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My Sixthreezero Experience

A couple months ago, I submitted a heartfelt entry for the Love at First Ride giveaway contest. It hit me just how much I missed cycling as a hobby, especially when traveling. Being street level on a bicycle gives you a really different perspective and experience of the place you’re exploring. Upon finding out I was the chosen winner of this contest, I was in such a state of disbelief and joy that I would once again be able to continue such a great pastime after almost a year! I had been of the streets and trails due to my trusty bicycle that I used breaking down and not being able to be repaired to the standard I wanted to use it for.

Sixthreezero was remarkable from start to finish. From informing me I had won—to being in constant and careful communication with me every step of the way. I was told I could have any bike of my choosing on their entire site! Not only that, but I was able to visit their physical store in person while I was in the LA area. I went for test rides on a few different bikes I had in mind and was assisted by such a wonderful and kind sir named Ricco. He was so attentive and friendly to my thoughts and concerns, not only that, but by the time I left the store we had been talking like friends. Taking the bikes out for test rides was definitely an experience I’m glad I took time to do, I was pleased by how smooth each bike was on the rugged parking lot pavement and dirt roads.

What impressed me the most out of this whole experience was the top-notch service I received from everyone I interacted with. Sixthreezero even researched and shipped my bike to a local shop in my town that was able to deliver it to me fully assembled! Not something I expected, as I was already blown away and thankful to have a free bike. The delivery went really smoothly, was well communicated and scheduled. I cannot think of a single complaint or kink in this whole journey. I would positively recommend getting a bike from these fine folks.

Taking my bike out for a ride was surreal, I’ve never had such a smooth ride. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, but with 21-speed capabilities I feel I can do just about anything. I can’t wait to buy a bike rack next, so I can take my new Pave n’ Trail out to more cities and bike trails. I’ve been on a quest to do more soul searching and having a sweet new bike is a perfect tool to help me get away and just get lost in the beauty of this life and world.

-Sunshine Dominguez


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