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How To Commute And Run Errands Without Breaking a Sweat

August 7, 2022

Getting to and from work, running errands, checking on family and other necessary travel can take hours out of your day. An electric bike is an easy way to improve this experience. Since the motor makes the ride easier, you won't be tired or sweaty once you reach your destination. 

Riding an Ebike Vs. Driving a Car

An electric bike has many advantages over a car as an everyday mode of travel. They include:

  • Saving money on gas and car insurance
  • Incorporating daily exercise without taking time away from your schedule
  • Aiding the environment by reducing your dependance on fossil fuels

Many health experts blame Americans' reliance on cars for high obesity rates, so switching to a bike can buck that trend. Also, you don't have to sit in traffic that can derail your arrival time. 

Riding an Ebike Vs. Walking or Running

Walking and running are healthy options, but electric bikes have advantages over those methods of travel as well. Distances over two miles are inconvenient to walk or run, but an electric bike can cover ten miles in an easy twenty-minute ride.

Electric bikes are a smart safety choice over traveling on foot in areas without sidewalks. Running and walking can be tiresome, leading to lower energy at your destination and decreased alertness in unfamiliar areas. 

Benefits of Taking Your Ebike on Errands

Even if you're not ready to replace your car, it's still a good idea to use an electric bike for errands. The best way to build cardiovascular endurance is to start small and work your way up, and a five minute ride on an electric bike is gentle enough for first-time cyclists. In addition to improving your health, you can save considerably on gas over time by not taking your car on short trips. 

Are Electric Bikes Good for Commuting?

Electric bikes are a great choice for a daily commute, so much so that many bikes are designed for this purpose. Electric bikes can withstand rain, headwinds and other elements of a commute while reaching speeds of over 20 mph.

If your commute is in a city with heavy traffic, you may find that an electric bike commute is actually faster than driving to work! Choosing an electric bike over a standard bike also means you don't have to worry about struggling up hills or arriving to work sweaty. 

Is It Hard Work Riding an Ebike?

The motor in an electric bike enables longer rides and more demanding climbs than would be comfortable on a standard bike. Though the gear shift mechanics take a bit of practice to get used to, a moderate distance on an ebike isn't an intense workout for most people. 

Can an Electric Bike Ride Without Pedaling?

Yes, some electric bikes can carry you without any pedaling. Advanced ebikes use a throttle system that can be adjusted based on your needs for every ride.

Setting your electric bike to full-throttle will propel you without having to touch the pedals. A pedal assist setting uses the motor to amplify your pedaling, allowing higher speeds than the full-throttle option. You can also turn the motor off entirely and ride your electric bike like a standard bicycle. 

How Far Can an Electric Bike Go?

The range of your electric bike will depend on the pedal setting. With pedaling, your charge will last longer and can potentially power you across 50 miles. With lighter or no pedaling, you can still get 20 miles on a single charge. 

Electric bikes are a great option for commutes. If you're tired of pouring expensive gas in your car, switch to an electric bike for a fun and healthy way to get around your city. 


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