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Safest 3-Wheel Electric Bike for Plus Size Riders

When many people think of bicycles, the only thing that comes to mind is the conventional two-wheel version that is manually pedaled. But contrary to what you might think, there's a wide world of bike options out there - and it doesn't matter what your body type is. For instance, plus-sized riders that may not find a conventional two-wheel bike comfortable or convenient can still own a bike that's perfect for their body type - and one great bike option is a three-wheel, electric model.

Three-wheel bikes, or adult tricycles, are becoming an increasingly popular bike model for a variety of reasons - and we're not just talking about for toddlers. For starters, the three-wheel assembly means that they can support more overall weight than a typical two-wheel model, which makes them ideal for plus-sized riders. But there are plenty of other benefits associated with this type of bike model as well. For instance, they tend to have a larger cargo space to hold groceries and other materials. They tend to offer a more stable ride, and are easier to get on and get off - making them a safe choice. And they're available in electric models, which can help give riders a break in full electric mode or complement conventional pedaling in pedal assist mode.

In this post, we'll discuss some of the best and safest three-wheel options for plus-sized riders on the market today. We'll also share some information on what you should be looking for when it comes to acquiring an electric tricycle. Here's a closer look at what you need to know:

Our Top Picks for Safest 3-Wheel Electric Bikes for Plus-Sized Riders

Before we get into some of the specifics to consider when it comes to selecting an electric tricycle, let's first discuss some of the best options on the market today. Here's a look:

Ideal Design: Liberty Trike E-Bike

With up to a 400-pound weight capacity, plenty of cargo space and a design that makes it easy for riders to get on and off, the Liberty Trike E-Bike is a simple, yet highly functional model designed for plus-sized riders. Its foldable design allows the bike to easily close up and tuck into closets, under beds or into the back seat of vehicles. And it's high on comfort, offering a padded seat and backrest. The one downside to this bike, however, is that you're only likely to get about 15 miles out of the electric motor before battery recharge is necessary. Still, it can make for an attractive option for riders who only intend to travel short distances on their rides.

Best All Electric Model: MotoTec Electric Trike

This one is a bit of an outlier, as it's more of an electric scooter than it is a bicycle. In other words, it doesn't have any pedals and relies on the 800-watt electric motor to do all of the work getting riders from Point A to Point B. Noting this, you'll also lose the fitness and exercise benefits that come with using a bike, even as far as most electric bikes are concerned. Even so, it's built to be sturdy and durable, can support a maximum payload of up to 250 pounds and is good on a variety of different terrains. The motor can help riders hit top speeds of up to 25 miles per hour and for up to 17 miles before recharge is necessary. Aside from not offering any pedals, another downside to this bike is that it can be difficult to assemble.

Maximum Cargo Space: EWheels EW-29 Scoot-Around

This is a bike that's designed for riders that intend to carry more cargo with them on their travels. It features two baskets for storage and can accommodate a maximum payload of over 400 pounds. The 500-watt motor packs plenty of punch to boot, with a maximum speed of up to 15 miles per hour and a range of up to 20 miles on a single charge. The bike is ideal for nighttime riding, offering a front headlight to enhance safety in low-light conditions.

Safest Tires: Toxozers Electric Trike

One of the key considerations to look for in an electric bike for plus-sized riders is durable tires. Toxozers Electric Trike checks this box in a big way, as it features three high-grade tires that excel on just about every type of terrain. The tires grip well to the road and don't easily slip. Combine this with a comfortable seat that can easily adjust to various heights and a payload capacity of up to 400 pounds, and you have a highly functional electric tricycle. Another neat thing about this bike model is that it can operate in reverse. One downside to the bike is that its durability doesn't come without excess weight. The bike weighs in at about 200 pounds, which can make it difficult to carry and store. And while the electric motor can reach top speeds of 22 miles per hour and offers a range of 25 miles, it takes about 10 hours for the battery to recharge.

The Top Choice: EVRYjourney E-Trike

When it comes to value, safety, comfort, durability and functionality, you can't go wrong with the EVRYjourney E-trike from SixThreeZero. This trike checks all of the boxes for plus-sized riders (or riders of any body type, really), to deliver an ideal all-around electric riding experience. For more information on what makes the EVRYjourney E-Trike such an attractive option, contact SixThreeZero today.

How to Choose a Safe Electric 3-Wheeler

If an electric tricycle is right for you, there's more to selecting one than just heading up to your local bike shop and picking one out. Like any purchase of this magnitude, you'll want to consider features, style, fit and more before you make your selection. In this section, we've outlined some of the key considerations that you should be weighing when it comes to selecting a safe, electric three-wheel bicycle. Here's a look:


The last thing you want to do is invest in an electric tricycle that isn't designed or manufactured to last - and this goes for anyone selecting a bicycle, regardless of your body type. One of the most important considerations is materials and bike design. Look for bikes with a strong, durable frame that is able to withstand extra weight without issue. On a similar note, you should also be considering bikes with larger, sturdier wheels and tires and models with stronger brakes. With bikes that are designed to withstand a greater amount of weight, it's not just the frame that needs to be reinforced or designed accordingly, but various components as well. Don't overlook any of them.

Proper Fit

We can't emphasize the importance of proper fit enough when it comes to making your next bike selection. Many riders assume they can just go to their local bike shop, select the bike that looks good to them and manually adjust the seat until it suits them. This isn't the correct way to go about finding the right bike fit. And even worse, an improper fit could lead to a number of issues, such as back and shoulder pain. The best way to ensure proper bike fit is to get professionally fit tested for a bicycle. This will ensure riders are paired with a model that ergonomically suits them and will permit a more comfortable overall ride. You can do this by visiting your bike shop and getting fit tested in person. You can also do this online by entering some key metrics about yourself and your body type. The bottom line is that this isn't a step that you want to skip. Your body could wind up paying for it in excessive soreness and joint issues for years to come as a result.

Overall Weight Capacity

As we said in the introduction of this post, one of the nicest things about electric tricycles is that they can support a greater amount of weight than a conventional two-wheel bicycle. This doesn't just make them an ideal option for plus-sized riders, but it also makes them an ideal option for running errands or commuting to and from the office, offering the potential to replace a vehicle for some transportation needs. On this note, it's important to not just select a bicycle that can support your weight as a rider, but also the weight of any goods or belongings you intend to bring along with you on your rides. With a large cargo basket that typically sits in between the two rear wheels, there tends to be extra space on these types of bikes. However, it's imperative to select a bike that can handle the appropriate payload. Most three-wheel bikes can adequately support up to anywhere from 300 to 450 pounds of weight. Make sure you select one that's ride for your body style and any groceries, work materials or other items you intend to bring along with you on your rides.

Electric Range

Last but not least, on any bike with an electric motor, you also want to consider what type of range the battery has before it will need to be recharged - and whether or not this range is adequate for your intended usage. As we noted earlier in this post, e-bikes tend to come in two electric modes: pedal assist mode and full electric mode. Pedal assist mode is designed to complement your own manual pedaling, while full electric mode can propel a bike on nothing but the electric motor. The former is ideal when you need pedaling assistance, while the latter can come in useful on uphill parts of a ride or when you need a break from pedaling. Most bikes have motors of either 250, 500 or 750 watts. The higher the wattage, the more power it can deliver and the longer it typically lasts before recharge is necessary. Most electric trikes can last from 40-60 miles on pedal assist mode before recharge is necessary and from 20-40 miles on full electric mode. Get an idea of how long you expect your rides to be to determine how much power you need in a motor.

Contact SixThreeZero Today

At SixThreeZero, we firmly believe that riding is for everyone - and we have the bikes to prove it. For more information on our EVRYjourney e-trike and to browse the other bicycle models that we carry, contact us today or visit our website. We carry men's, women's and unisex bicycles in styles that range from hybrid to beach cruiser to fat tire to commuter. Contact us today for more information and to find your next bike today.


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