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Most Stylish Electric Bikes for Women

Why Buy an E-Bike?

Because of the motor and battery, e-bikes cost more than comparable traditional models. Naturally, you will want to invest in an electric bicycle that performs as well as it looks. To get started, consider the benefits of e-bikes, so you will know what to look for when you're shopping. For instance, compare electric bikes to other modes of transportation.

An e-bike checks all the right boxes for fitness, finances, and fun. For instance:

  • Get fit while having fun: People still enjoy exercise from pedaling, and the motor can help cyclists enjoy faster and longer trips. A study found that e-cyclists got just as much exercise as regular cyclists, but the e-cyclists didn't feel as if they exerted themselves as much. A well-designed e-cycle can give people who haven't kept in shape a chance to enjoy riding without strain or pain.
  • Charge the battery anywhere: Any outlet can charge the battery that powers the motor. Most electric vehicles need a specialized port to charge. The charge only needs to propel a relatively light cycle and motor, so it doesn't waste excess power, like heavier vehicles. A full charge just costs pennies, working out to a fraction of the cost to power a heavier gas- or electric-powered vehicle.
  • Feel better on the inside and outside: Moving around outside offers more than just physical health benefits. Sunshine and socialization with others provide a chance to improve your mood and mental health. An e-bike offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and socialize with cycling friends, as well as transportation to work, school, or shopping.

Electric bikes offer the perfect balance between simplicity and power. At the same time, many people have hesitated before buying an e-cycle because of a few personal concerns. For instance, they may fear that electric bikes look odd because they combine the benefits of motors with those of traditional cycles, like some bicycle version of a Frankenstein monster.

Once you start shopping for high-quality e-bikes, you will see the truth. Today's e-bikes generally resemble various types of bicycles. For instance, you can find electric cruisers or mountain bikes. Many people won't even notice the discreet motor and battery.

These electric motors run quietly, so they don't contribute to noise pollution like most cars and motorcycles. They don't produce emissions, so they also won't contribute to air pollution or climate change. Meanwhile, you can enjoy an inexpensive form of transportation that helps you stay fit.

Most of all, you can enjoy all these benefits with style!

Stylish E-Bikes for Women

To help you find a model that you'll feel proud to show off to your friends and eager to ride, look at our hand-picked list of the most stylish e-bikes for women.

Premier Edition Bluejay

Priced at about $3,300, the Premier Edition Bluejay electric bike costs more than most competitors. It looks stunning, with a selection of color choices that even include Blush Pink and Bluejay Blue. Other colors include mint green, tan, black, white, and limited rose gold and heritage silver editions.

This model gives women a chance to buy an electric cycle that looks pretty enough to pass as a Barbie bike. The 350W motor rests on the frame, so it's not quite as discreet as the EVRYjourney motor, and it's also a little less powerful. The manufacturer offers two sizes, one for women at least 5'5" tall and one for more petite women.

Heybike Cityscape

This bike does not offer the same range of colors as the two e-cycles listed above. It only comes in either black or white. At the same time, the rear rack and fender give this e-bike a cute, retro appearance. Some riders even describe this e-cycle's appearance as elegant.

The cycle comes with a 350W motor, the same size as the Bluejay described above. The manufacturer promises a top speed of 19MPH, which won't match the EVRYjourney's maximum of 28MPH in pedal-assist mode.

The Heybike Cityscape does not stand out as the best electric bike on the market, but it might offer a good deal for some people. It ships mostly assembled, so even people who would rather not figure out how to put all the parts together should have no trouble going from unboxing to riding reasonably quickly. Two benefits of the HeyBike Cityscape include a price under $1,000.

Gazelle Ultimate C380

If the Heybike Cityscape looks a little retro, the Gazelle Ultimate might strike some people as a bike from the future. The futuristic appearance probably stems from the streamlined form and a fat bar that holds the built-in battery. Like the Cityscape, the Ultimate C380 also comes in two colors, including light olive-green and dark blue.

This e-bike comes in three sizes:

  • Small: This bike fits women from four foot ten to five foot six.
  • Medium: This bike fits women from five foot seven to five foot ten.
  • Large: This size fits women up to six foot four.

The step-through frame promises easy mounting, and the company says the cycle can achieve a top speed of 20MPH. Unlike the affordable Cityscape, this model costs the most of any on this list, retailing for $4,249.99. Also, the retailer charges $50 for shipping.


Few people would describe the Radrunner2 as elegant, but it looks cute and funky. It almost resembles a cross between a scooter and a city bike, but the 750W battery-powered engine puts this model squarely in the class of e-bikes. The manufacturer only offers two colors, black and green.

The $99 accessory that adds an extra seat to this cycle stands out as its most unique feature. Most good-quality e-bikes can carry a child's seat in the rear. This bike can handle two adults, up to a combined weight of 300 pounds, and the company offers a comfortable passenger seat. It also adjusts to accommodate riders from four foot nine to six foot two. The Radrunner2 costs $1499.

Blix Sol Eclipse

This Blix Sol Eclipse electric cruiser bicycle comes with both wide tires and a wide seat to provide a smooth ride along the beach or around town. The soft colors and relaxed look of this e-bike will fit in perfectly too. Color choices include Sorbet Pink, Sky Blue, Seafoam Blue, and Slate Gray. Most e-cyclists find this bike relatively comfortable and easy to use.

The step-through frame offers easy mounting, and the cycle can adjust to accommodate women from five foot one to six foot two. A 750W motor offers plenty of power, and various mounting points on the cycle make it easy to attach accessories. The Blix Sol Eclipse retails for $1,699.

Ecotric UL Certified Electric Foldable Bike

For some women, the perfect style includes minimalism and practicality, and this is what the Ecotric Electric Bicycle offers. It's not a full-sized bicycle with full-sized wheels, but it can fold up to stash in a car trunk or small storage space. Some owners said they would have preferred a wide-tired model but chose this one because it could fold up to fit in smaller places.

Many people buy this convenient little bike for travel, even when they already have a full-sized electric bicycle for longer cycling trips. The manufacturers designed this e-bike for adult women, but it looks like a cute kid's bike because of the small wheels. The 350W motor should provide ample power for hilly streets. The Ecotric electric cycle retails for about $730, making it an affordable choice for a second e-cycle

Why Does EVRYjourney Win the E-Bike Beauty Contest?

E-bikes can offer a form of transportation that helps people save money, preserve the environment, and enjoy better physical and mental health. Similarly, the EVRYjourney 500W checks all the right boxes for its durable, ergonomic design, graceful handling on various terrain, and adjustability to fit most women. It doesn't hurt that the EVRYjourney 500W electric bicycle looks sleek and sophisticated and comes in a choice of fashionable colors.

This e-bike's not just pretty to look at but also fantastic to use. This cycle's sophisticated choice of colors and classic design will please the most style-conscious cyclists. The EVRYjourney 500W NEW also provides cyclists with a beautiful experience when they're riding.

This medium-priced e-bicycle offers premium features, like a 500W battery, not found on many more expensive models. This high-quality electric bike also comes from a reliable company, so it earned first place in our e-bike beauty contest. Enjoy an excellent experience from shopping, purchasing, and unboxing to riding and charging this winner of an e-cycle.

Where to Shop for the Smartest E-Cycles

Do you want an electric bike that looks as good as it performs? Mostly, you will want a cycle designed specifically for comfort, durability, and to work well on the roads you plan to travel. Plus, you deserve to have a pleasant, stress-free experience during the entire ordering experience.

SixThreeZero offers fashionable, high-quality electric comfort, cruiser, hybrid, mountain, fat-tire, and three-wheeled bicycles. They all come with a choice of colors and adjustments that can accommodate women with various tastes, sizes, and fitness levels. Best of all, online tools and friendly customer service representatives will ensure satisfaction with SixThreeZero and the delivered e-bike.

Start comparing the best-performing and best-looking electric bikes right now.


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