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How to Ride an Electric Bike In 2021: New Features, Types & Riding Tips

Updated On: July 22, 2021

If you're still riding a manual bike or an electric one from a few years ago, it's time to jump into the future with a new electric bike. Here's what you need to know about making 2021 the year that you find adventure on an electric bike.

Riding an Electric Bike In 2021

Electric bikes are more common than ever in 2021. Lots of people rediscovered biking during 2020's lockdown orders, so you're guaranteed to have lots of company as you hit the trails. As a result, learning to ride an electric bike in 2021 means that you're joining a thriving community that's ready to support you if you're having trouble choosing a bike or figuring out its features.

New eBike Features To Get Excited About

Purchasing an electric bike in 2021 means taking advantage of tons of new features that make your experience easier and more exciting. Most bikes with shifting chains boast six speeds, but some of sixthreezero's top new models include a 21-speed derailleur. This feature allows you to go even faster than before, and it also gives you more control over your pedaling comfort zone.

The days when bikes (and especially e-bikes) were uncomfortable are over. New bikes from sixthreezero include ergonomic seats that are designed to support your core without hurting your rear end as you pedal. The improved design helps you maximize your muscles and enjoy harder and longer rides.

Another top feature that bike enthusiasts are excited about is the display that most sixthreezero bikes include. This small screen tells you how fast you're going and how much battery is left, helping you gauge how long your ride can last.

Understanding Different Types of Electric Bikes

Not every electric bike is the same, with different models optimizing your bike for different terrains and purposes. If you're looking for a fast ride on asphalt and other paved surfaces, a road bike is your best bet. These lightweight bikes are engineered to be as aerodynamic as possible, but they're not as stable as other bikes, so new bikers may not enjoy the experience.

For a more casual ride that still allows you to take long-distance treks, consider a comfort bike. Comfort bikes offer greater stability than road bikes, so they're suitable for both paved and unpaved surfaces. If you have lower back problems that make bending over your handlebars painful, comfort bikes include high handlebars so that you can sit upright.

If you're just getting into biking and you're not going more than a few miles, a cruiser is a good option. Available in one- or three-speed designs, these bikes have similar handlebar designs to comfort bikes. Their wide tires make it easier to ride on uneven surfaces such as beaches, but they perform best on roads.

2021 Electric Bike Riding Tips

Before you jump into the world of electric biking, it's important to keep some safety tips in mind. Most importantly, keep an eye on your speed as you cruise around town. It's fun to ride your bike at the maximum speed, but it's harder to brake and control your bike when it's going that fast, making it easier to hit obstacles or other bikers.

Watching out for traffic is also crucial for safe electric biking. Drivers are notorious for not paying enough attention to bikers, and they're not prepared for you to move as fast as you can on an electric bike. Make sure to use bike lanes when available, and make yourself as visible as possible by wearing bright colors.

Enjoy the great outdoors without killing your legs by picking out one of the best electric bikes for 2021. 


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