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Hybrid Electric Bikes for Adults Over 60

Biking is a common form of transportation in many countries. As the U.S. population continues to age, seniors in this country use it for both transportation and recreation. The U.S. Census Bureau states that by 2035, there will be more seniors here than children. The truth is people are living longer and staying active well into their 70s and even 80s.

Cycling provides several advantages for older riders, many of which you may not have considered. Health advantages include slowing down the aging process, lowering the risk of falls in everyday life, and enhanced mental health and general well-being.

Electric bikes offer a unique advantage to those over the age of 60. As the design of e-bikes continues to improve, you will likely see more seniors taking advantage of them. So what hybrid electric bikes as best for the over 60 cyclists?

Why Seniors Are Biking

Physical activity can reduce the risk of illness and possibly even slow the progression of aging. The American Heart Association estimates that cycling 20 miles each week can reduce your risk of heart disease by 50 percent. The benefits of biking for those over 60 extend beyond heart health, though.

Enhanced Mental Health

Mental health, like physical health, can deteriorate with age. A trip outside for a bike ride provides plenty of vitamin D and fresh air, which helps enhance mood and decreases stress levels.

Stronger Immune System

Cycling can boost your immune system's ability to fight off germs. The thymus gland is in charge of the body's immunological cells called t-cells.

A 2018 study published in Aging Cell found cyclists in their 80s produced as many t-cells as a person in their 20s. It is an astounding find when you consider that the thymus gland shrinks every year, reducing the effectiveness of the immune system by as much as three percent.

Improved Muscle Mass

Part of the aging process is the loss of muscle mass. It’s one reason many seniors become less active as they age. It is also why you must keep moving as you grow older. Regular biking can help build muscle, getting back some of what you lose naturally through aging.

Improved Joint Health

Most activities put stress on key joints like the knees and hips. Even walking means wear and tear on sometimes already fragile joints.

Cycling takes the jolt out of exercising. In addition, it can help build muscle to support the knee joint without causing further damage. Stronger knees mean a lower risk of injury.

Of course, there are downsides to biking over the age of 60. For example, some people have knee discomfort while they cycle. There is added weight and force on the knees when pedaling uphill. That’s why many seniors turn to electric bikes to keep them active.

What Is an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes peddle and handle similarly to traditional bicycles. They have the same basic design, including two or three wheels, a metal frame, and pedals that turn gears. Electric bikes come with motors, often built into the hub. They also have rechargeable batteries to power the motor.

The electric component supplements your pedal power. It makes challenges like hills and headwinds more tolerable and helps you travel further without becoming exhausted.

Generally, these bikes offer two or three riding-assist features. First, you have the option to ride without the motor at all. Pedal-assist means the motor is on to make pedaling easier. Throttle only is more like a moped. You can ride the bike without pedaling at all.

Like standard bikes, e-bikes also come in a variety of styles such as road, mountain, and hybrid. A hybrid electric bike offers some of the best features for seniors.

What is a Hybrid Bike?

Hybrid bikes combine mountain, road, and touring designs to offer do-it-all bikes with a wide variety of applications. In other words, the hybrid bike has characteristics taken from other styles, particularly mountain and road.

Road bikes are all about speed, and mountain bikes are built for comfort. A hybrid bike combines those two design fundamentals to create a bike that can go fast and be comfortable. It is a practical choice for the leisure rider looking to stay active. It is a style that suits over 60 riders.

Hybrid bikes tend to have some optional features that riders can choose based on their needs. For example, they may or may not have a suspension system. Some come with front suspension forks to help absorb the impact from the front wheel. If you have shoulder problems, you might want that, but the suspension can also make the bike heavier.

The Hybrid Electric Bike

A hybrid e-bike is the best of all worlds for the senior rider. It offers the speed of a road bike plus comfort. It would have the same features as a conventional hybrid bike plus a few extras.

As an e-bike, it would also come with a motor and battery. But, of course, the size of each depends on the bike you buy.

E-Bike Motors

There are two things to know when it comes to electric bike motors. The first is location. Though a few other types of electric bike motors are available, hub and mid-drive are the most common.

Hub motors, which are more prevalent than mid-drive, are in the bike's front or rear wheel hub. The motor system on a hub motor electric bike is completely independent of the bike's powertrain.

The mid-drive electric bike will incorporate the drivetrain of the bike. With the help of the derailleur, it will create its power through the gears and chain.

The other consideration is the motor size in watts. Generally, they run anywhere from 250 to 750 watts. Don’t let the size fool you, though; bigger isn’t always better for bike motors. For recreational riders, often 250 watts is enough.

E-bike Batteries

When looking at batteries on e-bikes, the range is the most important thing. How long can you go between charges?

Also, does the battery come off the bike? Some brands have the battery built-in (integrated), which is fine if you store it in a garage with electricity. However, the battery and frame are one, so you must move the whole bike to charge the battery.

A removable battery is better if you live in an apartment or store your bike in a shed. This way, you can take the battery inside with you to charge and leave the bike outside.

Hybrid Electric Bikes for Adults Over 60

If you are shopping for an electric bike for a senior, let us help. Consider the top-rated hybrid electric bikes today and why we love them for the over-60 rider.

EVRYjourney NEW 500W from Sixthreezero – FIVE STARS

The EVRYjourney NEW 500W from sixthreezero has it all for the senior looking to enjoy an electric bike. First, there is the ergonomically built frame. That means maximum comfort that won’t stress your back or hips. The smooth motor puts less strain on your knees when going uphill.

This bike is a breeze to get on and off of thanks to the low swooping step-thru frame. The forward pedaling design keeps you low to the ground while allowing you enough leg extension when pedaling. Being low to the ground makes stopping safe and straightforward, eliminating the chance of tipping over and making it easier to place your feet level on the ground while stopping.

When riding, the 500 Watt electric bike motor may be used in three ways. Turn off the motor and peddle just like a regular bicycle. Set it on pedal assist and engage the engine only when you pedal if you're inspired to go farther than you've ever gone but worried you won't have enough stamina to get home. If you want to enjoy a pedal-free ride, use the thumb throttle to engage the motor and let it do the work while you enjoy the scenery.

Features of the EVRYjourney NEW 500W include:

  • 500 Watt motor will work in either full-electric mode or as pedal-assist.
  • The top speed with pure electric is 20 mph, and with pedal aid, it is 28 mph.
  • The 500 Watt Hour battery takes you 20 miles if you ride on full electricity. You’ll go up to 40 miles if you stay in pedal-assist mode.
  • 26-inch wheels able to offer a safe and comfortable ride.
  • Front and rear disc hand brakes for quick and easy stopping
  • The ergonomic frame design keeps you upright and relaxed while riding

The EVRYjourney NEW 500W is the five-star choice for riders anywhere from five to more than six feet tall.

E-Joe Anggun 3.0 Electric Bike - Four Stars

The E-Joe Anggun 3.0 Electric Comfort Bike offers a form-fitting comfort gel saddle that any senor will love and an adjustable seat post and swept-back handlebars. In addition, it comes with a replaceable Samsung lithium-ion battery pack, which can go 50 miles on a single charge and fully charge in only 3.5 hours. It also includes a walk-assist feature that might come in handy.

The downside of this model is weight. This e-bike weighs a whopping 55 pounds. That is heavy, especially if you need to take it up and down the stairs. It also requires assembly and is complex enough that you’ll want to take it to a bike shop.

Some common features include:

  • An integrated motor cut off in the rear hub motor
  • Design that offers la ow step-through frame
  • A single charge that lasts six miles
  • 360W rear-mounted motor
  • Goes up to 20 mph
  • Front suspension
  • Disc brakes

If you don’t mind the weight and the need to assemble it, it is a practical choice for the over-60 rider.

Emojo Panther Pro Electric Bike – Four

The Emojo Panther Pro offers a strong 500w brushless motor with a top speed of 28 MPH, a b twist throttle, and three degrees of pedal assist. This is an option for individuals who want speed and acceleration.

It also has Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and a front suspension system. In addition, the Shimano 7-speed gear system contributes to a smooth and steady ride.

The con for this model is it will only support riders weighing up to 230 pounds, and it weighs nearly 60 pounds.

Features include:

  • 500W motor
  • Goes up to 20 mph
  • The battery gets 28 miles per charge and can last up to six hours
  • Shimano 7-Speed
  • Tektro-Disc Hydraulic brakes

The Emojo Panther Pro is a little higher priced than some of the other models, too.

Rad Power Bikes RadCity 5 Plus ST – Four Stars

Rad Power Bikes 5 Plus ST – Four Stars

The RadCity 5, the Plus ST model has a rear hub motor with 750W run by a 672Wh battery. This semi-integrated battery has a sleek and elegant style. The bike also has a 7-speed transmission, hydraulic disc brakes, and puncture-resistant tires. It offers a sturdy rear rack for heavy cargo that can hold up to 60 lbs.

The combination of the more powerful motor and the integrated cargo rack makes this a potential choice for someone looking to bike long-distance or while vacationing.

The features include:

  • The 750W motor and 672Wh battery provides power and range.
  • The frame takes accessibility and convenience of usage into account without losing performance.
  • LED front headlight
  • Integrated brake light
  • Comprehensive LED display

This bike has some style limitations. It only comes in charcoal, so this might not be the right bike for you if color matters.


If you are looking for the right hybrid electric bike, check out what Sixthreezero offers. We provide customized fitting, too.


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