should take when you’re riding your eBike in Hawaii. Remember that there are many pedestrians surrounding you — even if they aren’t immediately visible. You should wear a helmet and always keep your eyes peeled for people who may be walking in front of a bike path.


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