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Most Comfortable Electric Bikes for Tall Men

Fact: The average bicycle is designed for an average-sized person.

Another fact: The average man is about 5 feet, 9 inches tall.

So what does a tall man do if he wants to cycle - and cycle comfortably?

Let it be known that tall men are not out of luck when it comes to finding a bike that properly fits them - they might just have to look a little bit harder for it. The good news is that you don't have to really look that much harder to find the right electric bike that will suit your extended frame - and in this post, we're going to tell you how to do it and what other things to look for in an e-bike if you're taller in stature. We'll also discuss some of the best e-bikes on the market today for tall men that you can select from. Here's a look at what you need to know about finding a comfortable bike if you're tall.

Get Fit Tested

We can't stress this tip enough - get fit tested. You can't just buy any bike and expect to ride it comfortably - you need to buy the bike that best suits you. And the best way to find the one that measures up the best against your stature is to get professionally fit tested so you know exactly what to look for. You can get fit tested by stopping in to any bike shop and requesting it from a professional. Or if you're comfortable sharing your height, weight, arm length, and other metrics online, it's easy to get fit tested that way too. This will give you a great overview of exactly what type of bike you should be looking for. And once you know this, you can pay more attention to some of the finer details that you might want in a bike. We'll cover some of those in the next section.

What to Look for in an E-Bike for a Tall Man

Before we get into some of the factors to look for in a bike for a tall man, let's first take a look at something that you absolutely don't want to do: settle. That's right, don't just purchase a bike that's designed for an average-sized man and "make do" by adjusting the seat - it's not going to make for a very comfortable ride. As a tall man, you're still likely to be hitting your elbows off the handlebars and having your legs brush up awkwardly against the pedals and side. And settling for just any bike probably isn't going to do wonders for your back either.

Bottom line: Don't just bank on buying a bike designed for average-sized men. Do your homework to purchase one that properly suits you and your size. If you settle, you're likely not going to have the most comfortable ride, and your back, shoulders, and arms are likely to suffer strain over time as a result. That's not what you want out of your bike. Here's a look at some of the factors that you want to be sure to look out for:

Weight Limits

As a taller man, you're also likely to weigh more. Simply put, there's just more body to go around when you're above average in size. That said, you want to make sure that you purchase an electric bike that can adequately hold your weight and any other accessories that you're planning on carrying along with your ride. For example, if you're replacing a vehicle with an electric bike, you'll likely use it to do your shopping. If you're mountain biking or trail riding, you might need to carry camping gear or equipment. The bottom line is to be sure to check the maximum weight capacity to ensure that it suits your weight and the projected weight of anything you might be bringing along with you when you ride.

Take Note of the Frame Size

As we noted throughout this piece, most bikes are designed for riders of average height. And if you're a taller man and in the market for a bike that needs to fit your size, one thing to look for is the frame size. For average-sized men, the best frame size might be in the neighborhood of anywhere from 17 to 20 inches. But if you're a taller man, you're going to need a bigger frame size - and that's where a 23 or 24-inch frame size can come in particularly useful.

On a similar note, make sure that you're paying attention to wheel size as well. Like frames, wheels come in all different sizes. Generally, you'll want to opt for a larger wheel size - like in the 26-inch variety - when you're a taller person. The bigger wheel size will do a better job of supporting your height and bigger size. What's more is the larger wheel size has twice the amount of spoke cross, making for enhanced durability. Some bikes even come with fat tire wheels for better stability and durability, which is another consideration that might be worth exploring when you're out bike shopping.

Adjustable Handlebar Height

One of the biggest factors in a comfortable ride is handlebar height. Too low, and you may need to bend your elbows in an awkward way to grip them properly, which can cause soreness over time. With that being said, a bike with adjustable handlebars is a big plus if you're a tall man. Even tilt adjustment is a big help when it comes to more ergonomic riding. It's important that your handlebars are at a comfortable angle so your arms can stay straight and somewhat parallel to the shoulder while riding. Many bikes designed for tall riders also feature handlebars that are angled inward to put less strain on a cyclist's arms.

Electric Range

OK, so this isn't too specific to tall men - but to anyone and everyone who is looking to purchase an electric bike. Like all things that run on an electric battery, e-bikes have a range of how far they can travel on a single charge. Now, it's worth noting that most e-bikes come with two electric functions: pedal assist and full electric mode. Pedal assist is exactly what it sounds like - the electric motor complements your traditional pedaling while you're riding. Full electric mode is where the motor completely takes over. As you might expect, you'll deplete the battery faster in full electric mode than you will on pedal assist mode. The battery will also deplete faster if it's carrying more weight, whether it be the individual, any cargo or a combination of both. Most e-bikes these days can get anywhere from 20-50 miles on full electric mode and go even further in pedal assist mode, but it's still important to know the specs of the bike you're considering so you can rest assured it will serve the riding purpose you're intending it to.

On a similar note, it's worth it to also pay attention to how fast the battery recharges. Some bikes offer a fairly fast recharge time of four to six hours. On other models, however, it can take six to eight hours for the battery to fully recharge. If you're planning to use the bike every day for a commute, battery recharge times are more crucial to pay attention to than if you were to just take it out for a joy ride, for instance.

Top E-Bikes for Tall Men on the Market Today

Now that we've dished on some of the things to look for in a comfortable ride if you're a bit taller in stature, let's dig into some of the top bikes on the market today.

Pedego City Commuter

Though this is a bit more of an expensive bike model, pushing more than $3,000, you get what you pay for in a powerful 48 volt, 500 watt motor that offers five different levels of pedal assist so you can ride at your own electric pace. It's suitable for riders up to 6-feet, 4-inches in height, and offers a smooth ride thanks to kevlar-belt tires and a wide seat. Cruiser-style handles also help take strain off the rider's back and shoulders.

EVRYjourney 500W (SixThreeZero)

We like the EVRYjourney from SixThreeZero for a few reasons. One, it's ideal for taller riders up to 6-feet, 4-inches in height. Two, it's designed with maximum comfort at the forefront, from the ergonomic seat to the gripped handlebars to how it promotes an upward riding posture that's easy on the back and shoulders. And three, it's not called the "EVRYjourney" for no good reason. It's literally suitable for "every journey." With a 250-pound maximum weight load, seven speeds and 40 miles on pedal assist and 20 on full electric throttle, you can't go wrong with this model.


Another e-bike that's ideal for commuting, the 36 volt battery will allow you to get up to 20 miles per charge on your journey at a maximum speed of about 20 miles per hour. It features a smooth ride and 26-inch frame, and has gone through independent, third-party testing to verify its overall quality. It's also a versatile option. For instance, while it may have been initially designed for city riding, it's suitable for anywhere that you want to ride.

Heybike Cityscape 350W Electric Cruiser

Twenty-six inch tires give this bike the enhanced durability that tall riders may need - and it's luxurious seat and kick-back handlebars are designed to keep riders comfortable while they're on the go. It's robustly built and equipped with a 350 watt rear motor for reliable riding in city environments. The one big drawback to this bike is that it's not ideal for fast riding, with an electric maximum speed of only about 19 miles per hour. However, if you're riding this bike in the city, then speed isn't probably something you're all that focused on to begin with.

VIVI 350W Electric Cruiser

With a frame that's built with lightweight carbon steel, this bike is big on durability. The kick-back handlebars and upright seat design offer a comfortable, ergonomic ride, and the 36 volt, 350 watt motor can deliver up to 25 miles of riding on a single charge. Twenty-six inch wheels, fast battery charge in four to six hours and versatility are other key features packed into this bike. Plus, it's fairly light, making it easier to carry and store.

Our Pick: EVRYjourney 500W

There are a lot of good bikes that are made specifically for taller riders, but when it comes to price, comfort and versatility, it doesn't get much better than SixThreeZero's EVRYjourney 500W. And one thing we didn't hit on too much in the initial description of the EVRYjourney is the versatility of this e-bike. With plenty of add-on accessories able to be incorporated into the setup, it's truly an ideal option for every journey. And its affordable price point of around $2,000 makes it a wise choice.

Contact SixThreeZero Today

For more information on the EVRYjourney 500W electric bike from SixThreeZero, contact us today. As a leader in electric bikes for all different body types, we're committed to finding you a bike that suits your body and your riding purpose. At SixThreeZero, we believe that riding is for everyone. Contact us today to learn more and get started with your electric bike today.


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