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Safest 3-Wheel Electric Bikes for Seniors

Riding a bike is a fantastic method of staying fit and enjoying the outdoors. However, riding a traditional bike can pose a challenge or be otherwise frustrating for adults who have mobility issues and symptoms that make it difficult to balance and maintain extended strength. These mobility issues may make you or the seniors in your life avoid activities like walking and riding a bike. Even though biking can be an ideal activity for seniors as it takes weight from the legs, where a lot of joint pain lies and centers it on the pelvis, there is the problem of balance.

Balancing on a bicycle can be difficult -- and not just for seniors! Where some people find balancing on a bicycle to be intuitive, others struggle. Riding a bicycle requires one to use their abdominal, shoulder, and arm muscles to hold the handlebars and maintain their steadiness as they ride the bicycle. Those with mobility issues related to these muscles may find themselves struggling with safely (and confidently) operating a two-wheel, traditional bicycle. The good news is that there is a wonderful alternative to such situations: Enter the trike, a three-wheeled bike.

Why Three-Wheel, Electric Bikes are Ideal for Seniors

The third wheel on a three-wheel bicycle, also often referred to as a trike, makes cycling easier as the design takes up the balancing aspect of riding. This is because three-wheel bikes are designed with one wheel in the front and two equidistant apart beneath (sometimes fully behind and sometimes partially under) the seat. This design offers exceptional stability and ensures that, unless you are cycling on some extreme road slants, the trike will never tip over.

On top of this, when you choose an electric model, you get the benefit of a motor to propel you along. Most electric bikes feature both a pedal-assist mode in which the electric motor takes over a lot of the mechanical advantage of pushing the bike forward, but still requires pedaling, and a full electric mode in which the electric motor takes over all the pedaling so that the rider can just hold on and enjoy the ride. 

The Top 3-Wheel Electric Bikes for Seniors

Now that we know why you might want a three-wheel electric bike, let's take a look at a few of the best models available for sale this year:

2. Viribus Men's and Women's Meridian Electric Tricycle


  • The Viribus Adult Electric Tricycle is certainly one of the most affordable electric tricycles on the market today. If you have a strict budget, then this may be the selling point for you.
  • This e-bike comes complete with a large rear basket that some owners have said is perfect for carrying a small dog as well as groceries. 


  • The seat on this electric bike is not the best and most will find a need to replace it shortly after purchase.
  • Most will find that the set-up on this electric bike is poorly suited for tackling hills and its low top speed of just 15.5 miles per hour.

The Viribus Electric Cargo Bike pairs a sizable battery with a 250W electric motor that does offer owners quite the range but unfortunately not the best top speeds. This e-bike will only go up to 15.5 miles per hour max in pedal-assist. While this might be okay for those who don't want to go fast, the lower pedal assist power and speeds also make for poor uphill cycling. 

That said, there are certainly some fantastic selling points for this electric tricycle. There is that nice large basket, but also owners will appreciate an integrated LED headlight that boosts the safety aspect when not riding in full daylight. 

The Reviews:

This is a well-designed trike. Raised handlebars allow you to sit comfortably. The basket is sturdy enough for pets. It has a surprising amount of zip. Pedal assist is fast or nothing or I would give 5 stars. Customer service is excellent.

3. Addmotor's Men and Women's Motan Electric Tricycle


  • This electric bike sits very low to the ground with 20" wheels, making it a good choice for those seniors who are worried about hopping onto the seat.
  • The small tires also come with beefy, really beefy, tires that make it a good choice for those needing to traverse over sand, dirt, and gravel.


  • This e-bike is on the other end of the scale, being among the most expensive electric bikes on the market. 
  • Assembly is complex and owners should seek the help of a professional mechanic.

The Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle is incredibly heavy-duty with a beefy frame that most seniors will feel very comfortable on. This tricycle features really fat tires with more treading ideal for gripping on dirt, rock, and similar loose ground. You can even confidently take this trike over snow! This style of tires paired with their 20" diameter makes the Motan Electric Tricycle a good choice for seniors wanting a bike with a low step-over height that is easy to get on.

This electric trike comes equipped with a Bofang 48V 750 front hub motor. With this motor, owners can enjoy a range of up to 55 miles when using the e-bike's electric mode (this company calls it their Level One Assist mode). 

4. Vamos Papa Grande Electric Trike


  • This electric trike features an innovative a unique soft basket between its two rear wheels. Where some may prefer the more traditional metal basket, this basket has its own unique advantages. Especially due to it having a zippable top. 
  • The Vamos Papa Grande Electric Trike features an ergonomic design with sloped back riser bars that keep the rider upright and comfortable.


  • This e-bike is also rather pricey and another one we would say is among the most expensive electric bikes on the market. Both for the base price and due to it needing to be shipped from Australia.

Yes, unfortunately, that is not a typo. The Vamos Papa Grande Electric Trike is designed and built in Australia, which can make obtaining one a little extra difficult. That said, there are some pretty good reasons why you might choose this beefy electric tricycle for yourself or the senior you are buying for.

This electric adult tricycle has a nickname of "the Daddy of E-Trikes" in Australia thanks to it being a premier choice for those needing a capable utility bike. The rear carrier features cargo-friendly welds that enable it to carry just over 110 pounds. Plus, you can do that via a soft-cover bag featuring a removable padded inner bag that is easy to carry and even easier to wash. If you are looking for an electric bike that can handle more day-to-day hauling tasks, then the Vamos Papa Grande Electric Trike is going to be a good buy for you.

5. DWMEIGI MG708 36V 250W Step-Through Electric Trike


  • This electric bike comes standard with a suspension seat post, which can add a bit more comfort and ease to those with back and hip pain. 
  • The DWMEIGI MG708 electric trike comes standard with hybrid tires that roll smoothly over pavement and are a great choice for those who are eager to start traversing their neighborhood bike trails as soon as their new tricycle comes in. 


  • This e-bike has a decent electric motor, but it is certainly not one that is top of the line. Those riding with the pedal-assist in continual mode can expected to a range of about 30 miles, which is half the previously mentioned electric bike.  

The motorized DWMEIGI MG708 is a comfortable and affordable electric bike that many seniors will enjoy. This electric bike is one of the most affordable electric bikes that is on this list of the safest three-wheel electric bikes for seniors and thus a good choice for those looking for a more beginner-friendly option. It does not include as high-quality of components as other models listed here, nor does it quite have a frame that is ergonomically optimized, but there are still some big draws for it.

Foremost, this electric bike is really easy to set up and get working as soon as it arrives. If you are not certain about assembling an electric tricycle, you can always take it to your local bike shop or call in for a mobile bike technician and they will find the assembly of this unit fast and easy. Integrated comfort and safety components like the suspension seat post and front LED headlight add to this ease of set up and ensuring you feel comfortable taking the trike out onto the road or bike path. 

The Reviews

Hey, I really love this bike, I have had it for about a week and have ridden it 7 to 14 miles every day and I couldn't be happier. This bike has changed my life because I and my son now ride every day at least 7 miles. Hopefully, it will last for years!

Learn More About the Sixthreezero Electric Trike

Safety and comfort are paramount concerns at sixthreezero, and two core concepts we build each and every one of our bikes and trikes on. With the EVRYjourney 250W Tricycle, we are confident that you or your loved one will be able to quickly get on and enjoy safely riding about the community. But you don't have to just take our word for it. Contact our team today to learn about our 365-Day test ride and get links to videos of other seniors and their experiences both with our company and with the 2022 EVRYjourney 250W Tricycle. 


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