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How to Choose an Ebike | Expert's Guide 2023

It’s that time of the year again when everyone wants to buy a bike. Whether you are a first time bike rider or never even been on an electric bicycle, you will be in good shape with this guide.

Let us show you how to focus on the features you want to pay for and share with you how to find the best e-bike for your lifestyle. There really is an electric bike for everyone and this will prove it.


Top features of an electric bike start with the power and performance of the electric engine. But that’s not all you can expect in one of these new bicycles.

An electric bike can also be a mountain bike or have fat tires for snow rides. You can also find an e-bike sporting three wheels and known as an e-tricycle or e-trike. Folding electric bikes are the best type for traveling as you can make this style of e-bike compact.

Attachments and accessories bring personality and flair to an electric bike. These generally include a cargo rack and bottle holder, as well as a bell and light on the handlebars. Choosing the right attachments and accessories will make all the difference to your riding experience.

In addition, too many attachments will weigh down the bike and reduce performance. That’s why you want to take a moment to think about what you want and need from an e-bike before placing your order.


This will help you save money when buying an e-bike as you will only purchase those features that will work for you and your riding style. The general range for pricing of e-bikes is:

  • $1,000 to $5,000

Of course, you will find electric bikes costing as much as $10,000 but those are for professional riders with experience. For a good quality e-bike that will do everything you need and more, you can easily spend a grand and be quite satisfied. These bikes also go on sale from time to time, depending on the brand.

Specs to Consider When E-Bike Buying


Why do people buy e-bikes? There are tons of reasons. Some people commute to work on an e-bike, while other riders take to the saddle for exercise. You might also be curious about seeing the world by e-bike, which is when the folding style is so handy.

Travel with your folding electric bicycle as your checked luggage at the airport or when on a train. Other uses for an electric bike include increased power and speed when compared to a conventional bicycle.


How young is too young to ride an e-bike? Actually, the age of an electric bicyclist should be as young as 14. Why this specific age? Each state has a law regarding the use of transportation, including age limits for motorized bike riders. In the US, most states require e-bike riders to be 14 or 16 years old. However, you do not need a driver’s license in order to operate an electric bicycle.

Can children younger than 14 operate an e-bike? Not legally and not safely, and not advisably. The main issue with smaller children is safety. Most electric bikes have 26 inch wheels with a minimum rider height of 5 feet on average. Generally, children are shorter than this, and therefore, they are not able to reach the bicycle pedals on most e-bikes.

The height requirement aside, these bikes are not built with training wheels. Unless you purchase an electric tricycle for adults, the two-wheeled e-bikes are not stable enough for most younger riders. Also, as pointed out already, the legal age for riding an e-bike is 14 in most US states. Therefore, the law has determined you should not allow your child to ride an electric bicycle.

Terrain for E-Bikes

I recently watched an e-bike go up a small incline on a hill and was stoked. Honestly, the bike lost battery power the first time around and the rider had to let the bike charge for an hour. After that though, she was off to the trails, quite literally, as the hill led to a mountain road perfect for her e-bike.

Yes, you can take your electric bike on mountain trails, but proceed with caution and choose the right e-bike with tires that will hold up to the tests of the trails. Otherwise, you will end up with a busted tire and bent frame.

Urban ebikes are made to take onto pavement, asphalt, concrete, and other hard surfaces that could be treacherous in a fall. This is when you want an electric bike frame and wheels you can depend on. Certain styles are more conducive for riding on slick surfaces and will keep you safer in these riding conditions.

Between the grass and dirt of the mountain trails--and the rock, hard surface of streets--there are few other places you might expect to ride an e-bike. Therefore, when you are considering what kind of e-bike to get in 2023, choose one or the other–natural ground versus concrete. The tires you pick will also determine the e-bike you buy based on terrain.

For example, if you are going to ride on snow or sand, go with fat tires for your e-bike. However, for city streets and faster rides, you want to have thin slick tires on an equally thin wheel frame. These thin tires, on the other hand, would never do for a ride in the mountains.


Having a motor on a bicycle is the key reason why people are moving toward an e-bike. How many times have you been on a bicycle ride and wished for some extra help getting up a hill? Exactly.

That is precisely why electric bikes have taken off so literally. In terms of power, bike owners want to take into consideration:

  • 250 to 300 watts
  • Charging time, averaging 2.5 hours for most bike models
  • Range, which is the total distance the e-bike will go when fully charged–20 to 100 miles
  • Speed, i.e. Class 1 and 2 ebikes go up to 20 mph and Class 3 ebikes max out at 28 mph

These are the standard levels for an e-bike regarding the type of power you can expect when buying your first e-bike in 2023. Anything above these standards is most likely not street legal and not safe, so take heed when choosing the brand of electric bike you consider.

When you are charging your new electric bike, you will not need to go to a special charging station, like the Tesla Electric Vehicle stations. Instead, simply plug the bicycle into a household outlet, such as in your garage.

You need a 230 V AC outlet to handle the charge, which is more than a car outlet via a cigarette lighter can handle. Also, a portable battery station, such as the Jackery 300, is not strong enough to handle charging an electric bike. You would need a 1000 V battery to be able to charge an electric bike when traveling and away from a household outlet.


The weight of the electric bike you buy will mean everything when you are hauling your e-bike around or putting it away. If it is too heavy, you will not be able to maneuver the e-bike when not riding.

Fortunately, most ebikes are between 40 and 80 pounds, depending on whether the bike has accessories or attachments.

If you expect to have to lift your new e-bike a lot, such as up stairs or into the back of a truck bed, you will want to get a lighter sized frame. This will help a lot when it comes time to transport your electric bike.

However, a heavier frame is more likely to be more durable and sturdy when riding and for general use. Choose your ebike with the total weight in mind so as to ensure you are not overdoing it.

As for the bicycle rider, there is also the weight limit to take into account. If you are too heavy you may damage the motor and overburden the engine.

The weight limit for electric bikes typically maxes out at 275 to 300 pounds. If you are planning on hauling cargo, this is where you have to consider how much you want to transport in terms of weight.

Do you regularly go to the grocery store or take your dog out to the park? Items that you typically carry should be accounted for when calculating the total weight that is going on your new e-bike.

Forty pounds of Fido added to your 180 pounds equals 220 pounds, for example. Again, determine the type and style of electric bike according to the overall weight of the bike. This includes:

  • Bike frame and motor plus accessories
  • Rider weight
  • Cargo weight

Spend a moment thinking about any situations when you will have to transport more weight on your ebike before you make this purchase. This will give you a better perspective on how useful the ebike will be in your daily routine. You are also going to be less likely to choose a bike that cannot hold up to your lifestyle.

Avoid buying a bike that is too big for what you need right now, especially if you are using an e-bike for exercise. If so, you can anticipate losing some weight, and gaining some muscle, you will not have as much weight to carry after all. Otherwise, you end up paying for more than you need or can handle.

When working with electric power, the speed and performance can overtake a smaller rider, too. This is another reason why it is best to stay safe and keep the legal age limit when allowing young riders to hop on an e-bike.

Type of Riding

For those bike riders who are out and about on mountain passes, only a mountain e-bike will do. Then there are city bikes for urban riders who need electric energy to zip in and out of busy streets.

Electric bikes with fat tires are well suited for adventurous spirits and snow-covered terrain. If you are someone who needs cargo space, go with an electric tricycle and maintain stability while still getting that extra boost.

The power of e-bikes allows you to go anywhere you would go with a traditional non-electric bicycle. Yet you have more energy and stamina when you arrive at your destination.

Imagine getting to the library without sweating on a hot summer's day, or riding to the bank without getting soaked in a drizzle. Make your life easier and more efficient with an electric bicycle as your go-to mode of transportation.

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