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How To Ride Your Electric Bike On Gravel

Updated On: May 25, 2023

Gravel cycling or adventure riding is gaining popularity. The riding combines elements of road and mountain biking for a unique experience. With the increasing popularity of the riding style, more e-bike manufacturers are creating gravel e-bikes.

Are E-Bikes Good on Gravel?

Some e-bikes are better suited to gravel riding than others. You want to find a bike designed for gravel riding.

Gravel riding requires fatter tires, upright or comfortable posture, and balance. When considering an electric bike for gravel riding, look for fat tire options with a centrally mounted battery. If you want speed, true fat tire options might not be what you're after. However, you likely want wider tires than traditional road tires.

Why You Need an Electric Gravel Bike

While you do not need an electric gravel bike, owning one can make the riding experience more pleasant. An e-bike takes some of the pressure and strain off of your muscles and joints, meaning the ride is more enjoyable. The additional power of the motor means you can travel farther without using more energy, meaning weekend bike rides can offer even more sights.

However, with more power comes more significant risks. Gravel is always riskier because of a loss of friction. The ability to maintain faster speeds means riders must take more precautions around turns and other riders.

Braking Slowly on Gravel

Applying the brake too quickly and aggressively on gravel can cause spills or collisions. It is best to use cautious braking practices on gravel.

You want to give yourself more room than you would on a traditional bike. Apply light braking pressure, allowing your bike to slow to a stop. Applying quick and aggressive pressure will probably cause skidding on gravel, which can throw even the most experienced rider off balance.

Wearing the Right Attire

Gravel riding requires specific clothing and protective gear. Shirts and shorts can be made of synthetic and non-synthetic materials. Many riders swear by Lycra, bamboo, and merino. If you are a casual rider, you can opt for your own clothing, but it is not as efficient with odor control and moisture wicking.

Besides clothing, you want to consider safety gear. All riders, regardless of experience level, should wear a helmet. Knee and elbow pads are also recommended for gravel riding. Because of the increased risks of spills, cycling gloves are also a good choice.

What Tires Are Best for Gravel Riding?

When looking for gravel tires for your bike, most experts recommend a tire between 38mm and 45mm wide. The majority of gravel riders use 40mm tires.

40mm tires provide excellent traction without adding too much weight. Also, they offer a comfortable ride.

Best Electric Gravel Bikes

The best electric gravel bikes possess a few characteristics: comfort, torque, balance, and weight. When looking at gravel bikes, you might be hard-pressed to tell the difference between a mountain bike and a road bike. However, gravel bikes take the best of both worlds for a comfortable, lightweight design. The best gravel bike on the market for casual riders is the Pave n' Trail by Sixthreezero.

Safety Tips for Biking on Gravel

Standard safety tips still apply for gravel riding, including wearing a helmet and other safety equipment. However, there are other tips to consider:

  • Prepare a route
  • Notify friends and family
  • Bring water and snacks
  • Bring a first aid and tire repair kit
  • Be aware of your surroundings

A gravel e-bike is capable of any gravel trail, but ensure you have the skills for the paths you choose to ride. If you want to learn more about gravel e-bikes or trails, contact a local e-bike dealer.


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