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Senior Rider over 70 Explains 3 Most Important Factors to Consider When Buying E-Bike

Hi, Pedaler's, Kathy again. I've been asked, many times, how I feel about my e-bike, what made me decide to buy one. I thought that I might go over my three most important factors after having done all my research. My very first factor was, "Would I ride it?" I did not want to make this investment in a bike that was going to sit in my garage and that I wouldn't ride. The answer to that is, "Yes. I sure do ride this." Number two was it had to be comfortable, because again, if it wasn't comfortable, I wasn't going to ride it. So, I do ride it. It is comfortable. I can honestly say I've never been sore in the least. I hadn't ridden a bike in over 50 years. So, I was worried, but it's fine. I used the design fitter on 630's website to fit a bike to my height, my weight, what kind of riding I was going to do.

I highly recommend, if you're looking at an e-bike, you go there and you look at that. It came up with several options for me, and I chose this one, which I'm very happy with. The third thing was it had to be safe, and I had to be able to rely on the company that I bought it from. I have heard many stories about people who have had big problems, even little problems, with their bikes, and the company does not stand behind them.

I can tell you firsthand, they do. When my bike arrived, it had a damaged fender. I made a phone call, and the next day, they put a new fender in the mail for me. I have not had any complaints about their customer service. I had a couple questions. They answered them very rapidly. All I have to do is send an email and I get quick responses. So, if you're a senior citizen and you're thinking about an e-bike, please don't be afraid. Do your research. I highly suggest one of the places you look is 630, and look at their website and see all that they have to offer. So, check it out. Happy peddling.


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