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How-To Unpackage Your Bike - Unboxing Your Sixthreezero Beach Cruiser & Bike

Hi, this is Luis of Sixthreezero, I'll be showing you how to unpackage your bicycle.

Once you to take it out of the box and laid out all your components and the additional boxes that come with it, grab a pair of snips or some scissors, and then just go for it. There's a couple of zip ties that you want to focus on. Zip ties, snips, just go ahead and cut. Start off with the zip ties.

All right, guys. This is the first part that I want to focus on. And a lot of customers have questions about if this is the packaging. This here actually covers the wedge for the handlebars stem. This is not packaging. If you see this here, remove it and throw it away. Usually, inside the same bag that the handlebar stem comes in, you'll see this black plastic. You either have the option to keep it or throw it away and this only covers this handlebar stem bolt, so if you see that, if you don't take it off, you won't be able to install the handlebar stem so please take it off before. And if you wish to keep it and cover it, it's a nice little touch, you can. Remove the handlebar covers and strip the plastic. Want to lay this back.

Let's focus on the fork itself. This fork here has this entry plastic that covers it from actually stripping the bottom of the box. What we want to do is apply some pressure and then just knock it straight down. It's a bit tight. This is what it looks like, white or usually black and, as I said, that covers the fork at the bottom from stripping the actual box. It's another piece of packaging that you need to remove.

Now let's focus on the handlebar stem and the locknut. This comes off, this is a cap, remove that, or else you won't be able to install the handlebar stem. Let's do a couple more. Here are the axle covers for the rear wheel, which we'll find on both the rear and the front of the wheel. Take both covers off on both sides, which are a total of four. This protects the bicycle on the inside of the box. Here is the other wheel, take off the cover. Another axle cover and the packaging. And the last part is just to remove the plastic from your rear fender and you're all good to start on your assembly. And it's that easy.


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