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Hybrid Bike Buying Guide 2021: Sixthreezero's Best Hybrid Bicycles

Updated On: April 18, 2022

As the weather warms up bicycling once more takes center stage as a popular outdoor activity. With so many bike options on the market, it can be a bit confusing choosing the one that is right for you. That's what makes a hybrid bike such a great option. It's basically a mashup of the best features from road, mountain, and touring bikes.

What Is a Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes are general all-purpose rides that can handle a variety of terrains. They are a common choice for commuting for this very reason. Some hybrid bikes lean a little closer to mountain bikes in style, while others may resemble more closely a road or touring bike. Each model will have its own features.

Typically hybrid bikes will have a flat handlebar, like a mountain bike, rather than the drop bar of a road bike. This allows the rider to have a more upright position. They also tend to have larger tires than road bikes, such as the EVRYjourney Casual Fully Integrated bike, providing a more comfortable ride.

Remember that choosing a hybrid bike means you get a nice mixture of qualities, but not top-performing ones. A mountain bike will be better off-road and a road bike will give you more speed. But if you need to ride in comfort over mixed terrain, hybrid is the way to go.

Traditional Hybrid Bike Features

While hybrid bikes can come with different features, there are some that are pretty standard across the models. They include the following:

•      Suspension: You have two options here, no suspension and front suspension. Suspension always adds weight and makes pedaling more difficult, so bikes that are intended for paved paths and streets may not add it. An urban hybrid bike is more likely to include front suspension.

•      Gears: Hybrid bikes have numerous gear configurations and may have just one gear or as many as 27. Gears also add weight, so if you're not riding up and down a lot of hills, choose fewer gears. For example, the EVRYjourney bike has gear options ranging from one to 21.

•      Wheel Size: The standard wheel size for most hybrid bikes is 700c. Some have the smaller 26-inch wheel. 

•      Brakes: Rim brakes are common on hybrids. These consist of pads that grip the wheel rim. Economical and easy to replace when worn, they are not as strong as your other option, disc brakes. Disc brakes can be hydraulic or mechanical. They have pads that grip the brake rotor. While they offer superior braking power, they are more expensive.

What Makes a Good Quality Hybrid Bike

When looking for a quality hybrid bike, the first thing you should check is the frame. The preferred material is aluminum for its light weight and durability. It also provides a comfortable ride.

The frame should also be ergonomically designed. Since hybrid bikes aren't meant for speed, there's no need for awkward, hunched over the handlebar positions. Bikes such as ReachyourDestination provide the upright position that allows for the most comfortable riding posture. 

Of course, there's all the fun bells and whistles, too. Look for extras such as a supportive and soft saddle, durable grips, and an integrated headlight or chain lock. If you'll want a basket, click-on attachment points will come in handy.

Choosing a Hybrid Bike at Sixthreezero

At Sixthreezero the first thing you do is take a quiz to determine which models fit your body and size. Next you will choose the frame based upon how you will ride your bike. Last, customize your bike with the accessories you need. Sixthreezero is here to help you every step of the way.


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