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How To Store Your Bike Indoors

Your bike is probably your pride and joy. You don’t want to leave it outside any more than someone would want to leave their child outside. We get it.

Taking proper care of and keeping track of your bike means storing it inside with you. But, many riders don’t know how to store cruiser bikes or a beloved comfort bike without making their home look like a garage.

Here are some ideas for how to store your bike neatly and safely:

Permanent Bike Storage Solutions

If you own your home or have permission to make alterations to a rental, you have several permanent bike storage solutions. The best choice for you will generally depend on the strength and surface of your walls and ceilings.

Vertical Racks

Vertical racks hold bikes by a single wheel. Storing your cycling using this method is ideal when you don’t have a lot of width to work with but your depth storage space is fine. It’s not really effective for storing multiple bikes, but it’s a simple solution that is budget-friendly.

Some advanced vertical rack options bolt to the wall and have multiple attachment points as well as a backing plate. Other unique designs let you swing your bike almost 180 degrees to get access or sit it close up to the wall. However, these models are not always the cheapest.

Horizontal Racks

Horizontal racks are often the perfect solution when depth is an issue, not width. These racks generally hold the bicycle under the top tube and then require a bit more space on your wall.

Some basic designs feature foldable hangers, which you will bolt to your wall. More expensive choices including models that take the concept further with superior aesthetics.


If you want something handy to hold your bike onto the ceiling, consider hoists. They are perfect for riders with large overhead spaces because they free up room on the ground and make it easy to access your bike.

You can get hoists typically used for ladders in hardware stores. Sporting stores sometimes have hoists for kayaks that you can use with your bike or even bike-specific hoists.

Non-Permanent Bike Storage Solutions

If you don’t want to drill into your wall or ceiling, or can’t, you can go with a non-permanent solution. Keep in mind though, these solutions often cost more.

Ceiling-to-floor racks are the most common types of non-permanent bike storage solutions. They are pole storage systems that clamp between the ceiling and the floor, and they’re pretty strong and sometimes offer the option to store multiple bikes.

There are many other various non-permanent racks that you can place inside of your home to store your sixthreezero Scholar 7 Speed Women's 26" Beach Cruiser Bike, sixthreezero Men's BE Single Speed Black 26" Beach Cruiser Bike or other sixthreezero bikes. Some riders even configure a DIY bike rack to keep their cycle safe inside their home.

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