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Review of 5 Passenger Tricycles You Need Now

Despite their increased popularity, many people still sit on the fence about purchasing an electric bike. Typically, these folks have the same objection to e-bikes as nonmotorized bicycles. Even though many electric bicycles can carry a baby or toddler's seat on the rear fender, they can't accommodate a larger child or adult as a passenger.

Many people would love an opportunity to share cycling with elderly or disabled family members, but they don't view e-cycles as an option. Parents might consider the need for more passenger space as a problem because they frequently need to transport older children and adolescents. Carrying a full-sized adult or even a school-age child would exceed the carrying capacity of many electric bicycles or make them unsafe and hard to balance.

A few companies have introduced a solution by developing electric passenger tricycles. Three wheels and a balanced design make these vehicles more stable than two-wheeled models. Plus, the axle with two wheels in the rear or front provides space for a seat or a passenger box.

Electric trikes designed to carry adult passengers can offer an ideal solution. Mom can skip the carpool line when transporting kids to school. Families can share joyrides with the young or old. Sometimes, two cyclists prefer to share one cycle and take turns pedaling and navigating. As a bonus, many e-tricycles can also double as cargo bikes, which are handy for school, work, or adventures.

The Best 5 Passenger E-Trikes You'll Want to Try Today

Even though offering electric passenger trikes seems like an excellent idea, only some manufacturers produce them today. Still, determined shoppers can find a few quality brands on the market. These criteria helped build this curated list of the top electric tricycles for passengers:

  • Power and capacity: Shoppers should consider the weight of the cyclist, passengers, and anything else they want to transport. The motor, frame, and method of carrying passengers can all impact capacity.
  • Frame materials: New aluminum alloys can last a long time and typically weigh less than steel frames. Even so, some cyclists prefer the rigidity and durability of steel frames, even though three-wheeled bikes have more components and weigh more than two-wheeled bikes.
  • Ergonomic design: Most of the best e-tricycle producers consider the comfort of the cyclist and the passengers in their designs. Comparison shoppers should consider features like step-thru frames, shock absorption, and wider tires for comfort and accessibility.

Best Overall: Passenger E-Trike #1

Best Cargo-Passenger Combo: Passenger E-Trike #2

Ferla Cargo Bike Royce: $4,999

This electric trike looks very different than the EVRYjourney electric tricycle. For instance, Ferla placed the two wheels in the front, and then the company set a passenger box between them. Ferla also offers an optional sun and wind cover over the passenger seat to protect passengers against the elements.

The 350W motor can carry a maximum weight of 350 pounds, with the cyclists weighing no more than 200 pounds. Like the EVRYjourney, this e-trike also features fat tires and an accessible step-thru frame.

The basic bike comes with a headlight, a taillight, and eight gears. Safety features include a roll cage and seat belts. The manufacturer promises rides of up to 45 per charge at a maximum speed of 20MPH.

Pros and Cons

The Royce offers many luxury upgrades to the passenger box, including memory foam seats and optional tops and covers. Still, the bench seat on the EVRYjourney looks more comfortable, especially for larger children or adults.

The EVRYjourney also comes with a more powerful motor and a greater carrying capacity. The passenger box can more easily double as a cargo box than the bench seat and might work better for taking pets. Ferma also includes the lights.

The Best for Passengers and Storage: E-Trike #3

Bunch The Original 3: $4,285

Like the Ferla Royce, this e-trike also comes with two front wheels and a passenger/cargo box placed between them on the axle. Four passenger seats with seat belts line the inside of the box. The removable box seats and seat belts come out for using the carrier for cargo rather than passengers. However, even with passengers.

The Original has space for a basket over the rear fender. The 500W motor can carry 350 pounds, including as much as 220 pounds in the box. The manufacturer suggests the steel frame can support riders from five feet four to six feet five, but they advise customers outside this range to contact them for customization.

Pros and Cons

The Original 3 has a steel frame, which some cyclists prefer. However, the e-trike weighs 152 pounds without a cyclist, passenger, or cargo. Average-sized adults might fit in the box, but it won't offer the comfort of the EVRYjourney's bench seats. On the other hand, this electric tricycle has space for a rear basket.

Best With Roller Carrier: E-Trike #4

XIMFR 3-Wheel Electric Bicycle: $1,448

This e-trike has a large carrier over the rear axle. The carrier's top transforms into a seat with a backrest and armrests. The carrier detaches and turns into a rolling case to take supplies the rest of the way on foot. The 350W battery can carry as much as 350 pounds. However, the rear carrier can only accommodate up to 110 pounds, so it's suitable for taking children or petite adults as passengers.

The manufacturer expects a range of almost 60 miles per charge with a top speed of 15MPH. The XIMFR offers five gears for pedaling, so this e-bike should handle modest hills efficiently. Three 24-inch wheels provide stability, and the step-thru frame makes this e-trike easy to mount.

Pros and Cons

The detachable rolling carrier provides a unique city commuting, shopping, or picnicking feature. Since the carrier only carries a maximum load of 110 pounds, cyclists probably need to choose between a small passenger or heavier freight. This e-trike has smaller, thinner tires than other models, so it might not offer stability and handling on rougher surfaces. This model can provide a budget-friendly starter e-trike.

Best Fully Enclosed Model: E-Trike #5

Etr100c: $11,949

This adult e-tricycle doesn't only stand out because it has room for a passenger. This three-wheeled, electric conveyance also comes with an enclosed cabin, so it looks more like a tiny car than a bicycle. That might seem unusual, but it works out well on rainy days.

With a top speed of 28MHP, the manufacturer says that cyclists can legally ride with the rest of the traffic on streets with posted speeds under 20MPH. Even so, individuals should check with local authorities to make sure. The Etr100c has a 3,000W motor, a 500-pound payload, and hand controls. It could replace a golf cart for many activities, like sightseeing, traveling around a large work campus, or sightseeing.

Pros and Cons

Most people buy e-bikes to enjoy a combination of exercise and motorized power. The Etr100c has three wheels, but it's more like a small utility vehicle in appearance than a typical electric bike. This model doesn't have pedals. It's not a regular passenger e-trike, but it may provide some people with the perfect transportation solution. The enclosed cabin will prevent rain from becoming an obstacle.

Is a Passenger Trike Best for You or Your Family?

Lots of folks have expressed their delight with the convenience and utility of these three-wheeled electric bicycles. At the same time, three-wheeled bikes handle somewhat differently than two-wheeled models, especially on corners. Some two-wheeled cargo bikes offer bench seats as accessories that passengers can sit on too.

While three-wheeled bikes handle similarly to bikes, they aren't the same. On the other hand, they remain upright when stopped and unsupported, which can offer a significant advantage when transporting passengers or lots of cargo.

No matter how many wheels they have, electric bikes can offer many benefits over other EVs, gas-powered vehicles, or traditional bikes. E-bikes have a small footprint and are generally affordable to buy and maintain. Plus, most e-cyclists say they're a lot of fun!


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