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Over The Age of 50? Tips For Bike Riding

Bike riders over the age of 50 generally fall into two categories: those who are looking to get back into shape after some years away, and those who are just as physically active as they were 10 or 15 years ago. In this article, we’re concentrating on those who have been away a while, but are looking to get their motors running again. So if that’s you, grab a simple beach cruiser or cruiser bike with gears and get ready to pedal—but read on first.

Starting Simple

Regardless of the past, what is most important is to start the future in a healthy way, both physically and psychologically. That means being honest about your current state of health and realistic about what you can expect from yourself. In the realm of bike riding, if you are just starting back after a long hiatus and are not in the best of shape, choose a simple beach cruiser. These upright, comfortable bikes with thick tires and plush seats typically have one gear. This means when you pedal forward you go forward, and when you pedal backward you stop. This makes them the simplest bike to ride, so you can concentrate on developing a rhythm and getting your mojo back. Check out sixthreezero’s great beach cruisers.

Kicking It Up a Notch

For those who were active most of their lives, or even long-time athletes who just stepped away for a while, a slightly more ambitious approach might be better and more productive. First, if you like comfort but want a little more of a workout and control over your pedaling, choose a cruiser bike with gears. You will still sit upright on a cushy seat, which might be good. However, remember you will still be riding a heavy, slow bike. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for more of a workout, choose a hybrid city bike. These slightly more aggressively postured styles are designed for more spirited riding in urban environments without giving up on all comfort. That means you will still have medium-sized tires and some cushioning on your seat. In addition, you will be mostly upright. The benefit, naturally, is that you will be able to bike a bit faster and get a bit more of a workout, if that’s what you seek. See sixthreezero’s whole lineup of great beach cruisers.

Either way, there is no reason to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation by being too ambitious. That will only have your new bike gathering dust. Instead, start conservatively and build on your successes slowly. Let your muscles and lungs get back into shape and enjoy the ride. This will ensure many more journeys in the future.

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