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Review of 7 Electric Bikes 2 Seater You Need for the Family

As more families commit to cutting down their use of fossil fuels, the question arises: what’s a good replacement for the family car? What’s a less expensive option than an electric car? Are there electric bikes where I can bring a friend or family member with me? Could it really be that simple? Will they still be able to carry our beach gear or backpacks? How about groceries? Of course, there are so many questions as people search for things like “electric bikes 2 seater”, “tandem electric bikes”, “passenger e-bikes”, or “family e-bikes” etc. Of course, not every family looks the same or has the same needs when it comes to getting an electric bike with a passenger seat or double-rider capacity. It’s important to evaluate how you plan to use the bike and the needs of your family or other passengers before settling on one in particular. It might make more sense to get more than one single-rider e-bike than to go the passenger route. But one thing is for certain - it’s always more fun to ride together. With that in mind, we put together some criteria for searching through lists of available 2-seater electric bikes on the market today. Consider these questions and decide what makes the most sense for your family:

Things to Consider when Choosing Electric Bikes 2 Seater Style

Since the goal of finding an electric bike with passenger seat capacity is a little more expanded than just finding an electric bike, there are extra things you’ll need to consider, as well as some standard things. We’ve covered both in this list of criteria to consider:

1. Is the Frame Sturdy and Lightweight at the Same Time?

Obviously, any bike you use should be both sturdy enough to stand up to repeated use, but when it comes to an e-bike with passenger seat additions, it’ll need to be extra strong and well constructed. It should still be light enough to ride easily, with or without electric motor assistance. Furthermore, you’ll want it to be rust-resistant. This is especially true if you live in rainy or marine climates and will be out riding in those conditions on a reasonably regular basis. A lot of families are looking for electric bikes 2 seater style because they want to head out to the beach with the kids without the car, so rust-resistance and a good, sturdy frame are an absolute must in this instance.

2. How Easy is it to Mount, Dismount, and Ride?

Another way to ask the question is, “How ergonomic is it?” Does it have a low-slung frame that is easy to “step through” to mount or dismount? How comfortable is the riding experience generally? Are the pedals situated for easy pedaling? Can you easily step down off the bike without losing passengers when you brake? Are the handlebars easy to reach without bending over? How much stress do your knees, back, arms, and shoulders endure during the riding process? If you plan to be a regular tandem or 2-seater e-bike rider, these are very important questions to get a handle on before you buy.

3. What are Your Gear Options?

Whether you plan to ride along with street traffic or take your passenger electric bike into the hills for a ride, you’ll want to know what your gear options are. Usually, a 7-gear e-bike is a good option for ensuring you have traction and speed options that make it easier to travel in inclement weather, or up and down hills. Naturally, an electric bike will have a motor to help with the pedaling duties, but you still want those gear options to adjust to whatever biking conditions you might run into on any given day.

4. Does it Have “Coaster” Brakes or Disc Brakes?

While it might be just fine when riding a single-person e-bike, to have the old-fashioned “coaster” brakes that you pedal backward to stop with, adding passengers or additional riding partners makes disc brakes an important safety feature. You can quickly control disc brakes from switches on the handlebars, which makes them more responsive than the old coaster-style brakes.

5. How Adjustable is it for Rider Heights and Weights?

Naturally, the more you can raise or lower the seat for comfortable riding, the better. This is an important aspect of ergonomics, comfort, and safety while riding and can make a huge difference in the riding experience for both the biker and any passengers. Of course, this has a lot to do with how the frame is constructed and how durable it is too, especially when you are adding the additional weight of passengers.

6. How Long Can the Battery Go Between Charging Sessions?

This is a key piece of information you’ll need to have before deciding on a passenger e-bike of any kind. If you are just starting out biking, but you are serious about making this a regular family riding experience, you’ll need to know how far the battery can take you on something called “pedal assist” as well as under full power. You may be able to bike under your own power for a long time, but if you’re out pretty far and need to get the kids home at a decent hour, knowing the battery still has the juice to power the motor is going to be really important. So, understand the battery and mileage relationships so you can plan ahead appropriately.

As you go through this list, consider these six items. We’ve picked out 7 electric bikes 2 seater models that you might like to try if this is the year for your family to get out on bikes:

2. Best Single-Seat That Comfortably Fits Two: Elwing Yuvy

If you’re looking for something lighter that you can load onto the back of your car, this bike can double as a single-seater electric bike and a tandem rider bike. The seat is big and wide enough to fit two riders, and a baby seat can also be added to the back if necessary. It also has a convenient, low step-through frame design that makes getting on and off easy, at least for the rider, if not the passenger. The bike has front and back cargo racks, and though they are not very large, they can certainly help transport odds and ends. It has a carrying capacity of around 330 pounds and is designed with a footrest in the middle, almost like a scooter, for putting your feet on if you are going under full motor power. If you are looking for something more maneuverable in big cities, this bike is built for that, with its narrow, yet sturdy frame. A typical day ride for this bike, between charges, is reported at about 30 to 40 miles, which is very respectable for the motor. And again, it is built to go on full-pedal power or pedal assist as well. The display on the handlebars shows you how much range you have left on the battery.

3. For Motorcycle Lovers Looking for a 2-Seater Electric Bike: The “Fatbike” by Garrett Miller X 2-seater

This is a model that has been updated several times over the past few years, and really appeals to electric bike riders who want to feel like they’re actually riding a motorcycle without actually riding one. The bike tires are called out by the name itself: “fat bike” - meaning it has nice, fat, sturdy tires that grip the road well. They consider this a 2-seater electric bike because, like the one listed previously, it has one large, contoured, and comfortable seat that can easily accommodate the person controlling the bike as well as one passenger holding on from behind. It has two rear-situated footrests for the passenger too, which is nice. The battery charges in about 4 to 6 hours and can go a little over 40 miles between charges, depending on the terrain you’re covering. The one drawback is that it is not a step-through bike. Climbing on and off requires a significant leg lift for both the rider and the passenger, yet those who love this model like how it handles in city traffic and the battery longevity.

4. For a Separate Passenger Seat: RadRunner Plus

This bike has a large, separate rear passenger seat, unlike the previous two that had extra large sharing seats for the rider and passenger. The designers had their eyes on ergonomics here too because the bike has a low, step-through design and swing-back handlebars. It also comes with a built-in headlight, which extends the hours you can spend on it into the evening and in inclement weather. The disc brakes and gears are easily engaged from the handlebars. The 750-watt motor sits behind the dip in the frame and can go about 45 miles on full power between charges. The carrying capacity is a bit lightweight, though, so this may limit your passenger-carrying abilities to about 300 pounds. Still, it’s a good bike to use to bring along a friend if you want to go to the beach, to the cafe, to the park, or whatever else you’ve got going on.

5. Best For Traction on Wet Roads: The AZBO Adult Electric Bike

This e-bike can seat two because of its larger, antique motorcycle-style saddle. In fact, like some of the others on this list, it was built with the motorcycle lover in mind. It has a vintage style with a strong frame that holds up under a lot of different riding conditions, and the seat is comfortable for both the rider and the passenger. You can choose to pedal for yourself if you want a little exercise while hauling your friend with you, you can get help from the 500-watt rear-mounted battery-powered motor, or you can just totally use the motor. That will take you about 20 miles an hour for a good 30 miles before you need to recharge. The fatter-than-usual mountain bike tires provide a good, low center of gravity that helps stabilize the bike, even with a passenger on the back. Those tires are also great in wet, slippery weather, and the 7-speed gear shifts from the handlebars, as do the responsive disc brakes.

6. Best for Long Rides: DJ Super Bikes

This Power Electric Bicycle is built for going on long rides with a friend. This bike has a very perky 750-watt motor with an adjustment of up to 1000 watts! This means going on long rides and up hills is no problem under full motor power or pedal assist. The extra-large banana saddle is nicely padded for comfort. Although its top speed is 20 miles per hour, it can go the distance for 50 miles with a combined rider and passenger load of 275 pounds. So, again, more of a lightweight as far as passengers go, but the seat is definitely big enough to accommodate one. Its aluminum frame is sturdy and rust-proof as well, with components made to be impervious to the elements for a good long time of regular riding.

7. Best for Compact Spaces: The HXL Folding E-Bike

This is the one you’ll want if you are going on vacation and want something that will fold up and fit in with the luggage pretty easily. It weighs about 48 pounds, so it’s about as heavy as a medium-sized suitcase, and you can unfold it and it’s sturdy when you and your friend are ready to ride. It has a robust shock-absorption system and a cushioned seat that fits two. It doesn’t have as much carrying capacity, and you can only go about 15 miles an hour with its 330-watt motor battery.

8. Best Sofa-Forward E-Trike: Triobike Taxi

All of the 2-seat electric bikes on this list put the passenger behind the rider. Not so with the Triobike Taxi. They call it a “sofa on wheels” and the electric bike rider and motor are placed behind the 2-passenger seat. Each passenger gets their own seat belt, and there are even storage units for stowing essentials and a retractable weather hood with windows in case it starts to rain. There’s even a waterproof blanket to keep your passengers warm and dry. The rider in the back has the option to go on full-pedal power or electric motor power. It’s specially built to take passengers with mobility issues so they can go out and have a lovely day riding around the park. The rider also has an easy time mounting because of the low step-thru frame as well. The concept was created by Scandinavian furniture designers, so that gives you an idea of how much fun is possible here. Passengers don’t have to peer around the rider to see a full view of what’s in front of them, and the rider, positioned higher in the seat behind, has an easy time sitting in the seat ergonomically with a full view over the passengers’ heads. It’s a super fun idea, and the bike comes with its own lighting system.

9. Best Front-Compartment Passenger E-Bike: Ferla Electric Passenger Bike

If your kids are particularly wiggly and you want to be sure you can see them while you’re riding them around, then the Ferla might be the option for you. It has a carrying capacity total of 400 pounds, which is impressive. The front bucket passenger compartment can accommodate smaller adults too, but is really designed to transport children safely. The passenger section is 38.5 inches long and 28.5 inches high and has a bench that measures 24x10. It also comes with a seatbelt, though helmets are naturally still required. It kind of looks like a reverse tricycle with the two front wheels supporting the passenger car and a rear wheel supporting the back end and the rider in charge. The great thing about this trike is that if you aren’t carrying passengers in the front, the closed-up front car makes an excellent space for carrying any kind of cargo like groceries, books, work supplies, camping gear, etc. Their “Royce” model, which has a smaller carrying capacity of 350 can go about 45 miles between battery charges, which is a very nice range. Toddler and infant carrying accessories are also available for these models, which makes it a great option for a growing family that wants to leave their car at home and save on their gas expenditures for the month.

Choosing The Right Option From all the Electric Bikes 2 Seater Styles

Of course, the best way to determine which electric bikes 2 seater styles will be the best for your needs requires some evaluation on your part. Most of the electric bikes out there are built like traditional bikes, just with bigger saddles that can accommodate two riders. This is sufficient for riders who just want to bring a friend along to the beach or pick up one person for a cafe lunch. That’s great for a lot of riders. Some of these bikes have accessories that allow you to attach baby seats to the back as well, but not all of them do. The clear winner for family transportation in this list is still the EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle Rickshaw 750W with Passenger Seat. It can transport the highest weight limit of 500 pounds and has the motor to make it happen with finesse. For people with mobility issues who might have difficulty climbing onto the back seat, the Taxi is a great option with its removable panel that allows passengers to sit directly onto the front-facing sofa without any climbing. So that’s great for taking grandma and grandpa to the museum or out for gelato and pizza. It’s all about finding the right fit for your family and riding style.

It’s also a good idea if you can find some of these models to try out in person so you can see how they feel when you ride. Doing a few circles around the parking lot or through the local park is a good way to get an idea of the riding feel and what it would be like to take a passenger. Comfort, ergonomics, and safety are the priorities, of course. So everyone, passengers and riders alike, should bring a helmet, all the time.

If your family needs the significant carrying capacity of the Rickshaw trike, make sure to go to the right side panel of the website and enter your details on the FIT panel. This will help you get an idea, before you ride, of what could be the best ride for you and your family members. Whether you’re looking for something to take the kids to school on, something for a fun ride to the beach (beach cruisers are our jam), or an electric tricycle that has a huge back basket with a lot of carrying capacity, you can find the electric bike that will best get you where you want to go, with style and all the people you want to go there with.

Here at Sixthreezero, we are committed to helping as many people get out on bikes as we possibly can. From designing the most ergonomic bikes that fit the most people the most comfortably, to picking awesome retro designs that make your ride look as stylish and cool as you are, we are committed to making sure our riders experience a safe, enjoyable ride, no matter who they are. If you have any questions at all, please do reach out to us by sending an email to theteam@sixthreezero. One of our electric bike experts will be happy to answer your questions and provide the guidance you need to pick the electric bike with a passenger seat that you need for your particular needs.


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